Monday, August 31, 2015

The first day of kindergarten

I did not sleep well last night because my son will be starting kindergarten the next day. What an exciting milestone! He has been in the same daycare since babyhood and he is all ready for the big kid school! I am so excited for him, really I am but I am also very nervous at the same time.

I knew that the next day, Monday morning, I will be at his school for a meeting with all his future class mate's parents. I am skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I don't give a rat's ass on what other people think about me but in this particular situation, I am scared. I will not show up all toned down in blue jeans and a sweatshirt for the sake of fitting in. I am not going to go all "gothed out" either in club wear but I am going to wear my "normal" clothes (which consisted of a black skirt, skull top, bat necklace and skull shoes and that is toned down but meh, its hot out there!)

 I know I will be the odd one there, all my life, I was the odd one, I got used to it. I am just afraid of how this may impact Philip. I know it would be a great learning lesson - which I have used in the past when encountering asshole close minded parents but I want him to not have any issues during his first weeks in a new environment. I just want him to adapt to his class. I am most probably just looking into this a little too much and getting nervous for nothing. I never fit in or ever really wanted to be part of the mainstream even when I went normal, I knew I would never fully be like them. Now, I have to "play" nice and be sociable. It is so hard to find things to talk about with "normal" people. I guess the fact that we procreated gives us something in common, right?  When I have to, I always get people to talk about their kids and find things to relate to them that way. I guess my kid going to school makes me look back to all the skeptical feelings I had when I started a new school as a kid.

Needless to say, his first day went well. We (the parents) had a meeting this morning with his new teacher. My mom watched him for a few hours while we went. He was thrilled to be spoiled by his grandmother and she told me she had fun playing with him. I absolutely loved his teacher, she is no nonsense, old school and I like that! I have a super strong respect for her. I admire her passion and devotion she has towards educating children. The other parents didn't seem to pay much attention to me much to my relief but didn't go out of their way to talk with us either, Just like when I was back in school, I knew we were the weirdos in the room except this time, we broke the ice and talked with them. Normally, I don't bother too much with normal people, unless it is for work but in this case, who knows?  I may just be bringing Philip to their houses one day for a visit. I am still uncertain on whether or not I want parents in my home though, especially with the weird brick a brack we have! It is odd, I never really wanted acceptance from these people but for the sake of my son, I want him to have friends. I don't plan on changing how dress or how I look but I plan on being nice for the sake of my son.

After our meeting, we went to pick up my son from my mom's and she fed us lunch! That was a huge help because we were pressed for time. We had to put on the uniform so Philip can go to school! He only went in for an hour - with us. The point was to familiarize himself with the new teacher and kids. He was shy but I made him introduce himself to some of the kids. The parents seemed weirded out a little (weird goth chick or the fact that I was super friendly, I don't know but some mothers were looking at me with that WTF expressions on their faces) but the kids seem to love me. I hear that a lot from alternative people. Kids stare at us and love us. Personally, I am cool with it since I obviously love kids. I often tell people, I love the kids but dislike most parents! For the record, I think it is dumb that parents need to go in with their kids on their first day. When I was a kid, we were thrown to the wolves!  In my opinion, it really wasn't necessary, I think Philip could have went alone without me. I am not the type of parent that needs to be involved in my kids life 24/7 but am more than happy to work with him at home. As long as he behaves and is getting his education, I am on board! I guess not all people have that mentality as displayed by the behavior I seen from other parents while I was at the meeting.

The kids did an activity while we were there. They had to cut out and decorate a crown. I was pleased to see that he required very little assistance with the cutting and was the first to finish! Obviously, his was a little jagged but he did it himself. I was proud of that! Alright, I know, I am bragging!

The first day was a hit. For now, he looks forward to going back but we all know that would soon change! There was no need to worry. On the other hand, be prepared to dish out MORE cash as we were given ANOTHER list of school supplies which sucks so we spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping for those. I spent a good part of my evening labeling all the previous school supplies last night and now I had to do it again when I came home.

Due to budget cuts, parents were also asked to volunteer to buy additional supplies for the classroom. I happily obliged and signed up to buy the class pumpkin for Halloween! I realized that when we were kids, there were most probably budget cuts too and our teachers - most probably Philip's kindergarten teacher today buys additional supplies out of their own pockets, just to educate someone else's kid!  I now feel like an ass for all the times I questioned authority and for all the shit I pulled on teachers as a kid. We are all exhausted now but all in all, it was a good, productive day. 


  1. How good for you that the day was not halfs as bad as you expected! Seems like your approach of being yourself but extra friendly works!

    But what a pity that you have to buy so much stuff for kindergarden. I am not aware that we needed to bring anything, but that might just be me not remembering this because I was a wee one. I have stepped into a kindergarden for a long time! ^^

    1. I know, it has been a long time since I stepped into kindergarten as well. We had to sit on those tiny chairs for an hour. My butt hurt afterwards!

  2. Oh, I am SOOOO glad those days are over for me! I hated the "Back to School Night" meetings and all that stuff, although I enjoyed meeting Stuart's teachers. We didn't go with him on the first day, either, that seems very silly to me, too. But I guess maybe for some kids it makes the transition easier. Good for Philip, I hope he enjoys school for a long time!

  3. I think it is sweet you thought about toning it down for your son, glad you were still true to yourself! Adults can be so immature, ha ha1 Hopefully he will make lots of little friends and their parents will learn to appreciate you!

  4. Aw this is so exciting! You must be very proud! But yeah I totally get you on this one, there are a lot of people I am 'friends' with only because we have kids the same age, and I find it difficult to connect with them over anything except the children because that's the only thing we have in common. I find kids love us alternative types too! I'm forever hearing little kids exclaim "mummy that lady had green hair!" wherever I go. It's greag that you like Philip's teacher so much, I think that is really important to trust the person who will be educating your child!

  5. Class pumpkin, that sounds like something worth spending money on!
    Also, glad to see it went that well! Hoping he will love it much longer!

  6. Trying to catch up on my blogg-list. I can totally relate to many of your feelings. And I would love to be able to contribute a class pumpkin!

    On a slight sidenote I would urge you to make an effort with the other parents. I'm like you and don't really care what they think of me, but I was talking to one of the mothers that I really do like who happens to be a cop working with teenagers. Studies show that if the parents know eachother and the kids know the parents, that is a huge factor in reducing bullying in school. Also, if it goes so far that the teenagers do end up in her department, she said the ones that get out the easiest are the ones who have a network of adults looking out for them, i.e. where there are other parents that know the kid and feel comfertable noting the parents if they see the kid is up to something they shouldn't be. So not only for your own child, but for the other children in his school, it could be a good idea to at least be on first name basis with as many as possible.



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