Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goodbye hair!

Over two years ago, I had waist length hair and I got it cut really short. The stylist at that time did not listen to what I wanted and totally screwed up my haircut. I went to a very fancy salon and paid a lot of money on a haircut I didn't like and she was rude too when I told her she didn't do what I wanted. I let my hair grow out and I vowed to never let another stylist touch it again. The only good thing that came out of that haircut was the donation of hair I made afterwards to Locks Of Love.  I did change my mind later on when I decided I wanted Bettie Page bangs a couple of years ago. I guess the clue to run, not walk out of the salon was when the stylist had no idea who Bettie Page was. I thought I was smart for bringing photos of the bangs I wanted but I ended up looking like this....

Stylists seem to think they know the haircut I want, which is usually some layered crap that I hate. They insist that I would love their creations more that they end up doing what they want (which is something that the mainstream wants) and I leave unhappy. If I try to get them to fix it, I risk having it cut too short or the stylist screws it up even more.  This is why I ended up watching youtube videos on how to cut bangs and started doing it myself after that. I gave up.

Lately, my hair has always felt like a mess. I was never satisfied with it and for several months, I have been suffering from lots of neck pain. While there is no concrete medical proof that cutting hair could provide some relief, I decided it was time for a change. I am hoping this will help with the pain and migraines (neck pain triggers migraines). Perhaps it is a little psychosomatic here but I am feeling a major difference already in my back, I feel the muscles losing their tension! I do also feel a hell of a lot lighter now than I did before!My hair must have weighed an extra 3 pounds!

It took me about two weeks to decide on the haircut. I am an all or nothing type of girl and if I am going to chop it off after all these years, it will be something drastic. In the end,  I decided to chop it off but I am going to go back to an old hair stylist I used to see several years ago. The only reason why I stopped going to this stylist was she can take a long time, which is no fault of her own. She runs a small salon and works it by herself. She has a lot of clientele. Even if I book an appointment, which I did, I knew I might have to wait an hour to get in. Which is exactly what happened! I planned a head of time and had my Dragonlance novel with me!  In the past, with a young child, I wanted to be home more often and didn't have time for a two to three hour simple hair appointment but now that my son is older , I am enjoying that time to myself! It also amused me the look of shock on her face when I walked in. The last time she saw me, I was not really looking like this!

I did not regret my decision to go back to her: 

WTF have I done?

Another donation!
 What I am loving about this cut is it's versatility. I have naturally wavy hair, I can style it that way! I can easily straighten it and give myself a Cleopatra look! It is going to be so much fun playing around with it and doing all sorts of funky experiments now I don't have to worry about damage like I did when it was long!I plan on keeping it short or at least shoulder length. The nice thing is, styling it takes a few minutes.

If you have really long hair and want to donate it, you can do so too! Locks of Love accepts dyed hair while the Pantene Beautiful lengths do not. I think this is going to a great cause!


  1. Oh my word, how I can relate. Back when I still had my real hair, I never once in my whole life had a haircut at a salon or by a pro hairdresser that I actually liked or even came close to likely. My hair was fine and bone straight and they always thought layers were the magical answer, but in fact, they often made my hair look and feel thinner and were frequently unflattering to my face shape. Towards the last few years of my pre-wig (due to medical hair loss) life, I simply started cutting my own or getting Tony to do simple trims for me and it was the closest I came, ironically one might say, to liking my haircut.

    I'm sorry that you've had some really rotten experiences in the salon chair, too, my dear.

    Love (!!!) the new cut and length. It's incredibly flattering, youthful, gorgeous, classic - the list of positives goes on and on! Thank you very much for donating to locks of love. You rock!!!

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. thank you very much! I am sorry you had the same troubles. I don't mean to be difficult but I KNOW what looks good and what doesn't, I am sorry to read about your hairloss but you look fabulous!

  2. Your hair looks wonderful!

    It really can be hard for a hairdresser to listen to you! You have to be so strict with them!

    Wish i had known about that charity when I chopped off all my hair a couple of years ago, I am never going long again! Shorter is so easy!

    1. I know eh! I have lived with my hair for 35 years now. I KNOW my hair and what looks good on me! I always hated the way they styled it too. I used to go home and wash it out afterwards

  3. Wow! It looks great! And I know what you mean about the hait being heavy, my cousin has extremely thick hair and had the same problem, when she had it thinned and cut it did help. I think maybe its an ego thing with hairdressers? Like chefs? Lol. But I have only ever had my mum style my hair so I wouldn't really know. The one time a hairdresser ever toucjetouched my hair was styling it because I was a bridesmaid and she insisted on trimming my bangs for some reason.

    1. Wow thats funny. You go to get your hairstyled and she wants to cut it LOL

  4. OMG!!!! You look AMAZING!!!! And it's wonderful that you donate to Lock of Love <3

  5. You have such thick hair, you're probably right that it might have contributed to your migraines! I have no such problems. ;)

    I can't stand most hairdressers. I did go to one in the small town up the highway a few months ago though, as mine badly needed about five inches lopped off it was so damaged. Guess what - she listened to me, took off just five inches AND it was only $18!! I may have to revise my opinion to not liking most city hairdressers. When you think about it, a small town hairdresser would have to do what you ask cause eventually she'd run out of customers. Not like in the city, where there's an endless supply of people. :)

  6. P.S. I forgot to say how good the new cut looks on you! Too busy ranting about hairdressers. LOL

  7. Wow, this really suits you!

    Do you think you'll add more colours now that it's shorter?

  8. great decision to donate your hair! and well, i can relate to the stylist-phobia. the last times i went to a salon ended in drama and me looking horrible. i think the last try must have been like 8-10 years ago now?
    anyways you look great with the short hair and i hope you will enjoy the waves and when you are going for it, the cleopatra look!



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