Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bat Fit - Thoughts on body image
I have not forgotten my Batfit goals! I am losing weight. I am eating better. I am getting less migraines. Since embarking on this journey, I have had a lot of time to soul search and reflect on myself. Whenever I take time for me, which is usually when I workout, it gives me time to put things into perspective. One of those very issues I thought about was my pre-pregnancy body.

Before getting pregnant and gaining well over 50 pounds, I was very thin. Despite some bad habits such as cigarette smoking and partying a little too much, I used to eat very healthy. Most people live to eat. I am one of those people who eat to live. My diet consisted of fresh veggies, fruits, a lot of tea, meat and good portions.

I also look back at what I did to be so thin before having my son (even to back to the time I was single and living on my own) and realised several things:
A photo of me years before I had my son.

(1) I had no car and had to count on public transport. I was less stressed. I had to walk everywhere. In fact, I would sometimes walk an hour an day to avoid taking the bus!

(2) I didn't eat at restaurants very often and ordering in food was a rare treat, this is probably because I didn't have much disposable income at that time!

(3) I didn't have a Smartphone or any portable devices back then with the exception of a Discman then an MP3 player later on. I read a lot of novels, was less stressed and wasn't "tuned in" 24/7.

I have been applying some of these changes to my life (minus the no car thing, I just walk more) and it is working! I have also been less stressed over checking my weight everyday. There is no point, really. I still have no clue on exactly how much I weight but I have been noticing some subtle changes. I am not so hard on myself either. I gave up on hitting a target weight by a set date and just decided to eat right, exercise and just be happy.Why stress out over numbers?

I have been "tuning-out" more often. I realized a lot of these social media sites are really a lot of pointless drama that I am just tired of dealing with. I started reading one of my favourite fantasy series again and it is like re-visiting some old friends. For those curious, I have picked the Dragonlance Chronicles series!

I was brought up with the notion that you eat until you are full. My mom never forced me to finish my plate at the dinner table. If I did not eat enough of my plate, I was not permitted to have dessert and if I came back an hour later because I was hungry, she gave me my leftovers! We took our time to enjoy your meal and did not devour it all quickly. I have gone back to those eating habits: fresh veggies, home cooked meals, happy family dinner times that involve lots of inappropriate conversations at the dinner table but you know something? We laugh and we take our time to eat. We enjoy the food I prepare (I love to cook).

We still have junk food but we have limited ourselves. We are all feeling much better because of it!

Have you made any lifestyle changes recently?

Taken recently. It was before leaving for work on a Monday morning no less! This explains the lack of smile and the sun was in my face! I guess you can say it's the just the "take the damned picture" expression!


  1. What a good way you are following! I also realised that social media are a huge time sucker, but currently I have not made the cut... And I feel like Netflix is seriously eating into my creativity, but that might be because it is relativley new and this might tune out with time. But I work so much overtime at the moment (because I only have 3 more days in my old job) that I can't get my lazy *ss tot eh gym. We are still cooking most of the time, but there has been more take out this last month than usual.

    1. I totally dont blame you for not wanting to go to the gym, especially when you are working overtime and I can understand about eating take out as well. I am sure things will get better once you are done with your job! One thing at a time!

  2. Those sound like great habits! And focusing on fitness rather than weight is good. After all our bodies do change over time, we cannot always get back to the size we once were!

  3. You look wonderful, Sylvie! I have no idea how much I weigh either ... we never bought a scale after we moved in and I personally don't miss it! ;)

    I'm seriously thinking about giving up on some of the Social Media stuff - it's just such a time-waster. I could be making things instead of sitting in front of a computer! But I don't think I could give up on my blogs - I enjoy reading about all my online friends happenings, and it makes me feel a little less disconnected from the world out here. :)

    1. I still go on Facebook and all but I turned off the whole available to chat visibility because there are times, I just want to browse, not really talk. I do try to limit my time on there. I cannot give up on the blog world either! I love reading about everyones lives and outfit posts.

  4. I love your honesty with yourself! Yes, frankly if I look how I lived when I was medium sized, I moved a lot more than I do today and I didn't sit in front of the tv.
    Facebook is my enemy when it comes to social media. I should definitely go and see those old friends instead of reading the gossip at Facebook.
    I think you look absolutely lovely and a very nice outfit for work :-)

  5. Nothing in the world grounds me like nature, but I often get to wrapped up in world and the daily grid to spend nearly enough time in it, so I've been making a real point to get outside more this summer and it's having a lot of positive effects on me, including reducing my stress and anxiety levels.

    Thank you for this honest, relatable post, sweet Sylvie.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Lovely, sensible post.

    Social media sometimes sucks me dry. I often suspend my FB account because I need to get away from it. I've left several groups on there that were doing my blood pressure serious harm with the whinging and negativity.

    However, I do like catching up on people's blogs, which I've neglected for a little while. Just nice to check in with you peeps from all over the world. Even if Blogger is refusing to let me use my Wordpress id to comment, grrrr!

    Jane (

  7. I think that is a good way of thinking, to focus on how you feel in your body instead of looking at the weight ^^
    I have always been thin, and because of this people always said I don't need to exercise. But since a few months back a workout 3-4 days a week and I feel so much better because of it :D

  8. when something makes you feel better it is better :-) and you look great, with the bit more or less weight :-)
    and i am back to 30 minutes workout daylie (max 1 day a week off). for eating i now know i have to stay off lactose and gluten (as well as i should try to avoid meat, stomach not mind problems) currently trying to find a way of a combination between these new food rules and montignac - which i did when i was feeling really good in my skin...



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