Monday, July 27, 2015

A thanks and a crate full of nostalgic items.

I just want to begin this post by saying a huge thank you to Geen Greenie for the mention on her blog post Indulging Your Inner Goth - 5 Great Goth Lifestyle Links. 


The nice people over at Mancrates contacted me recently and asked that I do a blog post about them.  They asked me to share my ideas on a nostalgia filled crate items I would like to receive today that were  from the 70's and 80's. How fun and cool is that?  Essentially, I was asked the following: 

" The idea is for you to tell us all about your personal memories in a post on your blog. If it wasn’t Ferris Bueller, what other movies were always in your VCR?  What was the one gift you always wanted for your birthday, but never seem to come your way?  We want to hear what items you would want in a nostalgic crate.  Does a Koosh Ball bring all those memories rushing back?  Or would you include your favorite music cassette tapes and snack foods?  The options are endless so get creative!" 

Another thing that really appealed to me about Mancrates was the fact that you need an actual crowbar to open the crate! In fact, they offer a lot of gift ideas for the men (after browsing their site, they have a lot of ideas I would personally like too!) in your life! 

They have so many cool crate ideas such as The Mysteries Of The East crate!  Those pocky sticks and candy sure caught my attention!

Without further adieu, here is my top ten list of nostalgic items I would love to receive in my crate:

(1) The Hunger on VHS. With Vampires,the opening with Bauhaus and David Bowie, how could anyone go wrong? Also a VHS of The Last Boys. Ahhhh! This is before Vampires sparkled!

(2) Cassettes or even better, records of Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus, The Sisters Of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, David Bowie and Joy Division. 

(3) A teddy Ruxpin doll. I had one of these as a kid and I loved it! I am interested to see what would happen if I were to put a Marilyn Manson or Bauhaus tape inside...

(4) An NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console
Along with the NES, I would love to have The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Duck Hunt (just because it came with the console back in the day). I still get angry over that stupid dog that laughs at you whenever you miss a shot.

(5) Speaking of Consoles, I would love to have an old Coleco vision and an Atari so I could play Pong, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and The Smurfs game all over again. I have a fond memory of the Smurf game. At the end of the game, the Smurf rescues Smurfette who is being held hostage in Gargamel's castle. I had some family members thought it would be funny to pick on me by making the Smurf kick Smurfette instead of kissing her at the end of the game. I would get so pissed off too because the Smurf would make Smurfette fall over!

(6) If they had at that time, entrance tickets or the stamp they give when you enter a club for the Batcave. If impossible, an old flyer would be cool.

(7) An original (preferanly signed copy) of the vinyl, The Batcave, young limbs and numb hymns.

(8) Back issues of Propaganda magazine.

(9) VHS filled with all the episodes of Forever Knight. 

(10) An original Optimus Prime from back in the day (probably too expensive and rare) but cool nonetheless



  1. #8 not live in the flesh but it's nice to have these up on the web :D

    1. Oh cool! Thanks for posting the link. Squeeee! You're awesome! I *think* that you can actually buy back copies of this but I am not sure!

  2. What a cool idea. I've never heard of Mancrates before today. Your idea of a nostalgia crate is rocking.
    Thanks for the follow. :)

    Paint It Rogue

  3. so that teddy would play tapes? wondering if i was too late or if they didnt make their way to germany XD
    but this would be a great selection of things to get, maybe one day you will actually be able to get a few!

    1. Yup the teddy would play tapes and his mouth would move along with the story and his eyes would blink. He was pretty popular here in North America. They even had a cartoon with him that they used to play on TV every Saturday mornings. I used to sit for hours (it cost my mom a fortune in batteries) to listen to him tell me stories and I would read along. I had books and tapes in both English and French. It was great, he would even sing at the end!

  4. Ooh! You have two of my favourite films up there ♥

  5. Aww Sylvie, the thanks are not necessary. You are so sweet. I've even had some lovely visitors as a result of you mentioning me.
    These Mancrate thingies sound cool, now if only they had a medieval style forge your own sword kit that would be my BF sorted! lol. If I were to have a nostalgia create I think I'd want a record player to play all my old vinyl on. Love your choices btw, nice to see good old Bowie mentioned more than once! xx

    1. Come to think of it, I could have also added the movie Labyrinth! I am glad you got some lovely visitors! I was so surprised to see that you mentionned me! I thought that was pretty nice! Thanks again! A record player sounds like an awesome choice too :)

  6. As someone who is absolutely, completely and totally still (and forever) in love with the eighties (it was the decade that gave me life after all :)) this delightful post is right up my alley. What a super fun list - I would totally put an original Nintendo gaming system in my selection, too, right along with several great 80s toys, a slew of 80s does 40s and 50s fashions, some VHS tapes (and a player), and plenty of foods that were super popular then, but now long gone (or very hard to find).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I have the two movies on dvd, great movies! Great music too! I would love Batcave memorabilia and the magazines: 2 copies, one to cut pictures out of,the others to keep!

  8. I'm showing my age here, but I actually still have my VHS tape of The Lost Boys (and Labyrinth too), plus a turntable to play my heaps of vinyl on. If there was anything from the 80s I could have back for my nostalgia box it would be the second pair of goth boots I ever owned. Kitten heeled ankle boots with skull buckles, they were a little more delicate than some goth boots today and I wore them into the ground. I also had a blue denim jacket that a boyfriend had painted the Cure black and pink Lullaby logo across the back - that got stolen in a club, I was gutted so I'd resurrect that. Also, this was the era I feel in love with David Eddings novels. I still have them too - I'm sounding like a bit of a hoarder here! Help!

    Jane (Breaking the Angel). Sorry I haven't been by in a while, just catching up now.

    1. No worries, Jane. I am always happy to hear from you :) I hope all is well. I hear you on the David Eddings novels, we have a whole bunch at my home along with Dragonlance!

  9. What an awesome trip through memory lane. I remember the Propaganda 'zine! I would cut out the pictures and tape them on my college dorm wall. And NES for the win! I played the original Legend of Zelda - complete with gold case! :D



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