Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

I hate mornings and more specifically, I hate Monday mornings. My alarm went off but I did not get out of bed. As a result, I had to hurry up and get ready! I just wanted to do this outfit post because I wanted to show everyone that it is OK to do the whole jeans and shirt. For the record, I rarely wear jeans.  I was comfortable today and I survived my Monday. One down and only 4 more days to go! Please excuse the boxes, we have to move them in the garage! I only noticed after the photos were taken, haha! Like always, I moved The Crow picture and it is crooked. Again, I only noticed after the photos were taken. It was an interesting photo session, I managed to lean back and slightly banged my head on the wall. I am tired and I am not in the mood to retake this photos, besides, it sort of goes with the whole manic Monday theme!  Danger proned Sylvie at it again! It may seem like I have my shit together but in reality, I don't!


  1. You look great, don't worry, I didn't even notice the boxes til you mentioned them, too busy staring at Eric!

  2. love your outfit, and you look amazingly

  3. I know what you mean! I don't believe there's a single person in this world that wakes up and is thankful for being Monday! You look lovely dear, casual is the best choice for a Monday. ^^

  4. i alwayws have to laugh a little when people complain about mondays XD still even though you feel tired and wear a simple outfit, you look perfectly fine!

  5. Mondays are not so bad :)

    You look fab, loving the wavy hair.




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