Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh the places he will go!

I am trying to be clever by semi quoting Dr. Seuss in my title.

When looking for daycares, I wanted to find one that focused on early childhood education.

Philip was never athletic, just like his parents. He walked at 18 months and never crawled.  He hated "tummy time" as an infant.

He did talk very early. His first word was "mama", which is something I still brag about to this day to anyone who will listen! I knew he was smart and I want to invest in his education.

I guess like most parents, I think my kid is bright and wonderful so I invested in a very expensive daycare. I knew my child needed lots of stimulation and I was impressed with their activities.

After 4 years of daycare, Philip is bilingual. He can write his name, he knows most of his alphabet, can count to twenty in English and in French! At home, he is interested in science, nature and dinosaurs. His curiosity never ends. He always wants to know "why" and "how". I am so thankful for google for providing me with answers to his never ending questions. While the cost of this daycare is a huge financial strain on the both of us, you cannot put a price tag on your child's future and happiness. Philip loves going there because he is learning new things everyday! He is the type of kid who needs that kind of stimulation, otherwise, he gets bored. I don't mean to sound snobby or like one of "those parents" who push their kids beyond their own personal limits. Believe me, if I felt like my kid hated going there and did not like that kind of environment, he would be at a different daycare!

While I previously ranted about the whole daycare grad photos, there was a special day at his daycare. It was Philip's daycare graduation ceremony (again, snorting and rolling eyes). While I never got the whole idea around putting the kid in a cap and gown, I mean it is frigging daycare,  I do think it is still an important milestone; He is going to start school. I think I am one of the few people with this in mind. So many parents made a big deal about it that the daycare had to limit seat restrictions. I originally wanted my sister and niece to attend but at $20 per person to sit in those tiny plastic chairs designed for pre-schoolers for over an hour was a little too high for my budget. Instead, there was a professional videographer there (seriously, most little kids just stood there and cried but anyways) to tape the whole thing. I much rather pay for a DVD, which is also at that price.

Sometimes I think this whole daycare thing can be a little over excessive, I still invested in his early education and I will continue to invest in his schooling. Unlike me who never wanted a career, I regret not going to university. Let's face it, no little girl dreams she will be a receptionist when she grows up! I don't care what he does or how much money he makes, there is more to life than just that. I want him to be happy. I want him to go further than I ever did. I want him to have opportunities I never had.  

 I stand my ground and find it silly that they put four and five year olds in caps and gowns, after all, my son didn't quite get the meaning of it all, it was a mark for me. He was growing up and thanks to investing in his early childhood education, he has a great start for Kindergarten in the fall.

Over the weekend, I was at my local bookstore. I saw that they had "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss so I purchased it. My plans? I am going to get the book signed by all his teachers. The day he graduates high school, I am going to hand him the book as a gift. School never was a pleasant time for me, especially High School, I am assuming it will most probably be the same for him. If you read the story, it is about life and how you will experience all sorts of things. Some will be great and some will be bad but you will pull through. I plan on writing him a very heartfelt letter to put in his book, which he will open once he graduates High School.

Now please excuse me while I get some wine while all this sinks in!  I swear, I only brought him home from the hospital yesterday!


  1. What a great preschool, I often wish I had been taught to be bilingual at a younger age, it opens many doors with working overseas or as a translator, who knows! It is always good to have extra skills!

  2. Ah, he's a cutie :) What a wonderful gift that book will be.

  3. best of luck for his future, hoping he will stay this way!!

  4. I never read this book, but now I'm really curious about it.

    I think your idea with the book is amazing, I hope he will appreciate it as much as you do!

    I also hope he gets a nice start at school, it's going to be completely different and I hope he has no problems dealing with it. :)



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