Friday, April 10, 2015

The invasion of the bomber girl librarian

As per my previous post (scroll down or click here if you haven't seen it already) I ran out of my disposable contacts and had to wear my glasses for most of the week. There was one morning I had a bad hair day. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't tame the frizz. My hair looked like something one of my cats coughed up. Realising the style of shirt I was wearing, I decided to pull out my trusty bandanna. Normally, without my glasses, this look doesn't suit me but with the glasses on, I thought it suited me well. I got tons of compliments from coworkers too and one even commented that I look like a "bomber girl" from those wartime posters.

I often make librarian jokes while wearing glasses. In fact, when I first met my husband, I would jokingly pretend to seduce him whenever I removed my contact lenses and put my glasses on. I would tell him how naughty he was for not returning his books on time and how he would need to be severely punished! We have a weird sense of humour. There was one time, just as I was telling him all those silly things with my glasses on, we both heard footsteps coming towards our front door.

This is when the both of us laughed: we realized the windows were wide open and I was talking loudly. My father in law decided to come visit, unannounced but we assumed he had changed his mind. After all, we were pretty sure he overheard me tell my husband all those things. We then saw him slowly walking down the stairs, walking away. He didn't ring the doorbell, didn't leave anything for us, either. Guess he didn't like hearing about "late fees"!

So without further adieu, here's the invasion of the little bomber girl, librarian! Pictures were taken in the spare room, right by the D&D books for extra geek credit.

Next time, maybe I will pretend to be a teacher!


  1. The glasses really suit you, and the skull bandanna - well, that's just the perfect touch to a bomber girl outfit. I bet the FIL got an earful that day! LOL

  2. as i said i like you with glasses on :-) that bandana too, lovely bomber girl /rockabella goth mix lady!

  3. You look really cute - we call that look 'land girl' here in the UK.

    Please put me outta my misery - what's the book in your hand?! I can't make out the title and it's driving me nuts!!

    1. I know it is a David Eddings one. I *think* it is The Magician's Gambit. I just grabbed the first book I saw and it was from our Eddings stash. We have our books divided by authors/genres because we are nerdy that way!

  4. That is cute! Also liking the Ah My Goddess Wall scroll and the kitty. :)

  5. You look great. I just started wearing glasses a few months back, so am enjoying these pictures.
    And who doesn't sort their books by authors/genres? How would you otherwise be able to find anything?



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