Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It's time to spring a head!

A couple months ago, I read somewhere, probably on Facebook that if you tie your hair in a certain
way after washing it, it straightens it. I never really cared whether or not my hair was perfectly straight but lately it has been frizzy, pouffy, and annoying. I decided to test this theory after my morning shower. I normally just let it air dry. My hair is dry enough as it is, I hate to blow dry and with the milder temperatures, I have been washing my hair in the morning now vs at night when I am home.

What you need to do is tie your hair like this. I should have not left so much space between the first and second row but it was 7am and I am not a morning person. My hair stayed in for pretty much the entire workday. It felt a little heavy at first but nothing to complain about. I only took it out a few hours after I got home! Parts of it were still a bit damp!

Here is what my hair looked like afterwards. I do have natural wavy/curly hair so this is a nice, more toned down look. Less frizzy and less it looks well put together.

I will be doing this again.I like the ponytail and I like the end result. I have no patience for straighteners and blow dryers!

With the warmer temperatures, I got to wear one of my pretty spring coats. So happy!I still have not went by to pick up my contacts. I am wearing my prescription sunglasses! This is one of my favourite hats. I call it my "Breakfast at Tiffany's" hat!

If you look in the right hand corner, you see my little one running towards the backyard! It's the blue thing!

Now I am off for breakfast at Tiffany's. Will you join me?


  1. That coat in great, wouldn`t mind one like that myself.

  2. Love the coat and the hat! You look adorable in that last picture :D

  3. digging the waves. have to try that when my hair finally grows!

  4. My hair's getting so long that I have to keep it tied up a lot of the time. I love the waves in yours, after the pony tail.

    That's such a gorgeous coat and looks great on you.

    Enjoy your weekend ♥

  5. How lovely! My natural hair was born straight and as a youngster I would frequently sleep with two - four braids in it to try an achieve a similar wave.

    Your coat is simply marvelous, BTW!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Love the new coat and the hat. I have a few hats like that also. They keep the sun off me. Looking fabulous for spring!

  7. cookie monster in the background ^_^ <3 and thats some pretty nice result!

  8. Love the outfit, especially the coat and the hat look fab, preventing the sun light damaging your face

  9. OMG that coat!!!! I love it!

  10. I'm looking for a coat like yours! :) I love it and your hat ^^ You look great!

  11. I like your coat and hat both!



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