Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of being an old lady with tattoos

I have two tattoos and I want more! Being tattooed, I hear many opinions. Most of them are positive but a lot of them are just plain annoying. I am tired of hearing "what will it look like when you are an old lady?" or "you are going to regret it later on".  Some people just don't like them and have to tell me so. That's fine. They are entitled to their opinion but they must understand, I get tattoos for me, not to suit their personal tastes. Just like with the way I dress. It's simple: Don't like, don't look!

 I won't regret my tattoos, even when I become a crazy, elderly, reclusive cat lady because they each represent a very personal story for me:

I have a small rose on my right shoulder. I was 20 when I got this. It was the first birthday I had without my father there to celebrate with me. My dad passed away several months before that birthday and I was still mourning his passing. I wanted something to commemorate him. I wanted something permanent and that something permanent meant ink! Even in my wedding photos, the photographer shot the back of my dress so I could see the tattoo!  I wore a medieval styled dress and made sure when I bought the dress that the tattoo would still be visible. It was my way of having him with me on my important day. This tattoo is also special because when I got it, I worked as a call taker at a courier company. My coworkers each pitched in to pay for that tattoo as a birthday gift! I even went with my supervisor and her husband to get it done. Whenever I lose hope in humanity and this happens often, I look at that tattoo and my hope is temporarily restored.

It will be two years this summer I got my crow tattoo with Victorian inspired rose frame wrapped around my left arm. That tattoo has many different meaning for me; One of the meanings has to do with the birth of my son;  It even has his birthday written!

Tattoos can be excellent pieces of art when you get it done by a reputable artist. It took me a year to decide which artist I wanted to tattoo my arm piece. I was eventually referred to my artist from a heavily tattooed coworker. He has some great pieces on his arms! I did not just go into any random tattoo place. Too many of these places take advantage of the popularity of tattoos and are not professionals. Be careful and do your research. You don't want to risk your health by getting an infection or a jacked up tattoo! 

With all that being said, the hours I spent on the chair and pain I felt made getting my ink all worth it. I feel like having these beautiful, yet personal pieces of art on me. It is what makes me happy. After all, my body is my temple, why not decorate the walls?

Even today, with tattoos becoming more and more mainstream, there is ALWAYS someone who has to say that they don't like it or my all time favourite: "It's going to look horrible when you are eighty"
Here is an article I found putting that theory to shame.

After reading the article and viewing those images,it encouraged me to get more. This is what they might eventually look like when I am old! Look at how great these people look! Look how great I am going to look!

So if you have tattoos and are tired of hearing that "it is going to look horrible when you are a senior" remark, just think back to that article and smile. With the popularity of tattoos nowadays, it is going to be fun looking at all the other old people next to me when my son puts me in a senior's residence later on!


  1. YES! after a while in my job (geriatric nurse) i always get comments like 'well, in the beginning i didnt think you were good because of those tattoos and piercings and style' (sorry, i wont go without makeup and with a wig and all piercings and tattoos covered to work. 'but then you showed me i was wrong.' i have taken care of a few people who then (80+!!) went to a tattoo studio for ink or metalor stretched ears. ok i have my left pokemon-sleeve that after a bad choice artistwise still doesnt look like i want it to look like but that will be one day!

  2. One of my friends posted that link on Facebook and I thought it was awesome. And all those seniors are people I'd want to know.

  3. "my body is my temple, why not decorate the walls" this has to be one of the best lines about tattooing I have ever heard! This needs a picture and stuff to go with it so everyone can share it!

    When people say things like wait until you are old, I have to try to not roll my eyes, when I am old I want to be covered in tatts! A surprising number of women old enough to be my parent or grandparent seem to like my tattoo sleeve, maybe because it is pretty flowers.

    1. Yes I get comments from a lot of elderly people too. I think it is because of the roses. I love the fact that I have my son's birthday on my skin. Like I am going to regret that!

  4. Hear, hear across the board!!! I only have one small (poorly done, if we're being objective) tattoo (on the crook of my right arm, gotten when I was 17), but goodness, would I get (a lot!) more, if I could. I've never felt I had the funds to justify it, but hopefully one day. The older I get, the more I want sleeves or half sleeves, starting from my shoulders, and I've always wanted to get some on the backs of my calves and perhaps my back itself. Time will tell!

    ♥ Jessica



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