Monday, March 30, 2015

30 Day Goth Challenge Days 3-6

Day 4 – Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to. 

I don't really follow stereotypes or cliches. I guess aside from dressing all in black all the time, that is the only stereotype I follow.  I don't want to completely piggyback on Laura Morrigan's blog post by posting Trellia's goth stereotype pictures so I am going to just link here a previous post I did on that subject.

Day 5 – Is there a local Goth band or group in your area? 

Luckly for me, there are several local goth bands in my area. I don't have time to keep up with them all and I suppose that they are a here today, gone tomorrow sort of a deal. We have several DJs. Two of them have been spinning since I was a teenager and both of them are still around! They are awesome!

Day 6 – Hand write your favourite lyric and take a picture.

I love music and don't have a favourite lyric. Usually, I listen to music for a combination of things: the way the song was composed (the instruments, the notes they play, the overall melody) then the lyrics come second. Sometimes, a song will appeal to me because of the lyrics and the message behind them. It all depends.

I did write down a set of three lyrics from three very different bands. The reason why I did it this way is to see who could guess them all. I also did it because I have been listening to these three bands a lot lately! 


Saturday, March 28, 2015

I just dress "funny" but I am a really great mom.

 I know I often post about why I dislike some (not all) other parents but today, this post is dedicated towards the parents I do like or can tolerate.

I can still be defensive when meeting other parents.I am concerned about not having any common interests with them aside from the fact that we have kids (which is unfortunately true most of the time) and I hate having to look for things to talk about. I am also slightly worried about any pre-conceived judgements others may have towards me.

So far, I have had many positive experiences. I learned the best way to talk to anyone and get people to open up to you is to get them to talk about their kids. If you notice that the kid has something in common with your child, point it out and share experiences. For example, we recently found out my son has vision problems and he now wears glasses. If the other kid is wearing glasses too, I would ask the parent how they discovered their kid needed glasses, etc.

I think it is extremely important to set a positive example for your child. I am not always a social person. I can be introverted and to be honest, when I take my kid to the playground or any other child friendly places, the last thing I want to do is talk to other parents but you know something? This actually surprised me: They want to talk to me. Out of all the other parents there, they approach me and talk to me. They are the ones initiating conversation. Sometimes they ask me about my tattoo, my hair color or how old my son (Philip) is.

Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. They say it takes a village to raise a child and seeing all these people put aside their personal interests, to give a helping hand and bond over the miracles that we created is nice. It restores my faith in humanity.

I guess the point of this post is:if you have kids and dress alternative, don't let it hold you back. Let your kid watch you interact with others. Some of them are probably going to be a bunch of jerks but you will eventually learn how to deal with those in a polite manner. Sometimes, some people are just curious and always wanted to talk to someone like us and now they found an opportunity to do so. I was told this recently and I laughed. The questions that are asked are always the same and repetitive. I know I am tired of answering them but I try to have patience. I understand, it is the first time these people are hearing those answers, despite us being able to answer them in our sleep!

 In my experiences, thanks to living in a large multi cultural city and in this day and age, most people are more open minded. A lot of times, the way I dress or the fact that I personally have zero things in common with the other person seems to disappear. We have kids and we share experiences. The fact that we procreated gave us something in common.

I learned to politely tell someone to eff off whenever they over stepped personal boundaries and I learned to open up to other people. It also shows Philip that yes, his mom might be weird but it doesn't stop her from talking with everyone else. I often catch people staring at me, especially from the other kids grandparents and sometimes a polite smile turns an annoying situation into a pleasant one. Sometimes, it does the opposite. I often smile and wave at people who stare because it is amusing. They either turn away embarrassed because you caught them in the act or they approach you. I know if I had my way, I wouldn't talk to these people yet there has been many situations, these people sort of got to know me and know that I am Philip's mom so they help me look after my son too. I got so much great advice and a sympathetic ear whenever I mention a parenting struggle. From colic to potty training issues, it is nice to know that some parents got your back and are willing to offer advice or a means for you to vent to. Your kids accomplishments are no longer praised by you or members of your family, they are also praised by these other parents. In fact, I do the same. I want to know how so and so made out with their potty training or whatever issue they are going through at this stage of their child's development.

We recently ran into a group of parents from my son's daycare at Mcdonalds the other day. We all ate together and the kids played happily with one and other. It was a great time. While we were there eating, I mentioned that Philip is an only child and how I am trying to encourage him to share. When he shared his happy meal toy with the other kids, it wasn't just me praising it. All the other parents chimed in too. It was nice that they were so willing to help. The more people who chimed in, the more he was encouraged to let the other kids see which toy he got. One dad even reassured Philip "Don't worry, I will make sure they will give it right back to you"

I spent a good portion of Philip's early life alienating myself from other parents and wished I knew alternative ones. Now, I just don't care. In fact, I am scheduling play dates with some of them! The next big step for me is having them come to my house for a play date. I am unsure how they will react with our choice of decorations. On the other hand, I sure feel uncomfortable in their houses with all their stuff so it might be interesting to watch their reactions.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Crow "Remake": hit or miss?

Over the past several years, I occasionally kept track of the evolution of the new Crow remake. What once began as a rumour, to directors pulling out of the project, to changing lead actors (originally it was supposed to be Luke Evans) I am not very confident that filming will actually commence this spring as planned. Production drama aside, I am not the only one who holds the belief that no one can replace Brandon Lee. Ever.

The Crow came out when I was a babybat and this was one of the major influences I had towards the goth scene. Yes, I wore the embarrassing makeup in public with electric tape on my arms (now that I am older and wiser, I do realize there are much better uses for that electric tape, wink, wink!) and no it wasn't Halloween when I did those things.Thanks to the movie, I have tons of posters, artwork (even one of them autographed) by the comic book artist who inspired the films, James O'Barr.

I own several comics as well as the beloved graphic novel. I have two figurines and one even has a sensor that quotes the movies. Random fun fact: I always found it amusing that the sensor is located in the crotch area!

My original opinion about Brandon Lee swayed a little after reading that James O'Barr himself gave the new movie his blessing, that he will have control on the movie soundtrack once again and the new movie won't actually be a remake of the old one.

“If you read the comic, Eric and Shelley never have their last names revealed,” O’Barr continues. “Hopefully, this is one area the new movie being more faithful to the comic will come into play, and Eric won’t be going by Eric Draven in the new film...Brandon Lee will forever be Eric Draven… [N]o one understands that fear more than me. Brandon Lee was a friend and I’d never do anything to hurt his legacy...We’re including some music I’d wanted to originally, but just couldn’t get the rights to,” says O’Barr. “Some actual Joy Division songs. Some vintage Cure songs. I’m still pretty active in the music industry, and there is a lot of neo-goth bands out there, that have that same sound, and I’ve talked to some of them about contributing, and they’re very excited about it.” click here for the article

I also read via social media that actor Jack Huston is cast to play Eric in the new film. I heard a lot of great reviews with regards to his performance on "Boardwalk Empire". There is an article on that here

I went from being against the remake to being on the fence about it. I would be happy if they played some vintage Cure songs and some actual Joy Division (although, I was very fond of the NIN Dead Souls remix) and I am also pleased to hear that O'Barr is involved. The original movie was not close to the comic so if this new movie would actually stick to the original story in the comic (I am hoping more than just the exclusion of the main character's last names) I would love it.

Here's to hoping Hollywood doesn't screw this up.

P.S. Hopefully any PR personnel for the movie is reading this. If you are planning a movie premiere or pre-screening event in Montreal or in any surrounding cities, please contact me (hint! hint!). You can reach me via Facebook (little corp goth girl) or by using the contact form on the right hand corner.

Monday, March 23, 2015

30 Day Goth Challenge Days 1-3

Laura Morrigan, on her blog "Roses and Vellum" is doing a 30 Day Goth Challenge and I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

Day 1 – How did you come to the subculture? 
Like most people, I came into the subculture as a teenager. I was always attracted to the macabre, even as a child. Don't get me wrong, as a preschooler, I was terrified of the count from Sesame Street but as I got older, my preferences changed. I read a lot of horror books.  I got into Stephen King by the time I was twelve and I remember not wanting to walk by a sewer for weeks after I read "IT". By the time I reached high school, a friend of mine introduced me to Anne Rice. 

When I was about eleven years old, I saw a goth girl and I remember wanting to look like her and a couple of years later, I did!

I started expressing myself visually early on through clothing and I was often made fun of for being the odd one. It was long before I started dressing goth when people would shout "Freak" at me in the hallways at school. I never felt like being a freak was a bad thing, either.  Eventually, I just started dressing all in black. I don't know if I was influenced by a boyfriend I had at that time or I just sort of fell into it. I like to think it was a bit of both.  I also remember that peticular boyfriend and I going for a casual stroll in the cemetery on a date and I kept going leisurely since!

Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days. 

Thankfully for me, I do not have any photos left over from my Baby Bat days and it is not like I am going to go searching for them, either! I did cover this experience several times in this blog. I once wrote about the mistakes I made as a Baby Bat and what advice I would give my baby bat self as an adult, which is one of my favourite posts, by the way. There are some pretty embarrassing photos of me on my famous "What happened after I rediscovered Goth" post when I was just coming back and starting to re-build a goth wardrobe.

I feel that this photo with my own baby bat (Shhh! Don't tell him that, he would get mad and exclaim that he is no longer a babybat but a big boy bat, LOL)  is a perfectly acceptable substitute!

Day 3 – When did you come out the Goth closet? (If you didn’t then simply discuss the topic)
As a teenager, I didn't really come out and tell everyone "I am goth now" I just did my own thing and really couldn't care less what other people thought! My parents and a lot of family members didn't approve but my family is pretty messed up and I never took much stock in what they had to say anyways. If they weren't discussing my life, they were gossiping about some other family member's life choices. I just felt: if they are going to talk, let's give them a damned good reason to!

As posted several times on this blog, I left the subculture but came back as an adult. Coming back as an adult was much harder than when I originally became goth as a kid. 

For starters, I came back to the subculture not long after I had my son. I did not have the same body I did before I got pregnant. I learned very quickly what I felt comfortable wearing and what I didn't. It was getting used to finding clothing that I personally felt looked nice on me and wouldn't be self conscious over my "problem areas" all day.

I never made an official announcement. I discussed dress codes with my employer prior to coming to work wearing something that wouldn't be acceptable. I didn't use the word goth either, I waited for my employer to ask.

People quickly started noticing the differences in appearance and well, lots of people in my personal life just sort of left. I felt like I didn't need to give an explanation to anyone. As a babybat an explanation might of been needed but I never really did at that time, why would it change this time as an adult? I work hard for a living and well, it's simply no one's business on how I spend my money on clothing. I did write on Facebook several times that I was happy the job allowed me to wear whatever I wanted, within reason. I was always goth. Even as a "normal", there were major undertones and those who took time to actually get to know me as a person, knew that I was coming back to my true self. They really didn't care. I guess you can say that even when I wore normal clothing I really was in a glass goth closet!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

All dressed up with no where to go!

I got invited to a friend's birthday party at her house and after the crazy stressful few weeks I had, I was ready to go out and have some fun! I really was looking forward to seeing some friends I knew in High School and just unwind. I even changed outfits for the occasion!

 If you are a parent yourself or hell even as a non-parent I bet you always dread hearing the following words: "Mommy, I did pukey". If you are a parent yourself, you usually know these words come at the most inopportune times and Friday night was one of them!  Despite my son becoming ill, I was still going to go to the party because my husband said he would take care of the sick little gremlin for me. I thought I won the lottery jackpot: a much needed night out AND I was getting out of taking care of a sick child!

Just as I got my boots on and was about to get my coat on, my husband started to get ill himself.

I had to stay home! I just couldn't leave my husband stranded like that. After making sure that everyone was sitting comfortably on the couch watching Pokémon, I decided to change and re-dye my blue strands. Talk about Friday night fun!

I love this one, my kid did something and got in trouble, hahaha! It is a classic WTF look!

Sorry about the photo quality! I think it is funny, I got dye in my hair and one glove on!If you look closely, there is dye on my thumb!

Don't fret dear readers, this whole situation amused me more than anything. I always do find humour in difficult situations, it really does help me keep the last few remaining strands of my sanity together! You can laugh, I sure did! I even had so much fun working on this blog post! My friend was understanding, after all, she is a mother herself and was probably in this kind predicament before. Besides, now I have an excuse to get out another time. So thank you for the invite Stephanie, hope you had fun and happy birthday! Lots of love xoxoxox

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Babybats and the future of the goth scene

I am member of many goth communities on Facebook and in one particular community, a new friend of mine shared a vlog clip about elitists. This particular clip sparked much discussion and it was all very interesting and fun to participate in. Below is the clip that was shared.


Naturally, the discussion as a whole inspired me to blog about it! The point of this post is to highlight some of the interesting comments and discussion that took place. I think the whole thread reached close to 300 comments so I am not going to quote anyone or anything.

I guess you can say that the conversation became interesting when someone commented that they got branded as an elitist because he/she personally doesn't like helping babybats and has little to no tolerance towards them, in fact that person said that he/she was downright rude to them. I found that sad because so many people in the community looked after me with great care and patience when I was a kid. A lot of my friends were older than I was and cared for me like I was their baby sister, it made us a family. After much questioning and sharing my personal experiences of when I was younger, I learned that a lot of us didn't have the same positive experiences when dealing with babybats. According to this person, it appears that a lot of babybats don't want to learn about the subculture at all and about it's roots. They only care about the aesthetics behind the scene.

Although I disagreed with the fact that someone can be rude to another person because of their age, I did start to somewhat agree with what some of the other people were saying: at least know some of the trad goth bands and listen to some of them! Learn the roots of the subculture! I know some people might not agree with this mindset but I do.

 I also think it is healthy for the subculture to change and grow too as long as we have a general idea from where the goth scene started. You may not like all the bands and songs that came out back then but at least know who Peter Murphy and Siouxsie Sioux are!  Listen to some of the music!  Know who The Sisters Of Mercy are!

Some of the more elder goths who were around since the beginning of the subculture chimed in the discussion.They regaled us of tales on how every one accepted everyone else no matter what style they fell in; be it a metal head, goth or punk, they were all united under the whole misfit banner. It didn't matter what music preference they liked or how they dressed, they all stuck together and had fun because they all had something in common: they were social outcasts. Some of them gave me the impression they didn't seem to mind whether or not these kids bothered to learn about the founding music, as long as the goth culture was kept alive and moving forward. Some of them even like to see how the culture has evolved over the years.
This is a perfect substitute since I didn't have any other cool pics to post! It is a baby bat, after all!

On the other hand, some can argue about the whole evolution of the goth scene. Just look at the latest "trends"  (ie. nugoth, pastel goth) they may not necessarily have any substance aside from aesthetics. I guess this all depends on the view point. Personally, I really don't care about these subgenres, after all, I am from the generation of Mallgoths and even I was a Marilyn Manson Spooky Kid at one point!  I think a few pastels are just par for the course. Who knows, maybe they will get their own identity at one point? Look at how well the steampunk culture seems to be thriving. They seem to have their own identity and music. I am not going to speak for the nugoths, pastels, etc because I personally don't know much about them. I even tried doing an Internet search to learn more. I wanted to know what how it all began and I didn't get anywhere. I think it is more of an aesthetic fashion trend that kids are adopting.If anyone can correct me on all of this, please do so!

As for elitists, some of them are often falsely accused of having this title because they have the same mindset I do: know the roots. A subculture is based off of music. Know how it came to be. My advice to my peers: don't be a douche. Please have patience with the younger crowd, we were ALL there at one point! I like to think we are not completely doomed as a society and there are a few good, smart kids out there.Let them listen to metal bands and parade around, some of these kids eventually "grow out of it" and I like to think that the ones that do stick around, care enough about this subculture to learn about its roots.  I was one of them that wanted to know about its roots from very early on. I do not think anything productive can come out of being rude to these kids. I also don't think we should go parading around in clubs trying to "educate" the younger crowd or anyone else either. We don't hand out "goth membership cards" and there are no kings or queesn of goths - despite what anyone believes. There are no elder goths sitting in the dark corners of the club while drinking bloody mary's and deciding whether or not you are permitted to join in the exclusive club of Gothdom.. Hell, I work full time as a receptionist and collect Hello Kitty merchandise. I tone down a lot for the job and I can still write a goth blog without getting flamed for it!

I am not saying that anything goes. You slap on some black lipstick and voila, "Insta Goth!" I think a subculture is just that - a subculture. There are certain guidelines that help differentiate from the mundane everyday society. I am not trying to set rules, that is not my - or anyone else's place to do so. I am not trying to imply that you need to jump through hoops to be part of the subculture or it is an exclusive club but I like to think that a subculture goes deeper than just merely aesthetics. It is a culture with a great history. It is not my place to be rude to people who don't agree with me, we are all entitled to our opinions.

I want to thank the members of that community for taking time out to express their opinions and making me, a new member, feel welcome. In the end, let's all take this example and come together. If you see a fellow goth walking down the street, let's bring that "knowing nod" back.  Let's stop trying to figure out who is a poseur and who isn't and just enjoy what the subculture has to offer. Let's stop worrying if we are "goth enough" and who isn't. Let's stop worrying about whether or not we fit in with the other Goths! After all, isn't being goth about non-conformity anyways? Let's embrace change because without it, I think the subculture wouldn't last as long as it did. I can understand being goth is something we can all identify with, it is part of who we are, therefore, there are some strong emotional attachments to it but coming towards it with a lack of respect does just as much as damage as a mallgoth or any dark clothed shooter who is labelled as one of us by the media. It only takes one person to ruin the public's view of us and a good dozen of us to fix it. Even at that, it may not work. Being an ass isn't going to do anything positive for the subculture.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I got some more pretty shiny things!

A fellow blogger named Yvonne from her blog Wintermoon recently did a post about some pretty neat little gifts she received. One of the little treasures she got was a necklace from curiology jewellery.

I was so entranced with Yvonne's necklace that I decided to browse the Etsy store. I very quickly fell in love with all the pretty items! If I had more disposable income, I would of bought every single item listed.

I very rarely buy items from the UK due to shipping and currency conversion costs. The prices were  reasonable in Canadian dollars (the way I saw it, those pendants would be sold for that amount in my currency anyway) and the overall shipping fees were reasonable too so I decided to spoil myself! These items are also very unique and I have not seen anything similar in my area. It was well worth it in my mind!

Having decided to take the plunge, I shopped away and I was not disappointed with my purchases! The items arrived very quickly, which surprised me. They came overseas and they were delivered to my office a week later!

 The personal touches always mean a lot to me and when I discovered that each individual item was wrapped in black tissue paper, I was quite happy!. You can tell the seller takes a lot of pride in her work. The items were better than I expected. The craftmanship and attention to details were perfect. I love my new trinkets!

Wonder what's inside?

Look! Presents within a present!
Every girl needs bat hair clips

Van Gogh's starry night. My favorite artist and one of my favorite paintings.

Pretty, pretty pretty

Just in case you didn't get the links from the beginning of the post:

Wintermoon blog:

Curiology Jewellery Etsy shop:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of being an old lady with tattoos

I have two tattoos and I want more! Being tattooed, I hear many opinions. Most of them are positive but a lot of them are just plain annoying. I am tired of hearing "what will it look like when you are an old lady?" or "you are going to regret it later on".  Some people just don't like them and have to tell me so. That's fine. They are entitled to their opinion but they must understand, I get tattoos for me, not to suit their personal tastes. Just like with the way I dress. It's simple: Don't like, don't look!

 I won't regret my tattoos, even when I become a crazy, elderly, reclusive cat lady because they each represent a very personal story for me:

I have a small rose on my right shoulder. I was 20 when I got this. It was the first birthday I had without my father there to celebrate with me. My dad passed away several months before that birthday and I was still mourning his passing. I wanted something to commemorate him. I wanted something permanent and that something permanent meant ink! Even in my wedding photos, the photographer shot the back of my dress so I could see the tattoo!  I wore a medieval styled dress and made sure when I bought the dress that the tattoo would still be visible. It was my way of having him with me on my important day. This tattoo is also special because when I got it, I worked as a call taker at a courier company. My coworkers each pitched in to pay for that tattoo as a birthday gift! I even went with my supervisor and her husband to get it done. Whenever I lose hope in humanity and this happens often, I look at that tattoo and my hope is temporarily restored.

It will be two years this summer I got my crow tattoo with Victorian inspired rose frame wrapped around my left arm. That tattoo has many different meaning for me; One of the meanings has to do with the birth of my son;  It even has his birthday written!

Tattoos can be excellent pieces of art when you get it done by a reputable artist. It took me a year to decide which artist I wanted to tattoo my arm piece. I was eventually referred to my artist from a heavily tattooed coworker. He has some great pieces on his arms! I did not just go into any random tattoo place. Too many of these places take advantage of the popularity of tattoos and are not professionals. Be careful and do your research. You don't want to risk your health by getting an infection or a jacked up tattoo! 

With all that being said, the hours I spent on the chair and pain I felt made getting my ink all worth it. I feel like having these beautiful, yet personal pieces of art on me. It is what makes me happy. After all, my body is my temple, why not decorate the walls?

Even today, with tattoos becoming more and more mainstream, there is ALWAYS someone who has to say that they don't like it or my all time favourite: "It's going to look horrible when you are eighty"
Here is an article I found putting that theory to shame.

After reading the article and viewing those images,it encouraged me to get more. This is what they might eventually look like when I am old! Look at how great these people look! Look how great I am going to look!

So if you have tattoos and are tired of hearing that "it is going to look horrible when you are a senior" remark, just think back to that article and smile. With the popularity of tattoos nowadays, it is going to be fun looking at all the other old people next to me when my son puts me in a senior's residence later on!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Online shopping near disaster and an outfit post

Alright dear Darklings, I am going to post about the negative experience I had with regards to ordering a CD from a site called Discogs. It all started after I posted about getting nostalgic over a CD I once owned in my youth called "Music For Vampires". For those interested, you can read the post here.

I knew I could find the CD on Amazon but because I enjoy a bargain and can purchase it used,  I found it at a very reasonable price on Discogs. I figured, what the hell? I will give them a chance.

Discogs works similar to the E-bay platform. There are many different buyers and sellers that use this service to make purchases and sell products.

I am not going to list the name of the seller because I would like to think this is not the seller's fault. I used my Paypal account to pay for this purchase.I listed my home address with Discogs but asked to have the CD shipped to my office via Paypal. I never had an issue doing this before on other sites.

Weeks go by and no news. I check my Discog account and if I could of heard crickets in the background, they would have been there! I send an e-mail message to the seller inquiring about my purchase. The seller responds that he tried to contact me several times via Discogs. I check my messages on the website just in case but nope, nothing there! No e-mail notifications either. I even checked my junk folder just in case.

Apparently, the seller wanted to confirm my address since the one on Discogs was different than the one Iasked to have it shipped to on Paypal, which is fair and appreciated. The downside, I would need to confirm so on Discogs. Why would I use a messaging system that doesn't work?  I know this may sounds a bit suspicious but I am not going to accuse the seller of anything. After all,  the CD was about $10.00 with shipping! I ended up confirming my info via e-mail after bantering back and forth. I guess opening up a Paypal dispute helped sway the decision to do so via email vs Discogs!

A week later, my package arrived!

The CD came in excellent condition and it was really well packaged by the way. The CD itself had no scratches on it and it works well. Would I recommend Discogs to someone else? Not really and if you do decide to use the site to order music, make sure you put the address you want the items shipped to when you register. This will avoid headaches! They really need to improve their website. It is a shame really because it appears to have lots of music on there too. I know in this day and age of MP3 files and I Tunes, CDs are a rarity. I like owning a physical copy of my music, especially when it is from an artist that I love. I guess I can do my part by helping to protect the environment by physically shopping at used CD stores now that the weather is starting to warm up. Granted, if I really wanted to make an impact, I would take public transit to get there!

I got a lot of compliments on this outfit I wore to work the other day. I had this skirt and top for ages too. Why is it the older items we own in our closet get the most compliments or is it just like that with me? My cat, Merry (as in the Hobbit from Lord Of The Rings) was playful too and wanted in on the fun!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Featuring Siouxsie Sioux

Since yesterday was International Women's Day, I figured I would do a feature on one of my favourite female lead singers: Siouxsie Sioux.

I am almost certain that we all heard of her and listen to her music, after all, she is considered the Godmother of Goth. Despite all this, I still felt like it was mandatory to do an entire post just for her!

Image source

Siouxsie is well known amongst the Goth community as front woman to the post punk band "Siouxsie and The Banshees" and although she has personally denied any connections with the goth label, many of us seek inspiration from her makeup, her songs, her clothing and backcombed hair.

Siouxsie Sioux was born May 27, 1957 in Bromley, England. In the mid-1970s, Siouxsie became part of a group of young punk rockers. The group was known was labelled as The Bromley Contingent which consisted of Sex Pistols fans. In 1976, after a band dropped out of the 100 Club Punk Festival, Siouxsie and her friend, Steve Severin decided to perform. Siouxsie was songwriter and singer while Severin was on Bass.  They did not have an actual band so they borrowed two musicians:  Marco Perroni (guitar) and Sid Vicious (drums). They performed a 20-minute rendition of The Lord's Prayer.

In 1978, Sid Vicious and Marco Perroni have already left the band and were replaced by Kenny Morris and John McKay and released their debut single, "Hong Kong Garden," which reached No. 7 on the UK singles chart.

 Spellbound video

I first came across Siouxsie when I was a kid, I think I was about twelve years old. The "Batman Returns" movie came out and I heard the song "Face to Face". I loved it! At that age, I was coming out of my New Kids On The Block obsession and I never really bothered with Siouxsie until my teenaged years.

I got re-introduced to Siouxsie while watching the Craft as a teenager and her song "Sick Child" was on the soundtrack. I was so entranced with the song intro that I looked up the band and this was my first real introduction to goth music!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Trinkets and shiny things

Back when I dressed normal, I was often in a rut. I wore virtually the same outfit ever day just in different colors! It was boring ,bland and depressing. I remember when I was a little gothling teenager and how I had fun experimenting with my style and since coming back to the dark side, I have to admit, there is so much more than just wearing all black. I am still in the process of finding out what looks good on me and for my body type. Let's face it, I no longer have my teenager slender body! I watched the movie Hackers tonight and the actor, Matthew Lillard who plays Cereal Killer in the movie coined it best: "Spandex: It's a privilege, not a right!" Despite some minor pitfalls, I am having fun experimenting!

The other day as I was purchasing more leggings to keep me warm in Montreal's frigid temperatures, I noticed some shiny things hanging there on the rack. I was drawn to it and this necklace caught my eye .Usually, I am not very fond of gold but the trinkets on this necklace appealed to me. I liked the  rhinestone flowers and the little bugs (is it a scarab?) I have no clue what kind of bug it is but I thought they were cute! It was an impulse buy, something I would not normally choose if I had the option of getting one in silver and I don't regret it. It looks great with my work clothes!

I should of probably turned off the flash but look shiny!

please ignore the purple bra straps! I had to do laundry, hahahaha!

I put my Docs on half assed for this photo!

On the topic of shiny things and trinkets, I came across a very cute little news article the other day and I loved it! It is about a little girl who gets gifts from the crows she feeds.If you haven't read it and you like crows, you definitely should, here is the link:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A nice surprise and a thank you to the kind folks at Cemetery confessions!

I found out earlier today that my post about coming back to goth was featured in a podcast. If you have not read it, you can do so by clicking here! I thought that was very exciting. I took something that was very hurtful, negative in my life and turned it into something positive. I never imagined this little blog would get a lot of traffic and attention over that post! Thank you haters for inspiring me!

The Podcast itself was very interesting. I also had a chance to listen to some of their other podcasts and I really like what these guys do.

I also figured, they linked to me, the least I can do is return the favor. They do really cool podcasts which is my main reason for featuring them. In all honesty, even if they didn't feature my post, I would have probably eventually stumbled upon their podcast anyways and I would have most probably featured them here. Let's keep the community alive. If something is worth mentioning and helping each other out, we should definitely contribute!

The Podcast itself is called Cemetery Confessions and hosted by DJ Count. The guy is really well spoken, very articulate and has a very nice voice. Definitely worth listening to!

So without further adieu, here is the link to the podcast

My blog is referenced at 31:00 but I strongly recommend listening to the full version as well as the other podcasts available on that site. 

Souce: cemetery confessions.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cold weather outfit posts and an update

The month of February here in Montreal has apparently been one of the coldest months since they even started recording weather! It can be very disappointing when it comes to getting dressed in the morning and finding items to wear that not only keeps you warm but keeps you stylish at the same time. Note, I live in leggings during the winter. Much more comfortable and warmer than tights and the possibilities are endless! I even got 4 more pairs on my lunch hour today!

Another picture taken after I removed my beloved DMs. I wore this sweater and scarf all day. The skirt is a pinned striped one, worn with leggings.
I love that scarf. It is not really displayed here but it is from Sourpuss clothing.  I even wear it in the office to keep my warm! I think the item has been discontinued, too bad! The scarf is reversible.

Image source:

Image source

Leggings, tu-tu skirt (weekend running errands look) with my favorite t-shirt. The sweater came on afterwards. It is warm enough in the house to wear my t-shirt.I don't pay for the heating. In a way it is a good thing considering the winter we are having but on the other hand, I would much rather pay for the heating and control the temperature. The house is either way too warm or too cold.

I just put this photo in because I thought it was cute.

That Garnier Intense Wash Out color I used and did a product review? For some reason, I cannot explain why, the color seems to hold better after the second application. I re-applied the stuff, kept it in for a day, washed my hair and it was still noticeable, not as vibrant but noticeable. This is my hair after the second shampoo? I am guessing, the more you use it, the longer it stays?

I since started using Manic Panic again and I am loving the results!


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