Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine gift ideas for the Goth in your life

Valentine's day can mean several things to many different people. For me, personally, it is just another Holiday and considering my birthday follows a few days after, I usually tell my significant other to not really bother for Valentine's day. I often wait a day or two after the holiday when all that yummy chocolate goes on sale! Having a kid changes things. I now decorate the apartment and I get my little one to make a card. I buy chocolate for everyone too. I just don't expect a big deal.

I know some of us see it as a "Hallmark Holiday" (like I personally do) and don't bother while a lot of us see it as a day to be romantic. Goth and romance often go hand in hand.

I figured I would come up with a birthday Valentine gift idea list for those of you wondering what to purchase for their darkly clad squeeze toy:

(1) A hand made card. Write something meaningful inside. If you like to write poetry, write a poem!

(2) A nice heart (anatomical)  pendant. Something like this:


(3) A bat bracelet, I particularly like this one here on etsy:

(4) A nice family photo or a picture of yourself with your partner in a black picture frame

Home decor

(5) This one is my favorite. While you can probably get a dozen roses for this cost, you can always send her a single black rose or you can always buy a red one and tie a black ribbon to it.


  1. Ahh these are nice! When we were in high school my partner gave me a spiky bracelet that I still have. I tend to waver between seeing it as a money making exercise based on the death of a Christian saint who had nothing to do with romance and trying to do something for it. Don't know which I will do this year!

    1. I know the feeling all too well. I decorate and give chocolates. I tell my little one that it is a day about love and ask for lots of hugs and kisses! It all depends on my partner. My husband has the same sentiment as I do so we don't really go out of our way or anything but in the past, I had boyfriends who liked to go all out.

  2. The rose <3
    I agree, there's no goth without romance!

  3. Thank you for sharing these dear, I have no idea what to get my beloved, I think I'm going to go with DIY this year! :)

    1. I love getting handmade gifts, especially from the ones I care most about!

  4. I've been craving for a heart pendant like that for a year now. :D And that bat bracelet is super cute too!

  5. I love this idea. I think I might write one to my daughter on the first day of school every year. (She starts next year)

    important gift ideas

  6. these are cool, i like the jewelry!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin



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