Monday, February 2, 2015

My husband's heroics and a cute baby crow

I am still sick. Had a fever and my little one was sick with one too today. For a cold, it sure is kicking my behind! When I get sick, I get sick! I am paying close attention to it and am hoping it won't turn into bronchitis like it did last year! My husband went to go register my son for kindergarten today since I was unable to do so myself. He did take good care of us afterwards, which I was grateful for his help! I was also regaled with gossip my husband heard from the other parents while he was at the school waiting in line to register. It took him 3 hours to do so, by the way! 

You see, where I live in Canada, in the Province of Quebec, we have a silly language issue. The only way my son can attend an English school is if his parents attended one. Luckily for me, my husband and I both did. We even need a "Certificate of Eligibility" as proof. Thankfully, the school sends the request for one so it was one less thing to worry about.

Personally, I would of preferred my son to attend French school and I teach him English at home but since my husband is more anglophone, an English school was ideal. I like the idea that he wants to be involved in my little ones academic career!

With all the silly Politics going on in this Province, you can imagine the number of limited spots there are in English schools. The majority of the parents were already waiting in line, outside in the freezing cold since Saturday evening! Registration only started today! Montreal's weather has been extremely cold all weekend. It dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius (that's minus 22 F) with the wind chill factor last night. I was regaled of tales on how some parents brought propane heaters, how they alternated in shifts so they can go warm up every few hours. The parents had some effective organization system going on too.  All this to register their kids to this school! Apparently, a lot of people were stressed because the siblings of the students already attending that school were given priority. Those spots were already taken up! We did not even bother with all that, to be honest, although the Principal warned us all during orientation.  My husband got there a little before 8am this morning on the actual registration day and he was one of the last people to be there. He made it just in time, there were only 10 spots left after he was done with the registration. The Principal had to even turn people away who didn't live in that school zone. Thankfully, this wasn't an issue for us! We even had to give proof of address.

The school is excellent. It is right up the street from where I live and has a bilingual program. For the first two years, ALL his classes will be in French only. Afterwards, classes will be divided between English and French. I am happy because English courses in the French schooling system are not as advanced. He will also be receiving the same French classes as they would in the French schools! His French would be on the same level as most of his peers in the French schooling system!

My son is already fluent as his daycare is bilingual and I do speak to him in French as much as possible. I am all for him learning two languages! I guess I was not the only parent with this in mind, hence why so many parents were so adamant about making sure there was a spot available for their child.

With all that being said, I did not really have time this past week with being so ill to really do the post I want so I figured I would share this cute little picture I saw in the "Goth Over 30 Community" on Facebook :

It is ironic in a way I am posting this picture. When my son was born, there were complications and the song "Black Bird" by The Beatles reminded me of those early days. I know what the song is really about, it's just I personally interpreted it differently. Now my baby bird is starting to grow up and it is all so bittersweet.


  1. Wow, that is a line like people make for concert tickets! There must be very few English schools!

    1. There are few schools now and it is sad. It does sound a lot like a concert ticket lineup!

  2. So cute, so cute!
    That whole English vs French thing in Canada is so much more complicated than I ever knew.

    1. Yeah its more in this Province really. A lot of French people want to seperate from Canada. It creates tension and they make it hard on English people. Its sad



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