Friday, February 27, 2015

The Professor's Homework assignment - Beautiful sounds

Originally, I was not going to participate in this assignment but I got a wave of inspiration, so here it is. No doubt, music is definitely a beautiful sound to me. I love music! If I am going to do a post about sounds, I have to mention music. I always been a music lover and while I do have a soft spot for goth music, I do love classical, rock, jazz, etc.  I even played the piano and bass guitar for a while.

Now for my inspiration. I am going to write about the sound that annoys me most in the world: the phone ringing. Yes, I know I work as a receptionist, I answer the phone. I do it all day. When my phones are busy, I actually wear my headset and put my phone on Do Not Disturb! I still take calls, it's just when my phone is on DND, it doesn't ring, it beeps in my ear like call waiting. It is a hell of a lot less annoying that way.

When you answer phones for a living, there is no way in hell you are going to do it when you don't need to. When I am at home, there are many times, I turn the ringer off on my phone or I have Doctor Who sounds to indicate a call is coming in. Currently, I have David Tenant warning me that "The angels are coming for you but listen, your life could depend on this. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you are dead. They are fast. Faster than you could ever believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away and don't blink. Good luck"  It depends on my mood, there are times, I don't even put it on vibrate. I have voicemail. If people want to get a hold of me, they either text me or message me on Facebook!

I guess you can say, while music is up there for a beautiful sound, the one I like the most is quiet. Yes, peace and quiet. I get lost in my thoughts and I am happy. I don't mind hearing cars or birds or even water in the background, I really do like nature sounds. I am also fortunate to live in an area with an old church up the street. At every hour, you can hear church bells when the windows are open and when I am outside, while I am not religious or anything, I find that very soothing.

Speaking of Doctor Who, one sound I find soothing and gets me to nerd out is the TARDIS sound.  I even got a Tardis lamp that when I open the doors, you can hear the sound. Best Mother's Day present ever!

My cool Tardis lamp


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why I dislike some (not all) other parents - part II

I have a personal mantra in life. It is simple: Don't be a douche! Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Have some respect.

I once posted something similar to this blog post, you can find it here if you would like to read about it. I would like to add a point I previously missed in that post.

You see, my son comes home and complains about a certain kid at his daycare. I gave him advice to deal with his bully and moved on. I once talked with the daycare lady and apparently, Philip is not the only one who has a hard time dealing with this kid. That is fine, in life, we all have to deal with difficult people.I did not realize this would still be an issue until today when I went to pick him up at daycare after work.

As I was helping him get his boots on, that same little boy was shouting loudly while his mother ignored him and carried on her conversation with this other parent. He then started shouting "Philip is a baby. No one likes Philip" I looked right at the kid's mother and she went on like he was doing nothing wrong. She did nothing to handle the situation.

I am not trying to claim to be mother of the year....but.... If it were Philip doing that, I would of corrected that behavior immediately. My conversation could wait. Bullying is NEVER ok. No son of mine is going to be a bully!

Then the kid goes right up to Philip and shouts incoherently in his face. My son, who is very shy, started hiding behind me.

Considering this mother did nothing to correct her child to begin with, I took matters into my own hands. I got down to the child's level and asked him calmly "why are you saying these things about Philip?"

The kid's response appalled me. "He is a baby!"

My answer "Well, that is not very nice. If Philip said something to hurt your feelings, you can tell me just like I can tell you that you saying these things are not very nice and hurts feelings"

The mother stopped her conversation. The woman caught in between looked uncomfortable. I looked at the bully's mother square in the eye and asked in a polite yet firm tone "is there a problem?"

She backed down, stuttered something I didn't quite catch and started rushing towards the door. She did tell her kid as they were leaving that he should behave better since they have errands to run and if he continues to misbehave, they won't do anything special while they were out.

Personally, that kind of behavior would of not allowed Philip to do anything special. That kind of behavior would of been stopped immediately and not rewarded. The kid was screaming those things, it was not like she didn't hear him!

My son did not appear to be phased by his words. In fact he just told me that the boy was a mean kid.
I used to think just like Philip; that bullies were just mean kids. After what I saw and experienced,  I don't think he is a mean kid anymore but just a very sad child who perhaps may just want some attention. Children often don't care what kind of attention they get, even if it is negative attention. It is still attention. While I still stand my ground that this kind of behavior shouldn't be rewarded, hopefully the mom could do something enjoyable with her son, to bond with him and spend some quality time with him.  I don't care what anyone says, name calling IS bullying. Kids will be kids but it is our responsibility to guide our children in the right direction. I hope she speaks to him about his behavior, yet considering she originally gave off a dismissive attitude,  I do not feel very confident she will.

image source:

Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Painting idea - welcome sign

I wanted to put up a welcoming sign in my front hall. I had a wave of inspiration this weekend. I went to my local dollar store and bought: a paint canvas (about $3.00), black acrylic paint (about $1.50) and a silver marker pen (about $1.50) That's right folks, the total project cost me under $10.00! I also bought extra brushes too.

This is the perfect project to do on a cold winter's day. While it was warmer this weekend, I got my son's cold (I am sick again, I know!) so this was an easy thing to do. I even got a canvas for my son to do his own project on, minus the acrylic paint. I won't make that mistake again! He got his own water based paints. Notice the box of cold meds on the table?

Now, I simply painted the entire canvas black and then hung it to dry. I was surprised that the thing dried rather quickly, I was planning on doing the rest the next day but ended up doing it all in the same day! 

Hanging to dry

What I liked about this project was when I made a spelling error and I totally screwed up drawing my bat. I just re-painted it all over again with my acrylic paint. I suggest buying two silver pens, mine was running out pretty fast. 

This is the end product:

Can you guess where this quote is from? Just in case it reads "...Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring"

I am no artist, by all means but I felt like this guy at the end of my project:

I grew up watching his painting shows on TV! I had to add him in!

Friday, February 20, 2015

A potential future gothling or paranormal investigator?

I am a horrible goth mom. I never took my son to the cemetery! This is going to change soon. Philip watches a lot of Scooby Doo and he is no stranger to the supernatural. If you remember or watch these cartoons, you know that the gang often hunts for clues in old houses and creepy graveyards.

I believe it was thanks to his love of Scooby Doo that a couple of days ago, out of nowhere, Philip asked me to take him to a  graveyard. He wanted to look at the tombstones. I was pleasantly surprised but told him that this is not the best time of the year to go to a cemetery. It is covered in snow and it is bloody cold out there. We are still in deep freeze weather, not my kind of temperature to go have a picnic or a nice stroll! He was mad because he wanted to go that very day,when it was dark out, no less. His reasoning? That is when all the ghosts come out!

image source:

This summer, I plan on taking him to my stomping ground; The Plateau! This trendy area in the city of Montreal is where all the cool shops (including the alternative ones) are at! Up the road, there is Mount Royal, rumoured to once be a volcano, although no longer active, it is also where a huge cross can be seen lighting up the night sky, overlooking the city. The mountain is also home to one of North America's first rural cemeteries, called Mount Royal Cemetery,how original, eh? There is actually another adjacent cemetery called Notre Dame Des Neiges. This was once to divide between the Protestant and Catholic burials.

I figured let's make his first trip to a local cemetery one to remember! I am not going to take him to the little dinky local cemetery up the road, I am going to take him to the huge one!

Not only that, taking him to Mont Royal is a great idea for a full day outing. The mountain has parks a lake, and lots of forestry. There is even a chalet on top of the mountain that overlooks the whole city and the view is spectacular.

After talking about the cemetery, he asked me about zombies. Naturally, I mentioned the Montreal Zombie Walk. I think taking him at this age would be a little too frightening for him but I definitely plan on taking him with me in a few years. He says that Zombies are cool and would love to pretend to be one for the day! 

In the meantime, I am sure the visit to the cemetery will be the highlight of the trip for him but I can't help but wonder what I have unleashed?

Image source

image source - view of the city from the look out on top of the mountain.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Product review: Garnier Color Styler intense wash out color

It has been bloody cold here and as much as I didn't want to venture out over the weekend, I needed food. I also stopped off to get hair dye because I was tired of my blonde roots showing through. I posted a couple of months ago on how I bleached two strands of my hair. I wanted to change those strands into something a little more vibrant. Originally, I was growing out my bangs but I got tired of the look as well. I realised that having longer bangs made me look like a kid.  So I re-cut them. Yes, I know I shouldn't dye my hair or cut my hair on my own but I am tired of hair dressers lecturing me on dying my hair black. One even refused to do so and put a dark brown instead without my knowledge. It took me a couple of hairdressers and none of them got my bangs right so I got a Youtube tutorial and started cutting them myself. I am tired of wasting money. I do go to the salon to get the occasional hair trim but that is it. I also have to make sure to be very specific, I don't want layers. Why is it that stylists insist on cutting my hair to suit the latest trends?

I wanted to do something different with my streaks. I originally was going to purchase my favorite hair dye (Manic Panic) but I came across the Garnier Intense Wash out Color instead.

Image source:

What prompted me to purchase this one over Manic Panic was the cost. I am cheap, I know! Manic Panic was $16.99 and this one was $8.99.  It says to wash out in two shampoos on the box but mine did after the first wash. So don't expect much. If you want something that lasts a little longer, I would opt for Manic Panic or another kind of dye.

The instructions were clear. Apply on hair. Do not rinse out. Brush when dry. The only problem is when you comb it, it leaves your hair kinda hard and crunchy!

What I liked:
- came with black gloves and not the thin cheapie see through kind
- it smells nice
- it does show up on darker hair. I got some on my black hair and it is a dark blue.I seen pictures online where some of the other colors came out nicely on darker hair.

What I disliked:
- it is not that thick goop I am accustomed to when I use that Manic Panic stuff.
- It is VERY watery and stains easy so it is a pain to apply. It goes everywhere!
- Rubs off easily. I did not test getting caught in the rain but I can assume the color will run out. It is a temporary color, after all.

Here is an example of what my hair looked like right after:

Here is what my hair looked like after one shampoo (sorry, bad photo quality):

The end result? I do NOT recommend this if you want a more permanent fix. This is good if you want a temporary solution (like a night out at a club, for example). It was a lot of fun trying out a new product though. This is definitely a better alternative to hair chalks.  I feel like a smurf!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crazy people and cupcakes!

Again, I did not have much time to post (fighting off the tail end of that nasty virus I had and been too cold to do anything else)  so I decided to do a "what is happening in my life" personal post. First of all, we began apartment hunting again. I hate the idea of moving so soon considering we have only been here for a little over a year but I have some neighbors who are most probably schizophrenic. I am a little concerned for my son's safety. Apparently, making normal noise sets them off and they are convinced we are using ray guns to send beams downstairs to mess with their cell phone reception. They also think we have machines to spy on them. This is the second building in two years where I lived next to "special people". My last apartment had "crazy lady bang wall" next door who thought doing a load of laundry at 8pm was disrespectful. Buying a house in Montreal is super expensive and moving off island is not a choice for us. If I have to live in the burbs, I would much rather be a 15-20 minute car ride away from downtown, thank you very much. I am sorry, I know many people can do it but you can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl!

I was quite pissed off Friday night too. I called saying I was going to be 15 minutes late for an apartment viewing and the people never bothered to show up to show me the place. The weather here has been extremely cold, just being outside for 5 minutes and I lost feeling in my hands with gloves on. To make matters worse, I had my son with me. Oh well, it was late so he had McDonald's for supper! At least someone was happy!

Today, my son was sick (I blame it on those jerks not showing up, he caught a draft by being out in the cold) so I had to stay home from work. He has the sniffles but had a fever this morning. His complexion was also paler than usual. He spent most of the day in bed with me, which was nice.

I re-did my hair this weekend. I will be doing a post along with a product review soon, so stay tuned!

I have to admit, this weekend I rested. I am getting over that nasty virus and it was just too darned cold to go do anything else. The highlight was at work on Friday afternoon. We celebrate everyone's birthdays and considering mine is tomorrow, I got mentionned along with coworkers who have birthdays this month. I was half serious when I requested a chocolate  Hello Kitty cake. My super creative co-worker who makes these on her spare time no less , delivered. I was so happy when I saw my very own signature cake for me!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My husband and a vampire soiree

Holly, on her blog "Holly's Horror Land" is hosting her fourth annual Vampire's Day Soiree. This is my first year participating and I thought it would be fun. Basically, you post anything vampire related. How could I not resist this? Today, I would like to feature Kaname Kuran from the anime Vampire Knight. I watched this anime last summer on Netflix and I loved it. I really liked Kaname because he is mysterious and calculating.

Source: / yahoo images

Due to today being Valentine's day, I would like to talk about my husband James (Jay). We met each other in high school but we were far from being high school sweet hearts. In fact, we had a very polite disdain for each other. I was too much of a perky goth and he was too morose, too doom and gloom for my liking. We made it very clear to anyone who would listen that we disliked each other immensely. He thought I was annoying and I thought he was an arrogant, egotistical jerk who has a serious case of pole up the butt syndrome!

We often saw each other in the neighborhood, especially at the corner store when we were buying cigarettes (we used to be smokers back then) because our folks lived in walking distance from each other!

I used to have a huge dog called Sam who was a mixed breed; part German Sheppard and part husky. I noticed that Jay was afraid of my dog, much to my amusement. I made sure he overheard me telling people that my dog was a really good attack dog and was very protective of me. All I had to do was give the command and Sam would come to my defense!

I remember once I was out walking the dog with my dad. I noticed Jay crossing the street, like he always did to avoid me and the dog. You see, he never bothered crossing the street when I wasn't walking the dog. Naturally,  I started laughing at him and even remarked on how the jerk was a big chicken for being afraid of Sam. My dad replied "be careful what you say, Sylvie. You may just end up marrying him one day". I was not too impressed with my dad at that time!

About a decade later, we have both been living on our own for a couple of years and had lives of our own. I got out of a bad relationship and an old friend of mine suggested I talk to this geeky guy he knows. I was not interested but my friend was very insistent. I eventually relented and decided to  set up a chat on MSN messenger (this was before Skype) before meeting a stranger face to face.

 After about two hours of chatting, we both realised who the other person was and we both were very angry at out friend for even insisting that we meet! Our mutual friend conveniently lied to us and not told us who the other person was.We both were so curious to see how our mortal enemy had turned out that we agreed to meet for coffee.

We have been married for 8 years and been together for 9 years! That mutual friend ended being best man at the wedding! I really did marry my best friend and as a result, he gave me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me: he gave me my son. Jay has been with me through thick and thin. He never left my side and always supported me no matter what. We still sometimes bicker like we did in high school but with much less venom but with a whole lot more loving sarcasm! He is a great dad and is a huge help around the house. I am very lucky to have him in my life so I guess my dad was right all along!

Me and my son

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Goth + happy+positive?

"Where's the girl I fell in love with? Where did she go?
Where's that kind and gentle princess
Of my dreams?
Where did she go?
Why'd she go away?
Where did she go?
Why'd you take her away from me?
Where's the child who use to play there
In your eyes?
Could it be she still resides there
In disguise?
Everyday I look for a sign
It's all in vain, a colossal waste of time
What have you done to her?
Why have you taken her away?
Where have you buried her?
Hid from the light of day
(So far away from me
So out of reach)
(Does she still live behind your eyes?)" - Voltaire, Boo Hoo album, "Where's The Girl"

Since coming back to goth, I noticed that I am a hell of a lot more positive and happy. I know it sounds funny, aren't we supposed to be all dark and brooding or something? Most goths I know are a pretty happy bunch, and that thought amuses me.

A couple of years ago, during my "normal" years, (the thought of me being normal always makes me chuckle) I was very depressed but no one seemed to notice. Nowadays, sometimes people would ask me if I am sad because of the way I look. I always found that amusing too. 

I was sad for various reasons; there was a lot of personal trauma during those years after I left the goth scene. One of the reasons for that bout of unhappiness was due to having an identity crisis. Who wouldn't feel down when they look like a carbon copy of everyone else? I like to say I had an early mid-life crisis!

I also realized that no longer associating myself with things that made me happy, by trying to hide an important part of myself only made me feel sad. It was like there was something missing.

I had friends who never cared whether or not I liked bats or would go for a stroll in a cemetery. I did also have friends who never really got to know the real me, they only saw a fraction of who I really was. That was the saddest part. I never laughed, never smiled and never really talked about or shared the things I loved the most because I felt like I needed to "grow up"and "grow out of it". I realize now how foolish I was.

During my teenaged years, I went through a depression (think of Darlene in the show Roseanne). Not long after I started to embrace the goth lifestyle, I was laughing and going out more. Whenever my friends would call the house, they often had conversations with my parents, much to my disapproval. My parents liked my friends! My grades started improving too and I made the honor roll!  If I was not going out, I was home in my room reading books and telling my parents all about what I read, which ranged from Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Anne Rice and Nancy Kilpatrick, of course. I even had a part time job, after all, buying CDs and clothing can be expensive! Instead of bumming around the house being a pain in the ass, I was out being productive.

I know some people ask me if things became more complicated now that I dress all in black. I really don't think so. Things were a hell of a lot more difficult back then,when I had that identity crisis.  As I posted before, when I first came back, I went through a major filtering process with people I associated myself with. I am much happier now and things that used to bother me back then, don't anymore. I am no longer "just getting by" or "surviving" and I certainly stopped complaining about all my petty problems all the time.  I am living my life. I am doing things that make me happy and at the end of the day, if anyone judges me over my own personal lifestyle choices, it just teaches my son a valid lesson; there are some cruel people out there. Yes, I get it. I work and I don't always get to wear the things I would want to wear, yet I like my job, on the other hand, I will never completely sell out again either. As long as I there is a healthy balance between being a mother, a wife and holding down a full time job, there is nothing wrong with enjoying activities outside of the house.

There is so much pressure on women nowadays. We want it all and some of us lose ourselves in the process. Remember, you were who you were before you got married/divorced and had kids. There is nothing wrong with being that girl too. Don't lose her in the process. It is ok to change, if that is what you really want but you shouldn't do it because you feel like you "need to" or that is what society expects of you.

I had an epiphany this week and an unrelated event that happened today on reinforces that belief. Enjoy your life, it goes by too fast. Don't be unhappy. Do what makes you happy and don't let anyone take that away from you. Remeber, "the only power someone has over you, is what you give them"

Monday, February 9, 2015

A cute work appropriate outfit

I usually lace up this vest in the back, although it is really meant to be laced up on the sides. I just don't like wearing it that way.

I noticed that having this laced up in the back can sometimes give me back pain, just like today. That's ok, I think I look cute! It was worth it. I can also wear the vest as a top but it shows a little too much cleavage for my liking so I combine it with a tank top. I normally wear my beloved Doc Martens (not shown here) with this outfit but I came home and took my boots off before I remembered I wanted to do an outfit post. I was too lazy to re-lace them!

Look there's Doctor Who stuff!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February bat fit update - It was all about me!

It has been a month since Batfit was launched. It was a bit of a struggle to be honest. I did not reach my exercise goals due to frequent migraines and I also came down with this weird bug. It has been over a week since I caught this cold/flu and I am still coughing constantly!  I did manage to get in many work outs in between so it was not a complete waste.

I have cut down on the sweets but I am not avoiding them either. I cut down on less healthy food items and am replacing them with better choices.

 I do make note of what I ate during the day and am surprised. I really don't eat that much. I think I just really need to be a little more mindful of what I eat (ie. chocolate) and definitely exercise more.

This is a lifestyle change. It will come with many hurdles. In my case the migraines and getting sick were mine, more than anything else.

I guess the point of this post is to love yourself and take care of yourself. I learned over the past few weeks to not be so hard on myself. If I got a migraine, I waited until I felt 100% better to do that load of laundry or to tidy up the house. I learned to listen to my body. Whenever I felt under the weather, I let my husband look after my son and take on my share of the housework. He was happy to help. I even let my son take care of me. I never really showed any weakness in front of him before. I was always the strong one. This time, I let it go. I let him give me hugs and comfort. It was great! The both of us were left feeling happy. It was nice for me to have the little one dote on me and he was proud that he made his mom feel better. I even missed a little over 3 days of work (So grateful for sickdays/PTOs) but I knew that I needed that rest and for once in my life, I did not feel guilty about it! I am an anxious person but I knew that worrying about missing work wouldn't help me in the long run. There is nothing wrong with putting your well being and needs first.When I did go back to work, I was well rested and productive.

This has been a great journey. I  did not completely meet my fitness goals but I gained some positive insight. I feel like it was a success nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine gift ideas for the Goth in your life

Valentine's day can mean several things to many different people. For me, personally, it is just another Holiday and considering my birthday follows a few days after, I usually tell my significant other to not really bother for Valentine's day. I often wait a day or two after the holiday when all that yummy chocolate goes on sale! Having a kid changes things. I now decorate the apartment and I get my little one to make a card. I buy chocolate for everyone too. I just don't expect a big deal.

I know some of us see it as a "Hallmark Holiday" (like I personally do) and don't bother while a lot of us see it as a day to be romantic. Goth and romance often go hand in hand.

I figured I would come up with a birthday Valentine gift idea list for those of you wondering what to purchase for their darkly clad squeeze toy:

(1) A hand made card. Write something meaningful inside. If you like to write poetry, write a poem!

(2) A nice heart (anatomical)  pendant. Something like this:


(3) A bat bracelet, I particularly like this one here on etsy:

(4) A nice family photo or a picture of yourself with your partner in a black picture frame

Home decor

(5) This one is my favorite. While you can probably get a dozen roses for this cost, you can always send her a single black rose or you can always buy a red one and tie a black ribbon to it.

Monday, February 2, 2015

My husband's heroics and a cute baby crow

I am still sick. Had a fever and my little one was sick with one too today. For a cold, it sure is kicking my behind! When I get sick, I get sick! I am paying close attention to it and am hoping it won't turn into bronchitis like it did last year! My husband went to go register my son for kindergarten today since I was unable to do so myself. He did take good care of us afterwards, which I was grateful for his help! I was also regaled with gossip my husband heard from the other parents while he was at the school waiting in line to register. It took him 3 hours to do so, by the way! 

You see, where I live in Canada, in the Province of Quebec, we have a silly language issue. The only way my son can attend an English school is if his parents attended one. Luckily for me, my husband and I both did. We even need a "Certificate of Eligibility" as proof. Thankfully, the school sends the request for one so it was one less thing to worry about.

Personally, I would of preferred my son to attend French school and I teach him English at home but since my husband is more anglophone, an English school was ideal. I like the idea that he wants to be involved in my little ones academic career!

With all the silly Politics going on in this Province, you can imagine the number of limited spots there are in English schools. The majority of the parents were already waiting in line, outside in the freezing cold since Saturday evening! Registration only started today! Montreal's weather has been extremely cold all weekend. It dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius (that's minus 22 F) with the wind chill factor last night. I was regaled of tales on how some parents brought propane heaters, how they alternated in shifts so they can go warm up every few hours. The parents had some effective organization system going on too.  All this to register their kids to this school! Apparently, a lot of people were stressed because the siblings of the students already attending that school were given priority. Those spots were already taken up! We did not even bother with all that, to be honest, although the Principal warned us all during orientation.  My husband got there a little before 8am this morning on the actual registration day and he was one of the last people to be there. He made it just in time, there were only 10 spots left after he was done with the registration. The Principal had to even turn people away who didn't live in that school zone. Thankfully, this wasn't an issue for us! We even had to give proof of address.

The school is excellent. It is right up the street from where I live and has a bilingual program. For the first two years, ALL his classes will be in French only. Afterwards, classes will be divided between English and French. I am happy because English courses in the French schooling system are not as advanced. He will also be receiving the same French classes as they would in the French schools! His French would be on the same level as most of his peers in the French schooling system!

My son is already fluent as his daycare is bilingual and I do speak to him in French as much as possible. I am all for him learning two languages! I guess I was not the only parent with this in mind, hence why so many parents were so adamant about making sure there was a spot available for their child.

With all that being said, I did not really have time this past week with being so ill to really do the post I want so I figured I would share this cute little picture I saw in the "Goth Over 30 Community" on Facebook :

It is ironic in a way I am posting this picture. When my son was born, there were complications and the song "Black Bird" by The Beatles reminded me of those early days. I know what the song is really about, it's just I personally interpreted it differently. Now my baby bird is starting to grow up and it is all so bittersweet.


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