Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a vlogger double feature, picture show!

I am trying to be quirky with my title, don't mind me.

It is very cold here in Montreal and if I am not exercising (Batfit, here I come!) or taking care of my son, or at work, I am at home in the warmth watching Netflix or Youtube videos! It's just too damned cold!
As a side note, if there are any Whovians reading this, I strongly recommend the documentary "An Adventure in Space and Time" which I found on Netflix! It is about how the show started and it is really cool! I learned how they came up with the TARDIS sound and how most people at the BBC did not take the show seriously because it was a show for children.

I don't know how successful this post would be or how many people watch this person already on Youtube but I thought "she is just too damned adorable. If I can introduce her to someone else, why not?" With that being said, if I bore you, we will get back to our regular scheduled program,  if I introduced you to someone cool, I did my job!

Rambling aside, today Darklings, I am going to feature Youtuber It's Black Friday. She is from New Zealand. She has the cutest, sweetest voice and accent imaginable. Oh how I would love to have an accent like that! When she is not giving advice to the younger Gothling crowd, she is being silly (check her video "Things Goths Never Say") she always has some great tips and DIYs. I watched several so far and they were all very informative and fun! 

I came across her channel when I was looking for a natural way to lighten my skin! Turns out, she has a great all natural method in doing so and it leaves your skin super soft! I may just try this! 

So without further adieu...

Here is the link to her channel: It's black Friday

and thanks to her makeup tutorial, I adapted it for me! I used to do this when I was younger but stopped for various reasons. Don't think I could get away with this at work but will definately do this more on the weekends.


  1. I honestly still haven't got into the vlog thing, but I am always behind everyone else in techbnology, ha ha! You look lovely, I love the eyeliner, I still struggle with eyeliner! I have painted my eyeball before! I am naturally terribly uncoordinated!

    1. I am uncoordinated too. I once painted my eyeball just like you too. SHe made it seem so easy in her video that I got inspired and I played with my makeup. I even put it on with that crappy eyeliner I posted about! My husband took one look at me and his jaw dropped so I figured I did something right ha! He took my picture for me and I decided to post it on here.

  2. You look great, I'm another eyeball painter - can do the top line no bother but the bottom just gets messy!

    I loved the Doctor Who story, I have to admit I actually cried towards the end of it. Thought it was beautifully done.

    1. Thank you! As for the Doctor Who story, I cried too :)



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