Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It really is a delicate dependency

Back when I was a teenager, I had this huge crush on a certain blonde haired, blue eyed gothic cutie. I think the attraction stemmed from the fact that he was one of the only goths I knew at that time that kept his natural hair color. He sort of resembled the vampire Lestat, or so I thought anyways. Nothing really came of my crush but he did make a pretty awesome friend. I remember sleeping over at a friend's place after a full night of hardcore partying and he played the "Music for Vampires, A Delicate Dependency" compilation CD for us to unwind from the night. I was completely smitten with the album as much as I was with him!

While my crush faded away, my affections for the compilation album never wavered. In fact, I loved it. It was my go-to compilation CD after a night of clubbing. Remember I am from the era of mix tapes and CDs, we had no MP3 play lists back then! Yes, we also got into clubs despite the fact we were not of legal age yet! The lovely thing about growing up in Montreal was that the legal age here is 18. It didn't take long afterwards where I was legally allowed into clubs or venues anyways.

The compilation doesn't have many songs and it perhaps it isn't the best of gothic compilations I came across but it is something that I personally find relaxing and allows me to revisit my youth.

Listening to that album brings me back to a time where life was pretty simple. I used to listen to this when I was a student and studying for upcoming tests. I had jobs where I could wear what I wanted and not had to worry about toning it down. I sometimes look back at that little blonde haired cutie who used to tie his hair in a pony tail with a black ribbon and wonder what happened to him after all these years.

I remember the opera piece freaking out my father. Is my daughter listening to opera, what?

The Schubert piece always got blared in my room, much to my father's delight as he loved Classical music. Little did he know, this piece was played in the movie "The Hunger" which starred David Bowie. That movie also has that famous opening scene with Peter Murphy performing "Bela Lugosi's Dead" I did honestly like Classical musical but like most teenagers, it wasn't my first choice of music to listen to.

I accidentally left my Discman (again, before Smartphones, I Pods, or even MP3 players) on the train with this CD inside. I never bothered re-purchasing it either, I wonder why. I guess that never really occurred to me but it is still a compilation that is held so close to my heart today because it introduced me to The Cocteau Twins!

So if anyone out there was a baby bat in the nineties with me, I wonder if this compilation will bring back memories for you too just like it does for me.

P.S. I have most of these songs already (now in MP3 format) but I did re-purchase this CD again, by the way. Just for nostalgia!

And I found the entire compilation here on Youtube!


  1. I had a discman! Mind, I also had a 1980's classic walkman with the orange foam headphones. It's funny how certain music can take you back to another time and place, I used to make mixtapes all the time and I still do compilation CDs, mostly to aid the housework...

    There's some good stuff on that cd. The Cocteau Twins kind of passed me by in the 80s, its only as I got older I started to appreciate them.

    My best friend and I had one tape that we played when getting ready to go clubbing (it was 18 over here as well). It ended with the great crescendo of Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light to get us fired up, meandering there via the Cure's Lovecats, Motley Crue Girls, Girls, Girls (cough! she is a rock chick) and a bit of Rocky Horror Show. Hearing these songs today instantly takes me back to how young and free we were then - and Heath getting really would up with her hair one night, to the point she karate kicked her bedroom wall and punched a hole in it! I'd never seen her speechless before. For the next 5 years that hole had the American Gothic picture stuck over it so her Dad never knew about the hole!

    One of the compilations I like most these days is the soundtrack from Watchmen - there's some good stuff on there.

    1. I had a walkman too! I love the Cure and I still like Meatloaf today. I can see where that would get you all fired up. I love the story about the hole in the wall! Haha! Rocky Horror too is a go-to soundtrack when getting ready. Too bad we live so far away from each other, I think we would get along very well! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I could not afford a genuine Sony Walkman at the time, but had something similar what also had a radio built in. Think it is still in the loft, hope I`d not left the batteries in.

  3. I had a friend who looked a lot like the one you describe, but he was older so we didn't get to hang out as much as I would have liked. Oh well.

    I had a walkman too, in the 2000s. Ha ha. But I had Christopher Lee reading Dracula on tape so I think it was awesome!

    That album sounds great, I will have to check it out!

  4. That sounds awesome! I would walk around with an walkman too if I had that tape!

  5. Something about this reminded me of a boy I dated in the late 80s. He had blonde hair and blue eyes (not usually my type... and in fact he was a chaser of me more than I was of him). He said "dude" way too often but boy was he perdy! I loved how he said my name OMG swoon... as I got older and moved to the New England area, I realized that it was just a Connecticut accent :p

  6. I'm totally going to listen to this. I never knew about it before, thank you for sharing! <3

  7. I was a babybat in the 90's :) We were 16 the first time my friend and I snuck in to the goth club. I hadn't heard many of these songs before, but I remember making compilations on tapes and listening to them on my bright yellow Walkman.

    And there was indeed a cute guy with long blond hair in school ;) We were just friends, but we had a lot fun together. He had a girlfriend when we met, and by the time he became single I had found someone else. Such is life.



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