Monday, December 1, 2014

Music spotlight: The Vampire Beach Babes

My husband introduced me to this band! I think it was even before we started dating and we were just friends. He came over to my house and brought over a compilation CD for us to listen to. The song "Gothic Surf-A-Rama" came on at the end. I thought it was so funny that I actually looked this band up and learned they are fellow Canadians from Toronto, Ontario. Hey, this is something to be proud of! A side from Skinny Puppy,there are not many bands from Canada that are considered alternative/goth. I don't know about other provinces but I am sick of hearing Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Arcade Fire on the radio. It is nice that I can say there is some music I enjoy that are Canadian. If you are into the Gothabilly/surf style music, this would probably be the go-to band to listen to. I like to tell people that this is the Beach Boys gone goth. Enjoy!

Gothic Surf-A-Rama below!

The song "Gothmobile" is another one of my favourites by this band, see below!

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