Saturday, December 6, 2014

Makeup haul time because I got the golden ticket!

I am very fortunate. I get offered tickets to this exclusive sale right near my house. I got an invitation to the l'Oreal sale! I forgot that there was a sale going on being so busy with work but my boss reminded me the other day. "It is the last weekend for the sale", she cautioned. I immediately snatched the ticket and thanked her profusely. I don't always have access to these tickets. My boss only gets a certain number. I always have tons of friends asking me for a ticket or to come with me (you are allowed to bring one guest). I will try but don't be too disappointed when I can't. Each ticket, you are allowed two visits. Someone already used my ticket so I had the last visit. This sale goes on twice a year, usually in the late fall/early winter and the spring.

I then debated my plan of attack. What do I need? Shampoo, hair dye? What kind of makeup do I need? They do not always carry the same things on each sale. Last sale, I stocked up on hair dye, this sale, I stocked up on makeup. It all depends when you go and what they have. I then debated on when I should go. If I go on my lunch, there are less people. If I go right after work, there would be maybe less people. In the past, the huge crowd shows up after supper time.  If I go Saturday, unless it is super early right when they open, I will have to wait, outside for about 45 minutes in the cold!

I decided since I need makeup. I had virtually no make up left and those counters take a while, to not risk being late for work after lunch, I will go Friday after work. I invited my niece along who likes to stock up on shampoos and conditioners. I think she really likes to come because she gets a kick out of watching me flip out over the makeup. I am really like a kid on Christmas!

I just felt like I did a nice job on my makeup that morning that I would share here! Bad hair day but at least i had nice makeup for work

We were lucky, we didn't have to wait in line in the cold. The inside was packed. Be prepared to squeeze in at the counters and people will run into you. People go crazy there! I sometimes refer to it as a mini mosh pit. I checked the Lancome counter but there wasn't much there. I realized I missed a counter because there were so many people there. They had my beloved BB cream. In stores, I pay $12.99 for this tiny bottle, they were $5.75 each. I stocked up on 6! There were no hair dye this time. I did see a few boxes when we walked in but they were not really the ones I like.

Needless to say, I got quite a good haul. I even bought my son shampoo. I saved lots of money and won't need to buy makeup or shampoos/conditioners for a while. I couldn't resist. Most of them were $2.00 a bottle! We were exhausted by the end of it but we decided to go eat at the Chinese buffet afterwards. We then proceeded to go to Target and Walmart.My niece helped me pick out my sister's gift.

Even my son got shampoo!

I thought I would display one of each item I got. Ignore the rips on my vanity table's chair. I need to fix it, Stay tuned for a DIY project! Ha! I really don't need eyeshadow but they had the black tattoo thingy there and I liked the colors on the other one.

A better view of the eye shadows

A better view

I also came across this video on my Facebook feed this morning. I thought it was pretty neat. It is about 100 years of beauty. This model is showcasing makeup/hairstyles though out the years. I love the 20's,30's,40's and 50's! 


  1. I saw that 100 years of makeup video too! It's so fascinating. I'm jealous of you! I do lobe a good bargain ESPECIALLY on makeup and cosmetics! Looks like you got a good haul :D

    1. Yeah it was a good haul this time around. I am very lucky to get these bargains.

  2. Good idea planning ahead what you need before going to a sale! It's hard not to buy everything! Sounds crazy, I don't think I'd like that!

    1. Exactly. While it is a sale and there are great deals, it wouldnt be such a great deal if I spent money on something I wont use. If there is something I am unsure of, they do have testers on most of the items there to try out!

  3. Cool! That's a nice way to try out products you're not quite sure of.

    I bought the color tattoo in vintage plum. I love the color but I just can't seem to figure out how to apply it evenly :-/

    1. They do have testers for most products there so I try to use those. At those prices, I often just buy the product and experiment at home too. I think for the vintage plum tattoo you need to apply it with a very fine brush.



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