Monday, December 29, 2014

Bat fit 2015

My goals for this year's Bat fit challenge are:

(1) Do more sit ups, push ups, and lunges! I really need to tone my thighs and tummy. At my work, they have monthly challenges but I am usually too busy to do get to these on time.These usually start 5 minutes before my lunch, Ha! That's when everyone decides to call or come to me with questions! I also prefer exercising on my own, without people , especially without super athletic coworkers who are in shape gawking at me (or so it seems, it is probably not the case but I tend to be more self conscious when I know I suck at something so I think I am being gawked at!). I swear, for every one of my push ups (and believe me, I am lucky if I can do five of them) they are on their third! I originally participated in some of these challenges but I got busy and dropped out. I also originally thought that participating with my peers would bring out my inner competitiveness but nope. I guess I only get competitive when playing board games and videogames!  Which brings me to planning on doing these in the comfort of my own home at night in front of my TV! This is a better alternative than sitting on the couch and feeling uncomfortable.

I am guilty of this! Ha!

(2) Continue spending less time with, even cutting out, negative/toxic people from my life. I started doing this about two years ago and noticed almost instant results.

(3) Not let my anxiety control me. This means to take breaks, breathe, and start meditating again.

(4) Stick to a budget and save money. I have goals!I want a house! No more crazy neighbors in close proximity.

(5) It will be 4 years I worked at the same place, time to start thinking about a career and what direction I want my career to fall in. Right now, this is a job and I certainly do not see me being a receptionist for more than 5 years. It was a perfect job for me when I started but it is time for me to branch out. I learned what I had to learn!

(6) Definitely write more. This sort of tides in with number 5. I got to write some short stories and my novel I am working on. I wouldn't mind hopefully making an income off it one day, hey, even coffee money would be a nice start!

(7) DIY more. I have some projects on the back burner.

Last year, I got sick often. I was on antibiotics at least 6 times for strep throat and was even tested for mono - which came back negative. Phew!

I noticed that when I started to focus more on my personal creative projects (like this blog, for example) I have not gotten sick as often. In fact, I got sick only once and had to miss work for a really bad migraine once. Last year, the migraines were more frequent and a lot worse, which meant, I missed more work. 

Hopefully, these goals will help me better both mentally and physically.

I want to say thank you to Franny (curious Professor Z blog) for getting us involved with this challenge!


  1. That sit-up pic made me snort;p

    Oooh, a novel :) That's exciting!

    Can't wait to see what future career you consider!

  2. That is some awesome goals to follow, and I can totally relate to the picture as well xD

    I hope you will find a new exciting career around the corner :D

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. I am glad I am not the only one who relates to that photo LOL

  3. You can put any words under The Most Interesting Man in the World, and it will make me laugh. :)

    Great goals ... hopefully you'll share some of your DIY projects with us. I love those!

    1. I definately plan on sharing my DIY projects. This blog is motivation to get off my butt and do so!

  4. Super goals, let us aspiring novelists stick together!

    Hope you also find a career that is both well rewarded and satisfying.



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