Friday, November 7, 2014

The rebirth of the cat lady

I posted previously about my cat Pippin. Now I am going to post about Merry. I had a hard time getting attached to Merry when I first adopted her a little over a year ago. My cat Skye just died and Pippin stopped eating. He was very close to her and he did not take her absence very well. Despite not wanting another cat, I did not want Pippin to get depressed and risk losing another cat.

We originally wanted to adopt an elder cat from the local shelter because most people opt for a kitten and I wanted to give an senior cat a loving home before they pass on. One particular cat caught my attention because while she was very old, she was sweet and friendly too. She was placed in the shelter because her owner passed away and no one could take care of her. What is sad, the shelter made it very hard for us to adopt a cat because we have a small child. I live in an apartment, that was another strike against me, although I did specify that my landlady allowed cats. Here in Montreal. many landlords put a no pet clause on their leases. What really pisses me off, every year, I hear about shelters who are being overflowed with abandoned pets because their owners move into places that do not allow them.

After much disappointment, we ended up adopting a kitten from a local pet store. No questions were asked there! My son immediately bonded with this little tabby cat. Seeing it as a sign, we brought her home.

She was a pretty good kitten compared to the other kittens I owned at that age. The only problem I had was during Christmas time when she repeatedly climbed the frigging tree. I really got fed up after she broke my new Yoda glass ornament (I know, I know, it wasn't the wisest of moves to put breakables on the tree with a kitten and small child around but it was Yoda, okay) so I got a squirt bottle filled with water! Take that! Ha! I also remember putting a silly rant on my Facebook status with something a long the lines as "Now I got a squirt bottle. Try to climb the tree again you little bastard! Here kitty, kitty, I got a surprise for you!"

I still had a hard time getting attached to her. She didn't make it easy for me either because she didn't want much attention. She doesn't like to be picked up and she slept in my son's bed.

A couple of weeks ago, I called her upstairs when she vetured down in my really gross basement. The landlady changed the heating system from oil to electric last summer. The repairman couldn't bring up the whole oil drum because my stairwell is too narrow for it so he had to take it apart in the basement. There still is oil residue we cannot completely wash out. I only go down there to store things, I have a mini freezer and my washer/dryer hookups are there. I do not like the idea of a cat venturing in the basement, especially if I left the door to the furnace room open. Anyways, I called her back upstairs and she finally answered to my calls! She came running up like a bat out of hell and she did the cutest little meow you could ever hear!

That pulled on my heartstrings. Now fast forward to today. One thing I used to do with my cats Skye and Riddles (both passed away) was call them a "pretty girl" and they would show off by rubbing their backs against the floor and roll over all cute like. She finally did it too.

While she could never take the place of my deceased fur babies, I have to admit, I finally got attached to her after she put on that little show for me. Now that my son is four years old and no longer a baby, my biological clock has started going tick tick once again. I do NOT want any more human children so perhaps this also has something to do with it?

The people who know me well and who remember the times before I met my husband,  I had an insane number of cats. It was also around the time, in my mid- twenties, that my internal clock started to tick.  I am starting to think that the crazy cat lady Sylvie is being re-born.
Source: The Simpsons, Crazy Cat Lady, Fox


  1. Well you do still need the rest of the Lord of the Rings Cast, that's a lot of cats!

    I hate the no pets rule, most places have it here which kills me as I would love some rescue animals!

  2. I heard it's not legal for landlords to deny a tenant the right to have a pet, maybe that's just Ontario? I just know they're not allowed to fight us on it, but it is better to have a landlord who agrees to it. Then again, I understand why some landlords say "no pets" in their ads and lease documents. The previous tenant in our house was a freaking slob and allowed her chihuahua and cat to pee all over the house for 8 years straight. We couldn't smell it because there was an overwhelming gas odor when we inspected the home... The landlords replaced the furnace, If I had only known that afterward it would smell this gross. We deep steam cleaned everything twice over and I still smell it some days, the basement is unusable because of it.

    I'm a cat lady myself. I've always said I have no maternal instinct, but I guess I do, my instinct is to love and raise cats. :)

    1. Oh that sucks and it is just gross what the previous tenants did. Ontario sounds like a lovely place. Here in Montreal, a lot of landlords would not rent to you if you have pets. My landlady specifically wrote on our lease that we are allowed two cats. If we were to get a dog, she could evict us. It really sucks but it is thanks to people like your previous tenants that probably turn landlords into being douchebags. Here in Quebec, July 1st is considered moving day. The majority of the leases end that day. it is crazy havoc here. The shelters get filled to full capacity with abandoned pets because people move into places were pets are not allowed. Some assholes leave their pet abandoned in the apartment or let the cat wander the streets when they move out. It is really sad.

  3. so insane that shelters don't let you adopt because you have a kid/live in an apartment. I'm pretty sure in NYC they wouldn't care. Everyone's got a million cats. They roam the streets, they're in all the stores. I hear them yowling all night. Better cats than rats!

  4. Wow, they are much stricter there than here in California! We have nine (yes, nine) indoor cats; we used to have eleven. Our legal limit is five, but all the Animal Control people who have been here to pick up dead/injured stray or feral animals that have been in our apartment have said they would NEVER have known, as it doesn't smell, and they said we are totally fine and no one would bother us about them as long as it's okay with the landlord (which it is).

    I'm so glad you and your kitty have finally been able to bond more! Sometimes certain personalities and purrsonalities just don't mix easily, I'm glad you didn't give up on her.

    1. Yeah, I dont have a cruel bone in my body. I cant give up on an animal LOL You are really lucky to have the law in your favor. If I had that many animals, the city would force me to give some of them up. My son wants a dog but on my lease, it says I am only allowed to have two cats. The laws here are always in favor of the landlords.



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