Monday, November 10, 2014

Silly random thoughts of the day: daycare pickup

Picking my child up from daycare is always a fun-filled experience. I miss my little boy all day and am looking forward to seeing his cute little smiling, happy face when he sees me at the door of his classroom waiting for him.  For your amusement, I have compiled a silly little list of all the shit I think from the drive to the daycare to the moment I arrive at the front door.

(1) Yaaaay! Work is over! I don't care if the phone rings, I ain't answering that phone anymore. It is 5pm,  they can leave a message!

(2) Nice blinker asshole (when someone doesn't use a turn signal)

(3) What is it with this city and stop lights? Another five minute wait at this god damned red light! COME ON ALREADY!

(4) My son definitely takes after me with regards to having lack of patience. Come on light! Change! Damn you! Oh look it did! Now I feel stupid.

(5) While waiting at another stop light: Oh crap, the person in the car next to me caught me dancing and now he is laughing at me. What do I do? Smile and laugh. Oh great he probably thinks I am hitting on him. He is shouting something and winking at me. Oh fuck, now he is gesturing at me to lower my window! Good thing I have my music on loud and the windows up. Don't look, don't make eye contact. Come on light! Did I lock my doors? Yes I did! Phew! Oh the light changed, time to gun it!

(6) Another god damned red light. I am going to cut through the parking lot of the skanky Hooters like restaurant with the sexy waitresses. Ha! Not stuck at the light. Who cares if anyone thinks I work there or go there. Now back on the street. Looks like those cars are still stuck at that red light. Ha! Eat my dust!

(7) Oh there's THAT mother again. That's right, give me a dirty look then pretend you don't notice me ya snobby bitch! Give her a big nice smile and wave, now she has no choice but to be nice to me! Good, I think I pissed her off! Ha! Take that!

(8) I hope he behaves. He better damn well behave. The teacher looks exhausted. Oh no, what did he do?

(9) Awww he is happy to see me. I missed him so much. He is so cute

(8) Yes, it was another kid that pissed her off. Phew!

(10) Smile and listen to how he doesn't color between the lines. Yes he gave the character a green face, isn't it lovely that he is so creative? His coloring stands out from everyone else's, he sure will be a good leader some day.

(11) Oh great, he 's whining about being hungry again and now I have to tell him for the 10000000 time that he will eat supper when he gets home and no he cannot have McDonald's! I am going to lose my shit real soon!

(12) Did I forget his Mr. Monkey? Did I put it in his bag? (Mr. Monkey is his favorite stuffed animal)

The pictures are of one of the outfits I got when I went thrift shopping a couple of weeks ago. This is one of the dresses I got. I couldn't seem to capture the details to my liking but it is a Chinese style dress with the cutest little buttons going up. I combined it with a simple pair of sheer tights with fishnets over it.


  1. Yes, that moment when you don't have to answer the phone anymore! Even after having not worked in retail I can still FEEL that when you describe it!

    Ugh, I always try not to be nice to strange men because of things like this!

    I never coloured between the lines!

    I like the Chinese Cheong Sam style dress and the fishnets! I got some recently but it's a bit hot for them. :(

    1. LOL I forgot you are in Australia (I think?) It is pretty darned cold here. Yeah you get all sorts of people working in retail LOL

  2. Ha! I ran out of work like a shot yesterday right at 5. My husband was waiting in the car to take me out for dinner. Which was a very nice treat. There was a snobby mother at my son's school when he was in JK. So I know exactly what you mean. I think you enjoy messing with her. Lol Good for you. And the dress looks very cute on you.

    1. LOL thank you. I actually do enjoy messing with her or anyone like that for that matter, kill them with kindness as they say.

  3. That dress is stunning! ^^

    The same thing happens to me while standing at red lights all the time; I always have music on and I sing and dance or at least do some freaky, weird moves in my seat and I often catch people staring and gesturing at me...sometimes it's quite creepy, but mostly I just laugh it off. :)
    I used to help out with picking my niece up from daycare sometimes and it was always to meet some other parents...well, awkward in a funny way.

    1. LOL yeah dealing with other parents can sometimes be a pleasant or unpleasant experience. Thanks for the compliment on the dress :)

  4. A peek into your mind! I did chuckle. Loooove that dress by the way, I love the Asian style of it, and it looks great on you!

    1. LOL I am glad you chuckled, I did too while I was writting it. Thanks for the compliment, I love asian style dresses too

  5. I laughed at some thoughts, I imagine I may be just like this if someday I get a driver's license HAHA Luckily I LOVE public transport (well, it works really well on my city, so I don't see a reason not to love it), so I don't have to save for a car or driving classes.

    I imagine how amazing it must feel to see your son is happy to see you. It must be a really great feeling to see that your child really appreciates you. ♥

    That dress is AMAZING! And I never noticed it before, but you have such a pretty face, reminds me a little of my grandmother (no, I don't mean you're old, you remind me of her when she was younger, haha), she was really pretty. :)



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