Saturday, November 29, 2014

November homework: our babies

This month's homework assignment is our babies! As most of you know already, I have two furbabies and one of the human variety.  I already posted about my two cute little felines Merry and Pippin. I also posted about my son when he turned four.  There are many many posts about my son or being a gothy mommy. If you want to read more, you can always check out my child rearing tag as well.

With that being said, this whole blog is really about a working goth mommy. I figured for this homework assignment, I will do something a little different and fun. I wanted to share with you some really silly, funny stories I tell my son. I never knew I was good at coming up with stories until I became a parent!I hope you will get a laugh at them.

My son has a favorite stuffed animal. In fact, this monkey was his favorite comfort plush since he was about two months old. He was very little at that time and did not want to part with his beloved Mr. Monkey, even if it meant that it was covered in vomit or food or other gross stuff. I told him that there was a magical place for children's favourite stuffed toys. It is called the monkey wash. Mommies and Daddies call this service to have an airplane come pick up the stuffed animal to bring it to the wash. After the stuffed animal gets washed, the airplane brings Mr. Monkey back home. He only has to wait for a little while then he will get a happy and clean Mr. Monkey, ready to be cuddled. Mr. Monkey isn't happy because he is all dirty.  It worked! Once, when he wasn't looking, we took Mr. Monkey out of the dryer, placed him by our front door and knocked. He was so excited to see the monkey waiting for him.
About 3 months old here.

At Christmas time, we tell him the birds, squirrels, and our cats, Merry and Pippin run to the North Pole and report to Santa about his behaviour. Last year, he questioned us about buying wrapping paper, after all, the elves are supposed to wrap the gifts, right? He is too smart for his own good but I thought up a good reason real fast.I told him that at night, we tie a sleigh to the cats, just like the reindeers and they run to the Northpole to deliver the wrapping paper. He is a little smarter this year, he got all worried about the cats running away or getting hit by a car. Again, I thought real quick and told him that the elves opened up a secret passageway of underground tunnels!

Friday, November 28, 2014

I love being tagged! Wheee! Fun things! Blogvember challenge

Tagged by the super awesome Ms. Laura Morrigan

Thank you!

These are the questions in the blogvember challenge:

What is the best thing about blogging?'

I sort of covered that in this post here where I hit my 10k page views. On the other hand, blogging is a lot of fun and I got to make new friends from all over the world. It helps me be creative when the day job gets too mundane.

What makes my blog special?

Special? Well, I'm "special" in many different ways, ha!ha! Honestly, if my blog is special, it is for several reasons. I noticed there are not a lot of "goth working mommy blogs" out there and I wanted to show readers that this isn't always some phase we grow out of. I also got tired of being told "now that you are a mom now, you should be normal". It doesn't mean I had a kid, I should stop all the things I enjoy doing as long as there is a healthy balance. I tried the normal thing, it was the most depressing time of my life!  I also try to add a little bit of everything in my blog, not just mommy stuff because that gets boring. I like variety. Another thing that makes this blog special are my readers. I said it before, it always makes me smile when people comment or when I am told that they like reading my blog, Awww, ain't I sweet?

How does my blog look in a year?

I hope it is still fun to read, there will be more sarcasm and more silliness!

Which was my best post?

Good question. I like all my posts. Believe it or not, my most popular post so far is about my trip to the dentist. I like all my posts but I had the most fun writing this one here (advice I wish I received as a Baby Bat). I did laugh at myself and it was fun to look back at all my stupid mistakes.

What other blogs / bloggers inspire me?

All blogs inspire me.

My three nominees are Goth Gardener, Mary from Mourning Glory Designs, and Spookieness

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

To hell with corporate dress codes!

You know what it is like on a Monday morning, your alarm goes off and you just don't feel like going to work. We all get that from time to time, I like to call it the "Monday bug" and it is especially strong for me this time of the year. We are getting lots of people coming in, the phones are busy, by the end of the day, I am drained from all that social interaction. I am incredibly busy and there are many times, I wish I could split myself in two in order to get the work done faster! The top is pretty fashionable but the bottom is probably something better to be left for home if your company has a strict dress code. Luckily for me, I can get away with wearing this skirt. Again, I am sitting at my desk, I don't go overboard with makeup and I don't wear this skirt all the time. It is nice that I can wear things I really like. I was super productive!

For the record, I am wearing leggins underneath and I avoid bending over LOL

And naturally, the following day, I decided to wear a dash of color. Look, it's dark blue! I figured it was a fair exchange for the tu-tu skirt from the day before! Ha! Ha!

I swear, it's blue! LOL

Just take the damned picture already!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The mistakes of a former mallgoth/baby bat

I have had many experiences in my life but one particular experience stands out. This experience, as horrible as it was for me at that time, helped shape the person I am today. In a lot of ways, you can say that I am even thankful for the people involved who did what they did and said what they said. This post is going to be a long one. If you want to skip, skip. If you want to read, read on! Hopefully, any younger gothling randomly searching the net could find some comfort in this post. This is really about how I was harassed and bullied by my peers when I was younger. The comments are going to be screened on this post because it is of personal nature. This post is probably going to be "troll bait"!

If I could teach my son one lesson in life, it would be to not give into gossip, to really do apply that "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" mentality. I would also hope and try my hardest to make sure he has the self confidence that I didn't have at that time to ignore the bad rumors and not retaliate. It just shows how far a bunch of kids would go to when it comes to that not Goth enough philosophy. Two wrongs don't make a right. I could have been a better person and walked away but I had to give into my angst.

This was around the time I was slowly coming out of the whole embarrassing baby bat/ mall Goth phase. I still made questionable wardrobe choices but they were not as bad as they were in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, they were still there, believe me, but I was starting to grow out of it...slowly!

Obviously, I was very touchy about being a poseur because I was just getting into and falling in love with the subculture. It also didn't help that I was friends with people that were much, much older than I was and were in the subculture for a while. It was helpful that these elder gothlings took me under their proverbial bat wings and helped steer me into a less embarrassing direction but it was very hard to keep up with them! I think it was more me putting that added pressure on myself to keep up with them than they were really putting on me.

Aside from my older friends who were in their early twenties, I was also friends with this one girl who attended the same high school as I did. She was alternative and we often hung out with another girl together. For their privacy sake, I shall name them Samantha and Amber.

The three of us hung out frequently, we often practiced Wicca together and all was good for some time, until one day, I started seeing this cute little gothling boy. It usually takes a boy to ruin a friendship and this is one of those stories. I was so happy and proud to show off my new darkly clad squeeze toy that I invited Samantha and Amber over at my house to meet him, after all, they heard me talk about him constantly.

Samantha was obviously attracted to my boyfriend, even admitting so and started to hit on him. I did pull her aside to confront her about it but she denied everything and implied I was being paranoid. I decided to drop it, not wanting to cause an argument, but a few days later, I confided into another "friend" about Samantha's behavior. It really did upset me she would do something like that because I thought we were such good friends! This third party told me that she thinks Samantha was jealous of me and that Samantha said I was really a poseur. Now being sensitive to the whole poseur business, after all, I was new to the whole Goth scene and took great offense to it at that time, I started saying how Samantha and Amber were poseurs all around. Don't ask why I pulled poor Amber in this mess but I guess I was on a roll!

I was fuming. Not only did Samantha hit on my boyfriend but she was telling people I was a poseur! Please keep in mind dear readers, I was about sixteen/seventeen years old at that time, this was the equivalent to the impeding apocalypse here! Today, as I write this, while listening to my son watch Scooby Doo playing in the background on TV, I can't help but laugh at the pettiness of the whole situation. Things sure have changed since then!

Anyways, I told Amber that I thought Samantha was a poseur and a fake. I told Samantha the same thing about Amber. I admit, I should have probably kept my big mouth shut and stopped speaking with Samantha but spreading those rumors made me feel better about everything. It made my own insecurity over not being Goth enough not seem so bad because I was doing it to someone else. Not one of my most redeeming moments, I know!

Obviously, the two compared stories and next thing I know, they both show up at my house to give me back my stuff. In turn, I returned their stuff to them.

Amber just pretty much stayed away from me but that wasn't enough for Samantha. Every time she saw me, she started yelling at me in the street. I admit, what I did wasn't very bright and I should have confronted her all along but while she was at my house to get her stuff back, she was civil with me. Here she is, from a safe distance, with her friends no less, yelling things at me from on top of her lungs, from across the street.

The gossip didn't stop. All my secrets I confided in her, she told everyone. Some people just stopped talking to me altogether. One person, I thought I was very good friends with gave me such a horrible cold shoulder when I ran into her. I asked her what I did to her personally. She called me a hypocrite and walked away! Alright, I admit, I probably got what I deserved here but that friend saying what she said and walking away from me, hurt a lot. I remember cancelling my plans I made for that night, turned around and went straight home. I spent the night listening to The Cure and bawling my eyes out in my room.

Thankfully, I had those older friends I hung out with downtown, otherwise, I don't know how I would have made it through this. It always feels like the whole world is out to get you but it is always only a select few that go out of their way to make your life a living hell. I was a shy person back then and when people would make a scene (i.e.: Samantha yelling at me in public places) always embarrassed the hell out of me. I used to get prank phone calls all the time too. I was constantly being harassed by whom I could only assume would be Samantha and her friends. That summer, I didn't want to leave my house in fear of running into her.

I also would meet someone around my age who went to the same high school (some from different schools even) and they would ask me about it! To this day, I bet people remember this whole incident and come to their own conclusions about me. I am not trying to get pity here, I have paid for my mistake many times over, believe me. I just feel for what I did, I didn't deserve to be harassed, especially with my folks who answered those prank calls her and/or her friends made in the middle of the night.

I remember getting panic attacks before I would leave to go downtown. I remember my dad and best friend at that time telling me that I should not let that girl control me. I have every right to go out and have fun and to just ignore her. The people who matter didn't believe everything that Samantha was saying about me anyways and just accepted that I was only human who made a dumb mistake. So what? I acted out in anger, I made a wrong choice. I hurt her and I paid for a hundred times over, time to move on! If I stayed cooped up, I would just show everyone that Samantha was right. I had something to hide. Yes, what I did wasn't right but let's be honest here, she was a lousy friend in the first place! She was really doing me a great service because the people who did care for me, stuck by me. I knew who my real friends were! I am so grateful for these friends who risked their own reputation (remember, high school, popularity contest) for me. I think if it weren't for my older friends and the select few peers who stood by me during those times, I would have ended up doing something really drastic and hurting myself in the process. It was nice to have people hold me up. If anyone of these old high school friends read this, I wasn't able to express it at that time but thank you. Being my friend meant a lot to me at that time and you have no idea just how much you held me up. While I may have not been able to fully express my appreciation back then, I sure as hell can today! Thank you! In my opinion, you deserve to be acknowledged over the "interwebs"!

School started again in the fall. I attended a different school but Samantha's best friend Rebecca (name changed for privacy) was in some of my classes. This was an alternative school and classes were very small. In fact, the whole school had maybe 75 students. It all started again. I couldn't walk down the halls without someone yelling "hypocrite" or "poseur" at me. I can only assume Rebecca told them what I did or enticed them to start harassing me. Again, lucky for me, I had friends from my previous school (as well as some new ones who ignored the gossip) who were also attending that alternative school with me. They stuck by me and I made it through. Halfway through the year, Rebecca dropped out and most people stopped following her example.

That year, I was nominated class Valedictorian and when it was my turn to give my speech so the class could vote for the best one, I told them I was declining the offer. I remember saying how everyone was telling me I was a hypocrite and that yes, I made some mistakes, but I wasn't a hypocrite anymore. I had nothing positive to say about my graduating class. They did nothing but judge me and be-little me all because of what one person was saying about me. They never gave me a chance. I suggested they vote for one of my other classmates, whom I respected very much. To my surprise, so many people clapped and cheered for me and  some even apologized to me! There were others who still laughed and ridiculed me but they were easily ignored and outnumbered. I was even asked by a lot of people (students and teachers) to reconsider my decision about not giving the speech. I stood my ground, I really didn't want to. They all voted for that classmate I suggested and I was so happy to see her give her speech during the graduating ceremony. It gave me a sense of pride that something good came out of all this mess. Little did I realize at that time, I gained a lot more than just seeing a nice person do a lovely speech. Despite all the horrible things that happened, I still studied hard and graduated with very high grades! I was one of the top students in that school! I never realized the full extent of my character, how strong I really was until I got older.

I want to thank you Samantha for making my life a living hell. For all the nights I spent crying, for the embarrassment, the public humiliation, for the harassment you caused me and my family because thanks to you, I got to see who my real friends were. I grew up and gained an inner strength that I never thought was there or even existed. Not only that, I learned to have tact, I learned what to say and what not to say. I still managed to shine even in one of the darkest times of my life. You and your friends tried to knock me down, for a while you did but I got back up and I became a much better, happier, and more self-confident than before. You helped show me just how strong and resilient I am! To this day, whenever I am faced with obstacles, challenges, fears, I look back at my teenaged self and realize that if I survived back then, I could sure as hell take on whatever the world throws at me now!

If any young person reading this is going through something similar, remember hold your head high and be true to yourself. Whether or not you did something to provoke the occasion, does not mean people have a right to harass you the way they did with me. If I can walk away from this, so can you! Keep talking to people, keep going out and don't give up. You deserve to be happy. Life does get easier after high school, believe me, and hang in there. Thank you all for reading.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Great story books for the little fleglings

While I am a firm believer of letting your offspring choose for themselves whether or not they want to follow in your spooky footsteps, I can't help but sneak in a few personal preferences here and there. Reading has always been a favorite pass time of mine, I really do like to think we are a reading family and I really want to past down my love of books to my little baby bat. I have compiled a list of spooky themed books I currently read with my little one. If anyone has anything they want to add to it, please comment!

Keep in mind, my child is four. He likes books with pictures in them but in a couple more years, I will be reading to him Harry Potter, All the books from author CS Lewis (wrote the Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe, etc) and so forth. We keep it simple now.

In honor of my little one, since all books must have pictures, I compiled a list of our favorite spooky themed book covers we currently own. I also included pictures of the books we will be asking Santa to bring us this year. I am quite proud, my child asked for books along with some toys he wants this year! It looks like our love of books and reading did rub off on him!

What we have already (all photos were taken from

This one was my favorite growing up!

And now, the ones I will be asking Santa to bring:


Already pre-ordered. I should be receiving a signed copy. This will be a gift from my son to me, although I do plan on reading it to him.

Turns out, Neil Gaiman released several children's books! I love Neil Gaiman's stories! If you are not familiar with his work, I highly recommend The Sandman comics, his novels Good Omens, Stardust (also a great movie). If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

He will be starting Kindergarden next year and he will be going to a new "school" with new kids. I thought this would be a good book for him.

According to the reviews, this is a beautiful poem that provokes imagination and opens you up to the faerie world. We already talk about faerie lore and I thought this would be fun! My son believes in faeries!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fashion inspiration: Nancy from The Craft

I was a little baby bat in the nineties and probably like most girls my age at that time, I was inspired by the character Nancy from the movie The Craft. I am pretty sure a lot of teenaged girls wanted to look like her back then, I know I sure did!

In my teens, I fell in love with this movie. I would watch it almost every day. Not only did the movie helped shape my wardrobe but my music tastes as well. This was one of my first introduction to goth music. Siouxsie plays in the movie soundtrack!

If you have not seen the movie, I recommend you do. The movie is about a girl called Sarah who just re-located into a new city with her father. It was not easy being the new girl in high school but she becomes friends with these three misfit girls (Nancy, Bonnie, Rochelle) who introduce her to witchcraft. Throughout the movie, they get more and more involved with practicing magic until things get out of hand. 

 Prior to watching this movie, I had some weird grunge style thingy going on. I remember seeing Nancy and wanting to look like her. I thought she was so pretty! In fact, not long after I watched the movie for the first time, I dyed my hair black and purchased my first tube of black lipstick!

There is something in her style, even today, as an adult, I still go to for inspiration. Be it the leather coat or the layering, there are so many elements I still add to my current wardrobe. Back when I was still in high school, we wore a similar uniform to the one they wear in the movie and watching this character combine goth elements to her uniform, helped me do the same. It was thanks to this movie, thanks to Nancy, that I made my debut within the subculture! Thank you Fairuza Balk for playing such a cool character!

And here is my little outfit I wore to work on Monday! While I did not scowl at work, I have to admit, I got a little too into the Nancy character and had fun making those faces at the camera. I liked this picture the best, the others were kinda wonky.

Look at me, Goff as fuck LOL!

P.S. Off topic, I signed up for Twitter. You can now follow me at #corpgothgirl!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Commute to work

Trystan from her blog, This is Corpgoth has her mid-month status report and like always, she invited us to follow suite. The theme is all about our commute to work. I posted something similar here (ironically enough I participated in the mid month status report in that post) about how I take my car back and forth. I used to take public transit. When I lived with my parents, I would take the train downtown to get to school/work. When I moved on my own, I lived downtown and the subway was my best friend. Now, I work in a more secluded area, in the more industrial section of the island of Montreal, public transit can be a pain. While this is a 20 minute drive for me, taking the bus just doesn't make sense. I once tried public transit and it took me over an hour to get to work! Yes, I do realize it is a lifestyle change. I know I could use that time to read and listen to music but with the daycare pickup/drop off, it would come to more than an hour. Plus by the time we get home, have supper started, it gets a little difficult with a little one. I have really battled this internally because I am all for reducing my carbon footprint. For a while, we even carpooled with my husband but with traffic, I was getting home pretty late. This is a hard balance when you have a hungry kid to feed!

For me personally, being a mother, my car is my best friend. The daycare calls, my son is sick, I am there in 10 minutes. Just like what I posted over the summer, my car has a remote starter. All I have to do is push that little button from my office window and my car starts! I can walk into a nice warm or cool car depending on how bad the weather is!It is a nice bonus.

Montreal was hit with it's first snow this weekend and it has been snowing here all day. The first snow fall of the year is brutal for commuters. I don't know why but there is always tons of traffic or people just tend to get weirded out. They either drive like a turtle or reckless, there never seems to be a happy medium! Public transportation in this weather can also be a nightmare with buses/trains/even the subway. I really do like our public transit, apparently, it is one of the best in the world but on days like today, I prefer to be sitting in traffic with my radio, by myself. My car even has an MP3 player input! I am not stopping at every corner either like the buses do because there are so many stops they have to make. I can pick up my son, cook supper and be home at a reasonable time. This allows us more time together!

Perhaps one day, when my son is older and a little more independent, I would opt to take public transit again but I am pretty spoiled with the way things are.

View from my office window.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How being a receptionist helped me become a little more extroverted

I have worked receptionists positions in the past but they never lasted long so I never really had the chance to fully experience the daily challenges and personal obstacles this position has to offer. I either left for greener pastures or I was very lucky and got promoted quickly. My current job is a pretty good gig but it has it's challenges. One of the many challenges I face is twice a year, I receive a lot of customers coming in for presentations. They come in droves. This is can be very overwhelming for me at times. I never considered myself a people person and this is sometimes very difficult for me to deal with so many people, all at once. I used to make horrible small talk with people (or so I think). I always worked in a position where I had very minimal interactions with people and this job really put me out of my comfort zone when I first started.

It was very difficult at first but I managed to suck it up. I looked at it as a challenge and as a personal obstacle to overcome. It was hard having a "communal desk" where I have to keep everything in order. It is still very hard for me to not get angry when people touch my things too. People tend to forget, it doesn't mean I sit at the front desk, they can touch my stuff without asking or when guests tend to come around to stand next to me and invade my personal space.

Thanks to working this position, I noticed that I acquired many interpersonal skills and am much better at interacting with people and am more self confident when doing so. I also learned to be a pro at small talk and got used to being interrupted constantly - which is coming in handy with a small child who likes to talk! You can still be an introvert and blend into a very extroverted world. I learned to be polite but firm, to subtly tell people to eff off when they are being unreasonable. Nowadays, social interaction is everything in the workforce.

It also helps me in other areas of my personal life, such as dealing with the daycare and other parents.You have to be a people person and play well with others without letting them walk all over you. Doesn't mean that I dress all in black, I am not friendly, especially in my position, I need to be approachable. I feel it is a fair exchange for allowing me to wear what I want. I also feel like I should put in a little extra effort because of my appearance. I want to show people that not all goths follow those negative stereotypes. I really do want clients or even other more "normal" or conservative parents to feel comfortable around me. I want my coworkers to feel comfortable coming to me with questions or when asking me for stuff. This is very important in an any office.

This position has enabled me to appreciate the receptionists more when I go to the dentist or doctor's. Not only do they have to deal with clients but all the different personalities that come with working in an office. Patience is really not a virtue that I really have but it has taught me to be more tolerant of others,especially when it comes to stupidities! I think anyone who wants to learn leadership, interpersonal, management skills should work this position.

 There are many tools I have learned while working this job that will definitely serve me well in a more senior position later on.I am so thankful I stuck it out. It is a great experience in personal growth!

With a lot of work, determination, and overcoming personal obstacles, you can work in an extroverted position while being an introvert.It takes time but well worth the effort

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not evil dear, wicked.

I have finally caught up and up-to-date with watching the show  "Once Upon A Time" thanks to Canadian Netflix and  I am in love with the wicked witch from last season. What I loved the most about her was her hat. I don't just want that hat, I need it. I think it is absolutely adorable.  I couldn't find pictures that really do the hat justice but since the show seems to be pretty popular, I think most of you know what it looks like.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Silly random thoughts of the day: daycare pickup

Picking my child up from daycare is always a fun-filled experience. I miss my little boy all day and am looking forward to seeing his cute little smiling, happy face when he sees me at the door of his classroom waiting for him.  For your amusement, I have compiled a silly little list of all the shit I think from the drive to the daycare to the moment I arrive at the front door.

(1) Yaaaay! Work is over! I don't care if the phone rings, I ain't answering that phone anymore. It is 5pm,  they can leave a message!

(2) Nice blinker asshole (when someone doesn't use a turn signal)

(3) What is it with this city and stop lights? Another five minute wait at this god damned red light! COME ON ALREADY!

(4) My son definitely takes after me with regards to having lack of patience. Come on light! Change! Damn you! Oh look it did! Now I feel stupid.

(5) While waiting at another stop light: Oh crap, the person in the car next to me caught me dancing and now he is laughing at me. What do I do? Smile and laugh. Oh great he probably thinks I am hitting on him. He is shouting something and winking at me. Oh fuck, now he is gesturing at me to lower my window! Good thing I have my music on loud and the windows up. Don't look, don't make eye contact. Come on light! Did I lock my doors? Yes I did! Phew! Oh the light changed, time to gun it!

(6) Another god damned red light. I am going to cut through the parking lot of the skanky Hooters like restaurant with the sexy waitresses. Ha! Not stuck at the light. Who cares if anyone thinks I work there or go there. Now back on the street. Looks like those cars are still stuck at that red light. Ha! Eat my dust!

(7) Oh there's THAT mother again. That's right, give me a dirty look then pretend you don't notice me ya snobby bitch! Give her a big nice smile and wave, now she has no choice but to be nice to me! Good, I think I pissed her off! Ha! Take that!

(8) I hope he behaves. He better damn well behave. The teacher looks exhausted. Oh no, what did he do?

(9) Awww he is happy to see me. I missed him so much. He is so cute

(8) Yes, it was another kid that pissed her off. Phew!

(10) Smile and listen to how he doesn't color between the lines. Yes he gave the character a green face, isn't it lovely that he is so creative? His coloring stands out from everyone else's, he sure will be a good leader some day.

(11) Oh great, he 's whining about being hungry again and now I have to tell him for the 10000000 time that he will eat supper when he gets home and no he cannot have McDonald's! I am going to lose my shit real soon!

(12) Did I forget his Mr. Monkey? Did I put it in his bag? (Mr. Monkey is his favorite stuffed animal)

The pictures are of one of the outfits I got when I went thrift shopping a couple of weeks ago. This is one of the dresses I got. I couldn't seem to capture the details to my liking but it is a Chinese style dress with the cutest little buttons going up. I combined it with a simple pair of sheer tights with fishnets over it.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The rebirth of the cat lady

I posted previously about my cat Pippin. Now I am going to post about Merry. I had a hard time getting attached to Merry when I first adopted her a little over a year ago. My cat Skye just died and Pippin stopped eating. He was very close to her and he did not take her absence very well. Despite not wanting another cat, I did not want Pippin to get depressed and risk losing another cat.

We originally wanted to adopt an elder cat from the local shelter because most people opt for a kitten and I wanted to give an senior cat a loving home before they pass on. One particular cat caught my attention because while she was very old, she was sweet and friendly too. She was placed in the shelter because her owner passed away and no one could take care of her. What is sad, the shelter made it very hard for us to adopt a cat because we have a small child. I live in an apartment, that was another strike against me, although I did specify that my landlady allowed cats. Here in Montreal. many landlords put a no pet clause on their leases. What really pisses me off, every year, I hear about shelters who are being overflowed with abandoned pets because their owners move into places that do not allow them.

After much disappointment, we ended up adopting a kitten from a local pet store. No questions were asked there! My son immediately bonded with this little tabby cat. Seeing it as a sign, we brought her home.

She was a pretty good kitten compared to the other kittens I owned at that age. The only problem I had was during Christmas time when she repeatedly climbed the frigging tree. I really got fed up after she broke my new Yoda glass ornament (I know, I know, it wasn't the wisest of moves to put breakables on the tree with a kitten and small child around but it was Yoda, okay) so I got a squirt bottle filled with water! Take that! Ha! I also remember putting a silly rant on my Facebook status with something a long the lines as "Now I got a squirt bottle. Try to climb the tree again you little bastard! Here kitty, kitty, I got a surprise for you!"

I still had a hard time getting attached to her. She didn't make it easy for me either because she didn't want much attention. She doesn't like to be picked up and she slept in my son's bed.

A couple of weeks ago, I called her upstairs when she vetured down in my really gross basement. The landlady changed the heating system from oil to electric last summer. The repairman couldn't bring up the whole oil drum because my stairwell is too narrow for it so he had to take it apart in the basement. There still is oil residue we cannot completely wash out. I only go down there to store things, I have a mini freezer and my washer/dryer hookups are there. I do not like the idea of a cat venturing in the basement, especially if I left the door to the furnace room open. Anyways, I called her back upstairs and she finally answered to my calls! She came running up like a bat out of hell and she did the cutest little meow you could ever hear!

That pulled on my heartstrings. Now fast forward to today. One thing I used to do with my cats Skye and Riddles (both passed away) was call them a "pretty girl" and they would show off by rubbing their backs against the floor and roll over all cute like. She finally did it too.

While she could never take the place of my deceased fur babies, I have to admit, I finally got attached to her after she put on that little show for me. Now that my son is four years old and no longer a baby, my biological clock has started going tick tick once again. I do NOT want any more human children so perhaps this also has something to do with it?

The people who know me well and who remember the times before I met my husband,  I had an insane number of cats. It was also around the time, in my mid- twenties, that my internal clock started to tick.  I am starting to think that the crazy cat lady Sylvie is being re-born.
Source: The Simpsons, Crazy Cat Lady, Fox

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Positive attention

We often get negative attention while out in public so I thought it would be refreshing to post about the positive attention I received when I was out with my family a couple of weeks ago. On this particular Saturday, we took my son to get his haircut at a kiddie hair salon. I wish they had those when I was a kid! My son got to sit in a racing car chair and got to watch the movie Frozen while getting his hair cut! The hairdresser was so good with him too because he is so shy. He was comfortable, did very minimal twitching and it really didn't take too long. They had an indoor slide and toys for the kiddies to play with while waiting, which impressed me. My son even got a lollipop afterwards. The treats were displayed on the counter and it was up to the parent to decide whether or not the child should have one.  As a parent, you don't feel pressured or feel like a monster for turning away offered candy.

 As I took off my coat, most parents there gave me weird looks. I am used to it and it only encourages me to smile at them. It is amusing, they either feel uncomfortable and smile back or they keep giving me dirty looks which just makes me smile more!

Out of nowhere this middle-aged woman comes running up to me and saying how she loved my outfit, the way I dress and how I should never change because I look wonderful!

This reaction completely threw me off guard. I did feel a little uncomfortable but it was still nice to get positive attention. What I wore? Nothing über goth really since I was only out to get my kid's haircut. I wore my Siouxsie shirt, a purple tutu skirt with plain black leggings and my Doc Martens. I had simple makeup, after all, I have out grown the urge to always go out showing off how "dark and spooky" I am! Besides, I am no makeup guru, it is better to wear simple than risk looking like I fell into a makeup box!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Product review: Stargazer liquid and dry foundation

I know most of you probably already tried/used/uses Stargazer foundation already but just in case there are some people out there who hesitated on purchasing it, I wanted to do a review. In my neck of the woods, this foundation is expensive and with being on a budget, I often hesitated to purchase it. I heard so many positive things about Stargazer that I got curious and took the plunge a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to find this foundation in my area. The local goth shops don't always carry it so I ended up finding it on E-bay at a reasonable price, with shipping! I must say, while I am a fan of Manic Panic's Goth white foundation, Stargazer did not disappoint me.

Due to this foundation being super white, I blend it with my regular foundation so I don't look like a mime! My everyday foundation I use is Maybelline's BB Cream. Although I purchase foundation for pale skin, I still find it still way too dark for my natural skin tone. It always seems like I am wearing a mask and it drives me nuts! This is where the white foundation comes in.  I actually blend it in with the BB cream. I am no makeup guru and with being a working mom on a busy morning schedule, I don't have too much time to spend with my morning preparations. I am not disappointed with the result. In fact, last week, I had some blemishes and they were well hidden!

The only thing I sometimes notice, I can get a chalky look, that is because it is not blended in very well. To avoid this,  I use a rubber wedge thingy  that is specifically used for foundation. It works really well. You can get a package of  30 for about $3.00 at Walmart (here in Canada, that is). I also use it for more than one application and they last a good while. You can see here if you want more info

I tried using the liquid foundation on it's own. For me personally, I am pretty darned pale and by using a very, very small coat, it blended nicely. I did hear that on some people, it made them look like the crow or a mime. I stick with mixing it with my regular foundation not to take any chances. I find I get the benefit from the BB cream and the foundation combined,but that's just me. If our bodies and skin tones were made the same, the world would be a boring place.

I also use the compact, in the middle of the day to touch up.

I am quite pleased with the end result.This is me at the end of a busy, long day but right after I used my compact. I like how everything seems to blend in nicely with my natural skin tone. I don't use a lot and i like the results very much.  No more mask! Perfect for every day office wear!

Sorry, lighting is bad. Smartphone camera!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

While celebrating Halloween, coffee and Mcdonald's became my best friend!

If you read the Professor's blog, she encouraged us to post about our Halloween at home adventures. I have a little one so we go out Trick Or Treating. This is so much fun! It brings back memories of my dad and I Trick or Treating together when I was a kid. I miss him so much, Halloween was our thing we did together. He passed away fourteen years ago so it is nice to relive old memories.

Our day began when a little boy ran into our room asking for his costume before we even got out of bed. We encouraged him to watch his cartoon shows while we got ready (and had a much needed cup of coffee) but the excitement was in the air. It was hard to get ready because we were being pestered every five minutes to leave. I think at one point, we lost patience and threatened him with no trick or treating because he had a meltdown. It was sort of an empty threat but he doesn't need to know that! It worked, he calmed down, somewhat, and we were able to finish getting ready. If my son had his way, we would of been leaving at 6:45am to take him to his Halloween party at daycare. The daycare was still closed at that time, by the way!

When we were FINALLY ready to leave, we helped put the little rascal in his costume and I asked him to pose for those mandatory Mom pictures I like to take. After all, in this day and age with social media, I had to show off the cuteness on my Facebook page and blog!

LOL his socks don't match and the cat is photo bombing again but that is how we roll in my house

The daycare was great. They gave me chocolate because apparently, I will need the sugar to get me through the day, they were right! He is four years old, he knows what Halloween is. He is also able to understand our excitement. We had an excited, rambunctious kid full of sugar to deal with after a long, busy day at work.

I got off of work a little earlier than usual because I took a shorter lunch. I picked the little Rascal from daycare. He was jumping up and down telling me all excitedly between breaths about his day and his Halloween party. Knowing that Trick or Treating will soon start and would need to get started soon, we opted for our yearly tradition supper: We ate at McDonald's.

Still excited from his day, he was busy watching the kids sitting behind us. He is holding a loot bag a co-worker of mine made for him! Spoiled Monkey!

I did not give out candy this year (booo me, I suck I know) but the kid wanted me to take him Trick Or Treating. My husband gave out candy last year and I got a little nervous when a gang of teenagers circled us and one was eyeing his candy bucket.  Also helping a tired, over 35 pound kid in a bulky costume up and down stairs is not easy! We were out for over an hour and a half. He got a good haul too, my neighborhood rocks!

They sing and their mouth move! I put them on top of my speaker cause the little Rascal kept pushing the button to make them sing, over and over!
The centerpiece he made for me at daycare, I love it!
A few little things on my kitchen table.
Yes, its a Hello Kitty toaster in the background LOL
A pic of my TV. We watched Charlie Brown together the night before Halloween (Devil's night) while sipping hot cocoa. It's nice to watch the little one get as animated as I did growing up watching it. 

One of the houses up the street giving out candy. They were so nice too!
The next morning. We were tired when we got in. Costume, coats, shoes, etc left on the floor with the closet left open. No skeletons there! I like the decoration I did with the foliage I got from the Dollar store!
This was my Halloween at home. I originally wanted to stay up and watch John Carpenter's Halloween. I ended up crashing out with my little one in his bed instead. I think it was all that excitement and fresh air, it tucked us both out. I feel kinda sad about this because I wanted the day to last longer so I can enjoy every minute of it but we still had a blast! I also feel sad because my little counter at the bottom of this page now  reads: only 364 days left until Halloween. I hope everyone reading this had fun, we sure did!


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