Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writhe and Shine

I recently became acquainted, thanks to social media and Voltaire's Facebook page no less, with a really talented webcomic artist named Robert Tritthardt. I quickly became enamored with his work because it is funny, sarcastic and has that tongue-in-cheek dark humour about it! Naturally, I wanted to introduce you to his work! The webcomics are called Writhe and Shine and they are about a group of friends that run a dark alternative club.

I am still a newbie with this whole interviewing people for my blog business but I must say, it is rather fun! It was much easier for me to communicate with Nancy Kilpatrick for my first real interview because I actually met her in real life a few times. That being said, he was super patient with me and answered my broad questions as best as he could.

A very big thank you to Robert for your patience and for allowing me to post about you and your work on my blog!

How long have you been drawing comics?
"I started drawing comics late compared to a lot of other artists. I was in my second year at college, about 1996. I was 23"

Where did you come up with the idea for Writhe and Shine?
"Writhe and Shine is roughly based on my life and my friends down in New Orleans. Now that I live in Seattle, the story and characters have developed into their own thing but every once in a while, I throw in an actually happened to me sort of incident" 

Tell us about Patreon
"Patreon is kind of like an ongoing kickstarter. The site is bringing back the "patron of the arts" concept and is helping a lot of content creators (including webcomic artists like me) to produce work. You can pledge a certain amount every month and receive rewards based on your pledge each month. Go to to see my campaign, my goals, and the rewards you can receive."

This is a sample of his work and one of my personal favorites. If you want to read more about the author and his wicked comics, go to

Source:,  comic # 027. The Crow, Robert Tritthardt


  1. I love that you're interviewing artists for your blog. I look forward to more.

    I run a research blog where I interview adolescent literature authors. When I started it seven years ago I decided that I would require all of the authors to give me a dorky/silly/fun picture of themselves. Visuals are extremely important in my profession. Plus, I mean, I blog for young adults, educators, and parents so I try to keep things upbeat and I love seeing people be people.



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