Friday, October 10, 2014

Which goth stereotype are you?

Laura Morrigan, on her blog, Roses & Vellum, posted a while back the gothic stereotypes she most associates with by using Trellia's designs.

For those who did not read or what a refresher, Laura Morrigan's post, you can here.

Since I think the designs are pretty cute, I have been meaning to post the ones I most identified with and challenge you to do the same! It would be fun to see what other bloggers picked for themselves!

This one is a no-brainer!


My teenaged self can relate to this one. I still do for nostalgia reasons and still love a good vampire novel (non sparkly ones, that is!)

Sadly, this is a rut I get into. Raising a family and holding down a full time job, I sometimes opt for the jeans and band t-shirt, especially on the weekends where I spend running errands, doing laundry, and going to the playground!

Except, I wear my corset on the outside :p

Now, that I posted mine, tag you're it!


  1. I've always liked these drawings. I had no idea she updated them with new ones. So doing a post on this too!

  2. I remember reading the corp goth blog as a teen! I loved vampires too, before it got all Twilighty, although there are still a few good modern authors around. I was always inspired a lot by Victorian style, but like you I definitely prefer comfort these days! Something I never thought I would say!

    1. I know seriously! I guess it just doesnt make sense to put on all that garb just to go to the grocery store

  3. I always liked the artwork by Trellia. They are really cute. I will have to do a post as well. :)



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