Monday, October 20, 2014

Wall sit update

For those of you who read my recent Bat Fit post here, I would like to take a moment to apologize. Hopefully you got the amendment in the original post and comments. The e-mail I got concerning this was not very clear. You need to hold the position for 20 seconds not two minutes. Each day, an extra 5 seconds are added until the end of the month.

Last Monday was a Holiday here in Canada. We celebrated Thanksgiving, therefore, the challenge started Tuesday. I did pretty well the first time around. Wednesday, I wore high heels and still did the challenge while wearing them. I did not have time to remove my shoes because everyone else was ready. Thursday, I collapsed to the floor at the end of it. I missed Friday's challenge because I was too busy scoring a free lunch! Ha! We do these challenges 5 minutes before lunch.

Today, I was prepared. I removed my high heels and it went well!

It is fun to do although I am not the most in shape person at my office. In fact, most of my co-workers are super athletic so it motivates me to keep up with the jocks! What I lack in physical endurance I sure as hell make up for it in enthusiasm.

So there you have it Darklings.

For those of you who may not be aware, check out The Curious Professor Z's blog here. She is the one who started Bat Fit (she even has a page dedicated to it on her blog) and really is quite a lovely gal!


  1. Glad it's going well! I might have to try this too. I definitely need to do something about my mummy tummy... its never going to be flat but I can try! Haha. I hate that feeling when everyone else is ready and you feel flustered to catch up. Good work keeping up with those jocks! ;)



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