Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Streaking DIY

I am trying to be clever with the title of this post!

I recently bleached two strands of my overly dyed, very black hair.  I want to tell you how I managed to do this without totally mangling it!

I learned my lesson when it came to bleaching black dye out of my hair. In fact, I even humorously mentioned it in a previous post where I listed the advice my younger, baby bat self would of wished to receive. The post can be found here.

What I recommend:  take a whole afternoon to do this. If you don't have the time, pick a day where you can do this and try to estimate the finishing time. This way, if something unfavorable should happen, you have time to re-dye it! I also recommend wearing old clothing because bleach does stain!

What I do NOT recommend: If you have very brittle hair, do NOT do this process. Bleaching does dry out your hair. I also do NOT recommend bleaching your whole head, over a dark color and especially dyed black hair. Leave that to the professionals!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hairdresser but have had black bleached out of my hair, twice. If you read my recommended post I mentioned above, you would know the first time around was a disaster! You cannot go from black to blonde in one process either.

Now, here are the products I used:
gloves! 6 pairs!
powder bleach! It smells minty.

40 volume peroxide

I estimated the powder and peroxide ratio because I am a nutter. I made sure it wasn't too watery or too thick but had a nice consistency. Kinda like pancake batter! I did not follow the instructions because I knew I didn't need to use the whole packet of bleach. If you are more comfortable following the instructions and using an entire packet, please do so! I have dyed my hair and bleached hair before (not just my own) so I felt comfortable doing this.

I am well aware that most bleaching kits come with gloves, a squirty bottle and everything you need but I liked this brand and wanted a stronger peroxide than what those boxed brands had to offer. I did pay extra by buying everything separately but I think it was well worth it. The peroxide I got was the strongest they had in the store. It was a volume 40. I did not buy a squirty bottle either but used an old margarine container and used my gloved hands to scoop it up. It is easier for me that way! Again, do what it is most comfortable for you!

Having learned from past experiences, I started with the bottom. The area closest to the root is easier to bleach out as it hasn't been dyed as often as the bottom. I will show you where I goofed and my hair is super bright yellow/blonde but it is not super noticeable.  The ends are the toughest area. What I did to overcome that hurdle is  by putting a generous amount of bleach up to about two inches of my hair on the sections I choose.  Use your judgment. My hair is pretty long so you may want to adjust depending on your hair length. In the meantime, I just let it sit for about 45 minutes. I played Hearthstone while waiting and went about my Sunday afternoon.

I would recommend you keep on checking. I waited 45 minutes because I didn't see results. If you see a favorable result sooner, rinse it out! I did  re-apply bleach but this time around, I worked my way up. I was very careful towards the roots since I am a natural blonde. I wanted it as even as possible. I kept checking to make sure it was turning into a favorable shade. You may have to check often. I did every 10-15 minutes or so. Although I was careful, this is what happened. I don't believe in perfection and I sort of like it.

It was hard to get on camera but the top is slightly lighter than the bottom.I was careful. This may happen. It doesn't bother me.

I don't remember how long I left it in for. Probably another 45 minutes. I kept re-applying when needed. It was to the point the bleach crusted on my hair!I don't really recommend this but I know my hair can take the abuse! Besides it was only two strands!

I washed my hair, conditioned and this was the end result.  I like this shade very much. Perfect in time for Halloween! Remember when I said it will take more than one process? I may just re-attempt another bleaching in a few weeks so it goes completely blonde. I will then add either a blue or purple to it. I don't think it is light enough to get the desired effect if I were to put those colors over it the way it is now. I am undecided. I like this shade!

This is my totally crazy self bleaching attempt. If this helps anyone good but remember, I am not a hairdresser so bleach at your own risk!


  1. I used to be a hair colorist, and often turned people away when they wanted to go blond from black. It's not possible for most people. You shouldnt leave bleach in that long... It won't lift any more in that time and the basic chemical keeps on burning your hair. Better off using heat and a shorter time span. Also two steps...bleach and toner. It's super difficult going from black to any lighter color.

    1. Ah that's great advice! What does the toner do?

    2. toner is basically hair color you put on after you bleach to get rid of the yellow/orange tones your bleach (even purple/blue bleach) couldn't get out. you can use a developer with the hair color for more lift. I used to use 20 vol developer with blue bleach and then finish with a 40 vol level ten ash-blond toner to get my white-blond (the only time I used double-process color) but if you want a darker color, you should use a lower vol developer and a darker color. obviously, you don't really need to use a toner or 2-process color unless you want to go light. If you want to go dark, you can just go single-process or use a color stripper.

  2. I like those stripes! They remind me of the shades of a tiger's fur. :D And that is a compliment, I adore those huge cats! I also think it is nice that the color is lighter from the root, is it not "in" now to have hair that's color slowly shifts to another in the root? I do not know the word for this style in English. >_>

    1. LOL I don't remember the word either. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. When I went from back to red, I used a product called 'hair color remover' or something like that, which did the job without completely destroying my tips. But it was so messy and it took so long, that now, that I'm thinking about changing my hair color again, I think I'll just go with some bleach, so thanks for the advices...:) I want to dye my hair dark purple with blonde or silver streaks and while the purple doesn't require heavy bleaching, the streaks do...:/

  4. Very cool. Reminds me of Lily Munster.



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