Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Streaking DIY

I am trying to be clever with the title of this post!

I recently bleached two strands of my overly dyed, very black hair.  I want to tell you how I managed to do this without totally mangling it!

I learned my lesson when it came to bleaching black dye out of my hair. In fact, I even humorously mentioned it in a previous post where I listed the advice my younger, baby bat self would of wished to receive. The post can be found here.

What I recommend:  take a whole afternoon to do this. If you don't have the time, pick a day where you can do this and try to estimate the finishing time. This way, if something unfavorable should happen, you have time to re-dye it! I also recommend wearing old clothing because bleach does stain!

What I do NOT recommend: If you have very brittle hair, do NOT do this process. Bleaching does dry out your hair. I also do NOT recommend bleaching your whole head, over a dark color and especially dyed black hair. Leave that to the professionals!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hairdresser but have had black bleached out of my hair, twice. If you read my recommended post I mentioned above, you would know the first time around was a disaster! You cannot go from black to blonde in one process either.

Now, here are the products I used:
gloves! 6 pairs!
powder bleach! It smells minty.

40 volume peroxide

I estimated the powder and peroxide ratio because I am a nutter. I made sure it wasn't too watery or too thick but had a nice consistency. Kinda like pancake batter! I did not follow the instructions because I knew I didn't need to use the whole packet of bleach. If you are more comfortable following the instructions and using an entire packet, please do so! I have dyed my hair and bleached hair before (not just my own) so I felt comfortable doing this.

I am well aware that most bleaching kits come with gloves, a squirty bottle and everything you need but I liked this brand and wanted a stronger peroxide than what those boxed brands had to offer. I did pay extra by buying everything separately but I think it was well worth it. The peroxide I got was the strongest they had in the store. It was a volume 40. I did not buy a squirty bottle either but used an old margarine container and used my gloved hands to scoop it up. It is easier for me that way! Again, do what it is most comfortable for you!

Having learned from past experiences, I started with the bottom. The area closest to the root is easier to bleach out as it hasn't been dyed as often as the bottom. I will show you where I goofed and my hair is super bright yellow/blonde but it is not super noticeable.  The ends are the toughest area. What I did to overcome that hurdle is  by putting a generous amount of bleach up to about two inches of my hair on the sections I choose.  Use your judgment. My hair is pretty long so you may want to adjust depending on your hair length. In the meantime, I just let it sit for about 45 minutes. I played Hearthstone while waiting and went about my Sunday afternoon.

I would recommend you keep on checking. I waited 45 minutes because I didn't see results. If you see a favorable result sooner, rinse it out! I did  re-apply bleach but this time around, I worked my way up. I was very careful towards the roots since I am a natural blonde. I wanted it as even as possible. I kept checking to make sure it was turning into a favorable shade. You may have to check often. I did every 10-15 minutes or so. Although I was careful, this is what happened. I don't believe in perfection and I sort of like it.

It was hard to get on camera but the top is slightly lighter than the bottom.I was careful. This may happen. It doesn't bother me.

I don't remember how long I left it in for. Probably another 45 minutes. I kept re-applying when needed. It was to the point the bleach crusted on my hair!I don't really recommend this but I know my hair can take the abuse! Besides it was only two strands!

I washed my hair, conditioned and this was the end result.  I like this shade very much. Perfect in time for Halloween! Remember when I said it will take more than one process? I may just re-attempt another bleaching in a few weeks so it goes completely blonde. I will then add either a blue or purple to it. I don't think it is light enough to get the desired effect if I were to put those colors over it the way it is now. I am undecided. I like this shade!

This is my totally crazy self bleaching attempt. If this helps anyone good but remember, I am not a hairdresser so bleach at your own risk!

Monday, October 27, 2014

How thrift shopping was a humbling experience.

Talk about first world problems! Last week was a pretty tense week. My car got a flat and it was a real pain getting it to the dealership for a tire change. I had gotten used to having my own car and having my husband playing chauffeur for two days was a change in routine. I had to leave earlier in the morning and it sucked. If I took the bus, it would take me an hour and a half to get to work vs a twenty minute car ride. I guess I take it for granted that we are now a two car family who live in a nice apartment, in a nice neighborhood.

This was also a busy week at work and the husband forced me to have a "Sylvie day" last Saturday afternoon to unwind. That meant he made lunch, took care of the kid while I go do something on my own.  Thanks to this blog, I got inspired and I decided to go thrift shopping all by myself. To me, this is a good thing, I like being alone!

I admit, I have not thrift shopped since I was younger but was looking forward to the experience.I like digging through racks of mix-matched clothing and missed the experience. This time I picked a thrift store closer to my house where I was told they had tons of really cool Halloween stuff. The neighborhood is kind of sketchy and I always got a weird vibe whenever in that area. I have thrift shopped in other places but this particular store was in a low income area.

As soon as I walked in, like magnets, I recognised some little gothlings shopping, which is nice. One thing I like about Montreal, unless you are an elitist, fellow alternatives give each other a smile and that "knowing nod".  It was a nice welcome! They had tons of Halloween costumes (a lot of them were the unslutty kind which was a breath of fresh air. It seems that costumes are no longer of the spooky kind but a little too revealing and slutty for my liking)  which was fun to look at. They even played some spooky themed music which got me in the mood for Halloween! The Addams Family theme song was one of them!

Once the initial excitement of seeing fellow Darklings (I don't get out much due to my health being poor and having a kid) and hearing The Monster Mash playing,  I got to take a look at the people around me. I am a people watcher and I took a few moments to view my surroundings. Some were wearing torn or very worn out clothing but it was not done in an alternative way, it was because you could tell, they were in need. They were buying clothes for themselves and their children. I overheard a child get excited because he found a shirt with a cartoon character on it. Never mind that the shirt has obviously seen better days, with a visible stain on it but the mom still bought it for him. The child was so happy to get something with a cartoon character on it that it made me re-evaluate my own way of life. For myself, personally, I do put hand me downs on my son but 95% of his clothing were bought new. He even picked them out. Some items, he only wore a few times before he outgrew them.

I walk in the toy section and I see a huge stuffed animal. It was dirty. You could tell that the child who used to own it played with it a lot. I see another parent put that same stuffed animal in her cart  for her son, who squealed with delight over getting a "new" toy. My son never squealed like that whenever I bought him something new. Personally, I would of never bought that stuffed animal for my kid. Even if I washed it afterwards, it was dumpy looking but to this kid, it was like gold. Again, I re-evaluated myself.

I looked at the clothing in my cart and asked one of the attendants where the money goes once I purchase these items. The way I was starting to see it,  is that I could perhaps buy these items brand new and allow some other woman who needs these items more than I do, enjoy them. The attendant told me that the money does help pay for the store's rent, the salaries of the employees. I remember someone telling me that they hire people with difficulties to help get them back into the workforce. Knowing my money is going to good use, I decided to make my purchases with a clear conscience.

I shop at many different stores but the experience I get watching people are usually always the same: Most people I see are unhappy.  I also see children (sometimes even my own) taking tantrums because the parents are refusing to buy them something they want. You know what I saw there? Smiling, happy people. It was a welcoming change! One child was so happy to get a brand new Halloween costume this year (they had new stuff, probably overstock from a store) that it made me sad. I never seen anyone that happy to be getting something brand spanking new!

I have two big bags of clothing that no longer fit my son. I have a bag of old toys he outgrew. While I do donate my used items, I think I am going to drop them off at that particular thrift store.

I never realized how much my family and I had until I went there. Suddenly, the stress over my flat tire seemed irrelevant. I am going to appreciate what I have more and am going to start to teach my son the same. It was a positive experience, despite coming home in tears.

You can expect a haul post or several outfit posts soon showing off my finds from that store but right now, I want this post to be about the people I saw and the experience I had that afternoon, not the purchases I made.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taking on the world, one heel at a time. A guide on how to walk in heels

Today Darklings, I am going to talk about shoes. I love shoes and boots and I am loving high heels even more recently because I often go through a rut where I would only wear my Doc Marten's. Don't get me wrong, I love my Docs. They last forever, they look really cool and they are super comfy, but I also am a girly girl and there is something about high heels that just makes me feel more confident. I am also very short too so wearing heels for me is a lot of fun!


The age old question I get the most when I wear heels and do a lot of walking is, how do I wear those? Don't they hurt my feet? How can I walk in them?

#1) Start off small. Those big Frankenstein-like platforms or 6 inch stilettos you have been eyeing? Perhaps start off with a smaller platform and heel then work your way up.

#2) I usually try a good gel insert. I use Doctor Scholls. If not, I stretch my toes and feet by moving them in a circle motion before putting them on. I am not really good with doing this in the morning but I try. When I do, I find it helps. Perhaps I have gotten lazy with the stretching because my husband often gives me foot rubs!

#3) Don't walk like a duck! Let me elaborate on this. I have seen way too many women walk with their toes sticking out, kinda like in a "V" pattern. This is not very flattering. Please don't do that. It is very unattractive.

Do try to walk like a ballerina, on your toes first then add pressure on your heel. Pretend you are a circus performer on the high wire! This will eliminate the "V" pattern duck walk!

#4)  Another thing I like to do, especially back when I was single and today, while I am with my husband, I sway my hips when I walk in heels! Try it! Put your left foot out and sway your left hip as you walk. When your right foot goes out, put your right hip slightly out. Imagine a cat walking in slow motion. They have a stalk to their walk. I think this is captivating. As you slink, your hips will sway naturally! You don't know how much attention I used to get (both wanted and unwanted) when I would do this! Perhaps this is why my husband is so willing to give me those foot rubs, eh? Ha! Ha!


Today, I can walk up steep hills in heels and I sometimes forget that I am even wearing them. Do you wear high heels? What is your take on them?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A big thank you

Wow, I reached over 10,000 page views! I am quite impressed! I am very proud of this accomplishment and I really wanted to take a moment out and say thanks! Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for "liking" my Facebook page. For the very few readers who are just lurkers, I may not notice you all the time but I know you are there reading my posts, for that, I thank you! Every comment, every personal message, really does make me smile and melt my black little heart and I want to tell you why:
A cake to celebrate 10,000 hits!
This is a little personal but I want it to be said. I want you to know why I am so grateful. I started blogging last summer because I was going through some personal issues and instead of being all whiny about it, I wanted to do something constructive about it. This blog has been a positive outlet for me during those times.

Last winter to late spring, I was diagnosed several times with strep throat and it stressed me to be missing so much work. Luckly, my employer and immediate supervisor were really understanding and sympathetic. I think I was put on antibiotics at least six times and it kept coming back. At one point, the Doctor even tested me for mono but the results were negative. Obviously, being sick so often started to get to me because I couldn't play with my son, be a wife, take a normal family vacation, attend work for a full month straight without being sick for almost a full week and do the things I need to do. I am usually full of life and being physically incapable of doing all the stuff I want to do because I got sick so often made me feel discouraged and sad.  I also started having frequent migraines and back problems. It was all a vicious circle.

I started blogging because writing has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Blogging helped me through the stress and worry over my health. Fast forward to today, I am more positive and happier. I can now concentrate on my family then blog or I write a few lines in the novel I am currently working on. I am starting to get less frequent migraines and am a little healthier. The back problems are still there but they come and go. In other words, my physical and mental health are starting to improve! I have not been sick since early summer, let's hope I can make it through the winter!

Every time you comment, you read my post, it makes me happy. It is nice to know that there are people out there who like what I love to do! It encourages me to post more! Doing something that I am passionate about, such as writing and being part of the goth subculture brings a little extra spring in my step. Knowing that people out there like what I do, is just icing on the cake!

What kind of future does this little blog hold? I plan on posting some DIY stuff, some thrift shopping spree hauls, new outfit hauls, mom stuff, participating in blogging events (ie. Bat Fit, monthly status reports, etc.) and obviously, work stuff. So this blog is giving me energy to go out there and do stuff. It is a push out the door instead of  worrying over getting sick again! It also helps me be a better mother and a happier wife! My life all around has improved, thanks to this blog, thanks to you reading it.

As a fun side note. another fun part I enjoy about blogging is when I see all the other countries where my readers are from! I remember the first time I saw someone from outside North America that read my blog, I was quite impressed! Now, my blog has been read by people from over 11 countries! WOW! That is pretty darned cool! I am from Canada and I am waving "Hello" to people all over the world from my Montreal living room! That's pretty awesome!

So again, thank you for your support and here's to another 10,000 page views full of laughs, outfit posts, and silly bantering!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wall sit update

For those of you who read my recent Bat Fit post here, I would like to take a moment to apologize. Hopefully you got the amendment in the original post and comments. The e-mail I got concerning this was not very clear. You need to hold the position for 20 seconds not two minutes. Each day, an extra 5 seconds are added until the end of the month.

Last Monday was a Holiday here in Canada. We celebrated Thanksgiving, therefore, the challenge started Tuesday. I did pretty well the first time around. Wednesday, I wore high heels and still did the challenge while wearing them. I did not have time to remove my shoes because everyone else was ready. Thursday, I collapsed to the floor at the end of it. I missed Friday's challenge because I was too busy scoring a free lunch! Ha! We do these challenges 5 minutes before lunch.

Today, I was prepared. I removed my high heels and it went well!

It is fun to do although I am not the most in shape person at my office. In fact, most of my co-workers are super athletic so it motivates me to keep up with the jocks! What I lack in physical endurance I sure as hell make up for it in enthusiasm.

So there you have it Darklings.

For those of you who may not be aware, check out The Curious Professor Z's blog here. She is the one who started Bat Fit (she even has a page dedicated to it on her blog) and really is quite a lovely gal!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thoughts on beauty from a Gothling's perspective

The following TED talk video was shared via social media and I was captivated by the message behind it. To sum it up, the message behind it is: " it is not about the way we look but what we do that counts." While I did question the motive for the video as it was Global Director of the Dove Self Esteem project, Meaghan Ramsey doing the speech, the root message is still worth taking time to watch the video. It helped me put a few things in perspective. If you want to watch the video, it is found here:

After watching the video clip, I started questioning myself. As a little gothling, I put a lot of focus on my external appearance. I rarely leave my home without makeup. I feel like I always should look my best. I started questioning myself. Yes, I look pretty but there is so much more than just being a pretty face. I am kind. I care too deeply at times. I would give the shirt off my back for those in need. Yet, I like my makeup and freaky clothing but it doesn't define who I am. It helps express who I am but it is not the most defining characteristic. I do it for me and I don't care what anyone else says!

I know lots of people within the subculture spend a lot of time on their looks, even to the point they question whether or not they are goth enough. A lot of elitists amongst our subculture spend way too much time judging other people on the clothes and makeup they wear vs getting to know the person for who they are. I always stood by the belief that if you love the music, had a passion for all things dark and spooky, enjoyed the literature and everything else this wonderful subculture has to offer, then yes, you are goth enough! I even made another post about it. Click here to read about it.

I am not goth because I want to rebel against society, although, I do admit, I do not always agree with the mainstream. It is thanks to the mainstream who celebrates celebrity culture and what they wear and how they are put on pedestals that makes me turn my back on it. Only in today's popular culture, people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are celebrated because of how beautiful and thin they are. What have they actually ever done to contribute towards society? Oh right, nothing. They just sit around and look pretty. If aliens were to invade our planet, they would pass us by. No signs of intelligent life here!

Yes, I put on makeup in the morning. I do wear lots of makeup and sometimes spend a little too much time choosing the perfect outfit. There is a difference though. I do it for me. I want to express who I am, what I see and feel on the inside. What makes me who I am today. There was a time, I gave up on myself and fallen victim to social pressures. It was the most depressing time of my life. I even posted about it here. Thanks to coming back to goth, I am happy with myself on the inside as well as what I see on the outside. I get all dressed up just for me. Not for my son or my husband or for people I don't know. I do it for me because I love being who I am despite the flaws, the stretch marks, the flabby stomach and thunder thighs! When I do work out, it is not to be skinny and cave to social pressure but for me. For my health and well being. If people don't like me or judge me for how I look, it is simple, don't look. I have done my "spring cleaning" amongst friends and family members and I am now surrounded by people that not only do I love, support, and are positive towards but I know they do the same for me as well.

If any young reader is reading this and thinks they are ugly. You are not. Don't listen to what anyone has to say. It is not how you look, it is what you do. You could be the most beautiful person in the world but can have a bad personality. Be who you are and don't let anyone tell you different!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Skulls in the workplace

This Is Corp Goth's mid-month status report is about wearing skulls in the workplace. I was told I was not permitted to visibly wear skulls of any kind to work. Naturally, my rebellious side kicked in and I choose certain kinds of footwear to wear to work and my boss didn't notice. Or so I think! They are so minuscule, I doubt it makes a difference. Besides, clients don't see my feet when they walk in!  I posted these shoes and boots before but here they are again! I have worn them to work!
Source: Yahoo! images


I think it is more of a skull print shirt or necklace that my boss finds offensive so I don't wear those. I think it is more of a personal preference she has.  I understand her point though, I am a receptionist and I am the first point of contact customers make when they walk in. I get it so I don't make TOO much of a fuss about it. Not everyone accepts skulls! On the other hand, my visible tattoos, piercings do not make a difference. I am also permitted to wear what I want, within reason. Obviously, I won't wear ripped up stockings or anything too extreme but I do get away with a little more than I would at any other job I worked at.  So I can't complain. Recently, I even got permission to have two colored streaks in my hair because I miss having funky hair! Pink or blue, I am still debating on the color. What do you think, Darklings?

On the other hand, bats (or what a very nice but naive older lady thought were butterflies) are perfectly acceptable. These are my favourites!

Say hello to Jack!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

30 day challenge: Wall sits

Amendment: it is for 20 seconds and not 2 minutes as I found out today when we started the challenge. My apologies Darklings. It really wasn't clear in the e-mail... believe me, 20 seconds was hard enough!

Considering I have signed up for the professor's 2014 Bat Fit challenge, it was also a great opportunity to sign up for the challenge my work has given us employees. This is a daily challenge that lasts for thirty days. The goal is to be able to hold a wall sit position for two minutes. I am not the most in-shape person in the world and I am not sure I can last a whole two minutes but I signed up anyways. My lower body can really use the work out.

What is a wall sit challenge you might ask? It's simple: they are like doing squats except you are leaning against a wall and holding that position.


According to, they explain how to do a wall sit as following: "To do a Wall-sit, first stand in front of a wall (about 2 feet in front of it) and lean against it. Then slide down until your knees are at about 90-degree angles and hold."

Yes, my goal is to hold for two minutes!

So while I will be doing these daily at my office with a bunch of super fit, athletic co-workers no less, I challenge you Darklings!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Which goth stereotype are you?

Laura Morrigan, on her blog, Roses & Vellum, posted a while back the gothic stereotypes she most associates with by using Trellia's designs.

For those who did not read or what a refresher, Laura Morrigan's post, you can here.

Since I think the designs are pretty cute, I have been meaning to post the ones I most identified with and challenge you to do the same! It would be fun to see what other bloggers picked for themselves!

This one is a no-brainer!


My teenaged self can relate to this one. I still do for nostalgia reasons and still love a good vampire novel (non sparkly ones, that is!)

Sadly, this is a rut I get into. Raising a family and holding down a full time job, I sometimes opt for the jeans and band t-shirt, especially on the weekends where I spend running errands, doing laundry, and going to the playground!

Except, I wear my corset on the outside :p

Now, that I posted mine, tag you're it!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Writhe and Shine

I recently became acquainted, thanks to social media and Voltaire's Facebook page no less, with a really talented webcomic artist named Robert Tritthardt. I quickly became enamored with his work because it is funny, sarcastic and has that tongue-in-cheek dark humour about it! Naturally, I wanted to introduce you to his work! The webcomics are called Writhe and Shine and they are about a group of friends that run a dark alternative club.

I am still a newbie with this whole interviewing people for my blog business but I must say, it is rather fun! It was much easier for me to communicate with Nancy Kilpatrick for my first real interview because I actually met her in real life a few times. That being said, he was super patient with me and answered my broad questions as best as he could.

A very big thank you to Robert for your patience and for allowing me to post about you and your work on my blog!

How long have you been drawing comics?
"I started drawing comics late compared to a lot of other artists. I was in my second year at college, about 1996. I was 23"

Where did you come up with the idea for Writhe and Shine?
"Writhe and Shine is roughly based on my life and my friends down in New Orleans. Now that I live in Seattle, the story and characters have developed into their own thing but every once in a while, I throw in an actually happened to me sort of incident" 

Tell us about Patreon
"Patreon is kind of like an ongoing kickstarter. The site is bringing back the "patron of the arts" concept and is helping a lot of content creators (including webcomic artists like me) to produce work. You can pledge a certain amount every month and receive rewards based on your pledge each month. Go to to see my campaign, my goals, and the rewards you can receive."

This is a sample of his work and one of my personal favorites. If you want to read more about the author and his wicked comics, go to

Source:,  comic # 027. The Crow, Robert Tritthardt

Monday, October 6, 2014

More corp goth problems

I posted a while back silly office problems corp goths like me tend to have. You can find the post here

I have a more recent "snag" to add to this list:

We all know when a story is a good one when we hear the following sentence: "I ordered a pair of platform boots off of E-bay and they were really cheap."

Yes darklings, I was daft enough to do this and I should of known better about the quality but I fell in love with them. It was a "yes, I know this deal is too good to be true but they are so cute and I want them" reasoning that went with it. I don't know about you but that reasoning seemed perfectly logical and acceptable.... at that time!

We can all assume what will happen next. Despite that, here goes:

 As I was walking down to show a client where the washrooms are located in my building, the platform started to come off my boot and......down I went! Embarrassing as all hell. I almost fell flat on my face. In front of a perfect stranger.  Good thing I keep a pair of flats at my desk. Note to self: bring back those shoes to the office, I am sure I will need them!

So does this teach me a lesson? Would I still buy those boots off of e-bay or invest my money in a better quality pair that won't potentially break my neck after 3 or 4 wears? Yes, yes it would!

these are the famous babies. So cute yet so deadly
My emergency back up shoes! Yaay!

P.S. We all know that I am probably going to do this prepared Darklings for another post about these incidents where I would promise not to do it again but we all know I will!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pippin the wonder cat!

Sophistiqué Noir's monthly theme is black and white. Naturally I had to introduce you to my black and white furbaby Pippin. I am sure some of you might have seen him photobombing some pictures I post (ie profile pic is one of them) here. He is ALWAYS in eyeshot.

Pippin has been my cat since forever. I got him when I first moved out on my own because my other cat Skye got lonely. She was used to other cats and was finding it hard being the only cat. I just moved out of my parent's house and I couldn't take the other cat with me because he was an outdoor cat. Getting a second cat made sense.

 I remember seeing Pippin in the pet shop window and I just had to bring him home because he was just too cute. I hesitated at first because that meant added vet bills and an extra mouth to feed. I wasn't making that much money back then and was having a hard time paying my own monthly bills. Funny enough, I didn't stop at owning two cats, I ended up adopting two more but that is a story for another day.  Back to Pippin. Everyday, I would pass by that pet shop on my way home from work just to admire him. The owner and I got to know each other quickly and told me that apparently he was the runt of the litter, which helped sway my decision to adopt him. I have a soft spot for the misfits! What finally made me cave in though was when Pippin went to jump from the upper perch to the lower perch in his cage and fell! It was because he made it look like he was meant to fall and that it was by no means an accident. I loved how he put his butt up in the air and walked away like a snob afterwards! He showed attitude and I love a pet with attitude!

 I lived in a pretty sketchy neighbourhood at that time so I used to leave the radio on all the time. It was scary living alone! The moment I brought Pippin home from the pet shop, the song "Best Friend" by Queen began to play.  It was a sign it was meant to be because that cat really is my best friend.  He warned me when someone tried to break in and woke me up when I fell asleep with meat cooking on the stove! My ex boyfriend once brought a guy friend over and Pippin started hissing at him while he was standing in my front hall. I wouldn't let him in and it was a good thing I didn't. A few days later, after telling a mutual friend about my cat's strange behaviour, my friend confirmed our suspicions: the guy had a reputation for stealing things from friends houses!

 He keeps me busy too. He fell off the third floor balcony so many times, I thought I threw him in a dumpster once when he was a kitten and after dumpster diving for over an hour, I gave up.  I remember going back to my apartment in tears and sobbing on the phone telling my mom that I lost by beloved cat. Just as I went in my bedroom, I heard a meow. The little bugger snuck in an empty shoe box  and was asleep in the back of my closet the whole time! He bleached his tail (don't ask). He sleeps next to me every night. This cat has been with me through thick and thin. I am very lucky to have him. I named him Pippin because I am obviously a Lord Of The Rings fan and that cat's behavior is very similar to the hobbit's in the movie/books.

So there you have it!

I just had to adopt him, look at how cute he was!

Ignore the finger LOL

Merry and Pippin!

Recent one


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