Friday, September 5, 2014

A little self imposed rebellion!

Today was the company Rafting event that I posted about here and I was so grateful I didn't go. The temperatures soared this afternoon and it was not only hot but very humid. I got a lovely heat rash on my neck to show for it, despite staying inside where there was air conditioning!

My office doesn't have a dress code and while virtually all my coworkers come to work in shorts, I don't. Shorts are not really my thing. I like pretty skirts and dresses but I do wear shorts when I am out in the yard, or when I take my son to the playground sort of thing.

I know as a receptionist and my company being super lenient about the whole goth thing, I figured the least I could do is not wear shorts. I want to show my employer that while yes, I may sometimes come to work wearing odd things, for the most part, I look presentable in a company who has no dress code.

Today, since the office was technically closed but a few colleagues came in to work, I decided to rebel against my no short and no band shirt rule. I figured, I should be comfortable on this very hot, humid disgusting Friday. By the way, I don't take public transport so wearing boots in an air-conditionned car is pefectly acceptable!

I'm trying to show off my boots !

Source: Yahoo! Images. These are my boots. They are made by Anarchic! So cute, so comfy

T-Shirt: Siouxsie (E-Bay)
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Sinistersoles, Anarchic


  1. Love the boots. I am never seen in shorts in public, my legs are translucent :)

    1. LOL! It took a lot for me to wear shorts in public too.

  2. LOVE the outfit, including the boots! You look great. :-) And I have a vintage pair of Anarchy boots that I adore, not the same but a similar design.



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