Monday, September 29, 2014

A brief interview with author Nancy Kilpatrick and the unveiling of her Special Secret Project

Next time I host a special event on my blog, I think I am going to leave a time! I didn't forget about you Darklings!

As promised on my previous post last Friday, this is the pretty cool event that will be taking place as of tomorrow. I am very lucky that author Nancy Kilpatrick agreed to allow me to post about her and her Special Secret Project. I am also very fortunate that I have become acquaintances with this woman and she entrusted me with her secret! It was fun to be privy to the knowledge of her project before everyone else! Thank you Nancy!

For those of you who don't know who she is, Nancy Kilpatrick is a writer and editor who lives in Montreal with her cat Fedex. She published 18 novels, over 200 short stories, and is in the process of editing her 14th anthology of other peoples' stories.She also wrote the non-fiction book "The goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined" which is a look at the goth world through the voices of goths and the people who provide services, commercial and artistic, to this community. You can see all this on her website:

When I asked Nancy to tell us more about herself and her work, she had this to say:" Generally, I work in the dark fantasy and horror fields but have also written mysteries and erotica. I like weird fiction, so that's my realm, walking a line between realities. It's challenging to find just the right crease to settle into in a story or novel, or for anthologies, to select work that fits that criteria too. If nothing else, I love to be challenged in my craft.When not working, I need to travel. For me, the ideal life would be to travel to an interesting place every two months. I do travel a lot, to book events, conventions, etc. and I often end up in the same cities because many events are held annually. And conventions often return to the same cities or small cities. But for me, it's the big trips that stir my soul. I've been infatuated with danse macabre artwork from the Middle Ages through the 1800s and there are maybe 50 original pieces left in the world, in Europe and the UK mostly, and they are almost always in hard-to-reach locations. For me, it's tremendous fun to get to them, and then find this artwork that awes me. I've seen quite a bit of it, but not all, and the difficult part is to find a chunk of time to make a trip that lets me see several pieces. I'm also into mummies--there are tons around the world, not just the ancient Egyptian mummies--and also old cemeteries and ossuaries and any other weirdness I can find! "

You've got some secret project going. What's that about?

Since it's live on October 1, I can now talk about it now. My long-time friend Caro Soles and I are co-editing a new anthology, nEvermore! Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. We want to bring back the Gothic style of Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote both mysteries and horror fiction, and to include stories that are inspired by Poe's oeuvre. To that end, we're running a crowdfunding campaign for 3 weeks only. Here is the link:

We have a LOT of perks we're offering, including the book, of course. Just a taste is that on Week 1 (Oct 1) you'll find miniature Poe coffins, each focused on a Poe story. These were donated to our crowdfunding by AhtheMacabre, a well-known artist who works in miniatures and has never before done a Poe coffin, so these are special and definitely each is one-of-a-kind. And there are only 4 available! Besides our initial 10 perks, there will be brand new and exciting perks offered each week:

Week 2: 7-8 on October 8

Week 3: 8-9 on October 15

All of the perks are Poe-related. The sooner people get there, the sooner they can get what they want because many perks are in limited numbers, some only 1 offered. We would love it if your readers would check out the site!Also, we could use some help with people passing on the information by word of mouth, emailing or messaging friends, and if on Twitter, tweeting. Here's a tweet that can be used:

#nEvermore! POE Lovers! Check out these amazing crowdfunding perks!

It sounds exciting!

It is! I'm extremely excited about this project. I've never done a crowdfunding before so this has been a real adventure. I'm also thrilled to be editing a book based on the inspiration of Edgar Allan Poe, my literary hero. Both Caro and I love the Poe style of blending and folding fiction into his shadowy realm and that's what we intend to recreate with today's authors. We have a basketful of New York Times bestselling authors who have agreed to contribute stories, and other known entities. Anyone who loves Poe's work and loves literature in general will enjoy this volume, which will be out the fall of 2015.

Again, thank you Nancy for sharing this with us and good luck with your crowd funding.

There you have it fellow Darklings! 

Again, you can go here to see the perks and if you would like to contribute towards this really nifty project!


  1. Ha ha I think that first line might be directed at my impatient nagging :p

    Very exciting!

  2. I have spoken with Nancy Kilpatrick several times now. She is always a joy to see. The first book I read by her was the Goth Bible and then her vampire book, Child of the Night. Hopefully I will see her again at the Book Fair coming up in Toronto. Anne Rice will be there also! So excited to see them both.

    1. Oh wow! That sounds absolutely awesome! What a really cool combination. Nancy really is a remarkable lady.



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