Monday, September 29, 2014

A brief interview with author Nancy Kilpatrick and the unveiling of her Special Secret Project

Next time I host a special event on my blog, I think I am going to leave a time! I didn't forget about you Darklings!

As promised on my previous post last Friday, this is the pretty cool event that will be taking place as of tomorrow. I am very lucky that author Nancy Kilpatrick agreed to allow me to post about her and her Special Secret Project. I am also very fortunate that I have become acquaintances with this woman and she entrusted me with her secret! It was fun to be privy to the knowledge of her project before everyone else! Thank you Nancy!

For those of you who don't know who she is, Nancy Kilpatrick is a writer and editor who lives in Montreal with her cat Fedex. She published 18 novels, over 200 short stories, and is in the process of editing her 14th anthology of other peoples' stories.She also wrote the non-fiction book "The goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined" which is a look at the goth world through the voices of goths and the people who provide services, commercial and artistic, to this community. You can see all this on her website:

When I asked Nancy to tell us more about herself and her work, she had this to say:" Generally, I work in the dark fantasy and horror fields but have also written mysteries and erotica. I like weird fiction, so that's my realm, walking a line between realities. It's challenging to find just the right crease to settle into in a story or novel, or for anthologies, to select work that fits that criteria too. If nothing else, I love to be challenged in my craft.When not working, I need to travel. For me, the ideal life would be to travel to an interesting place every two months. I do travel a lot, to book events, conventions, etc. and I often end up in the same cities because many events are held annually. And conventions often return to the same cities or small cities. But for me, it's the big trips that stir my soul. I've been infatuated with danse macabre artwork from the Middle Ages through the 1800s and there are maybe 50 original pieces left in the world, in Europe and the UK mostly, and they are almost always in hard-to-reach locations. For me, it's tremendous fun to get to them, and then find this artwork that awes me. I've seen quite a bit of it, but not all, and the difficult part is to find a chunk of time to make a trip that lets me see several pieces. I'm also into mummies--there are tons around the world, not just the ancient Egyptian mummies--and also old cemeteries and ossuaries and any other weirdness I can find! "

You've got some secret project going. What's that about?

Since it's live on October 1, I can now talk about it now. My long-time friend Caro Soles and I are co-editing a new anthology, nEvermore! Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. We want to bring back the Gothic style of Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote both mysteries and horror fiction, and to include stories that are inspired by Poe's oeuvre. To that end, we're running a crowdfunding campaign for 3 weeks only. Here is the link:

We have a LOT of perks we're offering, including the book, of course. Just a taste is that on Week 1 (Oct 1) you'll find miniature Poe coffins, each focused on a Poe story. These were donated to our crowdfunding by AhtheMacabre, a well-known artist who works in miniatures and has never before done a Poe coffin, so these are special and definitely each is one-of-a-kind. And there are only 4 available! Besides our initial 10 perks, there will be brand new and exciting perks offered each week:

Week 2: 7-8 on October 8

Week 3: 8-9 on October 15

All of the perks are Poe-related. The sooner people get there, the sooner they can get what they want because many perks are in limited numbers, some only 1 offered. We would love it if your readers would check out the site!Also, we could use some help with people passing on the information by word of mouth, emailing or messaging friends, and if on Twitter, tweeting. Here's a tweet that can be used:

#nEvermore! POE Lovers! Check out these amazing crowdfunding perks!

It sounds exciting!

It is! I'm extremely excited about this project. I've never done a crowdfunding before so this has been a real adventure. I'm also thrilled to be editing a book based on the inspiration of Edgar Allan Poe, my literary hero. Both Caro and I love the Poe style of blending and folding fiction into his shadowy realm and that's what we intend to recreate with today's authors. We have a basketful of New York Times bestselling authors who have agreed to contribute stories, and other known entities. Anyone who loves Poe's work and loves literature in general will enjoy this volume, which will be out the fall of 2015.

Again, thank you Nancy for sharing this with us and good luck with your crowd funding.

There you have it fellow Darklings! 

Again, you can go here to see the perks and if you would like to contribute towards this really nifty project!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Coming soon to a blog post near you!

Hello fellow Darklings,

Mark your calendars for September 30th because something wicked this way comes! I cannot tell you just yet but it is pretty epic.

Have a good weekend everyone.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My secret!

Hello there Darklings,

Today, I am going to share a secret with you. Shhh! Don't tell anyone! The other day, the lovely Lynoire over at Space Unicorn posted her last minute outfit on her blog. You should check her out here, she is just adorable!

I got inspired because she wrote: "It was one of those days when you have an entire outfit planned in your head, so you set your alarm 15 minutes later. But when you get out of bed, starting to dress up, you realize, that one of the key ingredients of your rocking ensemble is missing...So you start looking for it, you turn your entire apartment over and you still cannot find it, but when you finally realize how much time you've spent on searching, you're already late, so you desperately grab the first clothes you see"

You have no idea on what level I relate to this. Not only can I not find that key ingredient but the outfit I envisioned does not turn out so well. In fact, it can be disastrous.

I am not a morning person. If I had my way and could sleep during the day and be awake all night, I would do it but I can't! I know it sounds cliched and all but that is how I roll! I am nocturnal. I hate the mornings. It is worse now that I am a parent because my son is a morning person and he drives me up the wall. I am so grateful to have a patient, loving, understanding, caring husband who takes care of my son while I take forever to get out of bed and ready! He even brings me coffee in bed in the morning because I need that jolt of caffeine to get going.

That being said, between the interruptions from the kid (despite the fact my husband is there to handle it, he still comes to me for stuff) and trying to pry my sorry butt out of bed, it doesn't leave me with much time to get ready.

My secret is this: people think I look so well put together and wonder how I can pull it off everyday. In fact, my coworker told me recently "you always look so well put together. You have such great outfits. Here I am in jeans and a sweater and I look like a bum!" I smiled and thanked her for the compliment. If only she knew!

So dear readers, my secret is this and it is simple: when I buy clothes, I make sure I buy items that can easily be mix-matched with something else. I see a skirt I want, I picture it with shirts I already own. Depending on the item and how much I want it, I would buy other key pieces to go with it. I look for versatility. Granted, I don't wear corsets to work and I do have a "going out wardrobe" it is nice that I have my easy match go-to everyday clothing that goes with my personal style!

While people think I look great and well put together, my biggest secret is out: I really don't have my shit together, at all!

The ensemble
the stockings!
simple makeup. Takes 5 minutes!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The "evolution" of fashion

The year 1873 marked the introduction of the blue jean. We went from high class Victorian fashion where ladies wore such beautiful articles of clothing such as: petty coats, corsets, bloomers, while the gentlemen wore proper trousers, knickers, coats, and top hats. Nowadays, modern fashion often consists of jeans (skinny or so baggy they hang off your ass!), t-shirts and flip flops/sneakers. Not only did fashion itself change but our values, culture, and morals also appeared to have changed with the times as well. With regards to etiquette and manners, just like our clothing, we have gotten sloppy over the years.

Skinny jeans or overly baggy jeans that show your underwear (seriously, pull up your pants!) are the "in thing" at the moment and while I consider myself fortunate to have beautiful curves, skinny jeans do nothing positive for my figure. In fact, I feel like I resemble an Oompa Loompa from the original Willy Wonka movie! You can go ahead and laugh at that remark, I know I did!

Oompa Loopa, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Another woe I have against modern jeans/pants are finding a nice pair of trousers that fit properly, that do not hang down past my crotch or are so tight, I need to lay on the floor to get them on. I personally feel like leaving a little bit to the imagination is a hell of a lot sexier than exposing yourself. What happened to a nice classy, lady pants suit? What happened to classy, long flowing skirts and petticoats?

***After a whole weekend of jean shopping, I finally found a pair last winter! I am very short so they needed to be hemmed. Please excuse the mess in the background. Boy, was I tired from that excursion but happy that I got a nice pair of pants!!! They are more like a really nice trouser than a jean material, by the way!!!***

I have to admit, there is not much about the modern style I can appreciate. Shopping in big name stores always depresses me and it seems to me that the clothing you do find are generally catered towards the skinnier crowd. How I wish I were in my twenties again and a size 3! How I loathe those dressing rooms with their big shiny lights and mirrors that enhance my "problem areas"!  I have found clothing here and there but shopping in malls takes so much out of me! There is something about fishnets, velvet and a pair of Doc Marten's that makes my little black heart skip a beat!

More food for thought: fashion, culture, etiquette and manners often go hand in hand with one and the other. It appears that modern society are lacking in such.  Recently, during a ball game in Texas, a little girl was about to catch a wayward baseball. Unfortunately, the ball was snatched from her hand by someone else. To make matters worse, the woman responsible stealing the ball from the little girl was high-fived for it! The little girl was eventually given a baseball, it still doesn't make it right, in my opinion.

During Victorian times, good manners and etiquette were held with high importance. In fact, manuals were even written on the subject! There were some Victorian basic rules of etiquette that seem to be forgotten in today's world. For instance, one such rule was to "Never speak or to act in anger." Another rule that appealed to me was " A gentleman desiring a lady to accompany him to the opera, theatre, or other place of amusement, must send her a written invitation not later than the day previous to the entertainment. It must be written in the third person, upon white note-paper of the finest quality, with an envelope to match."  My all time favourite was this one "It is rude to whisper or talk during a performance. It is discourteous to the performers, and annoying to those of the audience around you, who desire to enjoy the entertainment." I wish people would follow this rule today, especially when seeing a movie and the jerk next to you is talking on their cell phone!  If one would like to read more about these rules and Victorian life, I found them  here.

I am not saying, given a choice I would go back to Victorian times (especially with being a woman and all) but we could definitely learn a thing or two from them with regards on how we interact with one and other. I think we can also learn a thing or two on how we carry ourselves with regards to fashion and I really do sincerely wish modern workplaces would be a little more lenient towards Victorian, Steampunk, goth fashions. I am not saying that everyone today are unclassy, sloppy looking jerks but I really do believe that the Victorians really led a positive example where good manners, etiquette, and dressing sharp were involved.



Friday, September 19, 2014

On raising spooky kids or the next (potential) generation of baby bats

I never fully realized the extent of influence I have over my son until recently so I thought I would post about the silly little things we do together that raises eyebrows amongst the more normal people. While I am aware that my opinion may be somewhat biased, I do hope this amuses you as much as it does with me!

We have a game we play where I tell him in French "Maman fait le vampire", which translates as "Mommy does the vampire". The game is quite simple: I kiss him all over his neck and arms because that is where I know it tickles him. This usually results in rough housing or a chase through the house.

He came home from daycare one day and told me he wasn't allowed to play that game at school. I asked him if he tried to "bite" another kid at school. He confirmed that he tried to play vampire and that the other kid got scared. He questioned why a vampire would be scary and why his mom likes scary things. At this age,I kept the answers simple: not everyone is afraid of scary things. Some people, like his parents, actually do like scary things. I asked how he felt about the matter and admitted that he still liked the game and likes scary things himself. I made sure he knew it was OK to not like the same things I like, that I would still love him and be proud of him regardless.

He learned a new song at daycare where the lyrics should sing "fly like a bird" and he would flap his arms like wings. He changed the lyrics to "fly like a bat"
He sees so many skulls in our house he thought we were actually pirates at one point! Arrrrr! He still calls skulls "pirates" and we just go along with it!

I have these rubber bats that are held on our hall mirror with suction cups. There are two of them. One of them is "mommy bat" and the other one is "Philip bat"

He had an imaginary friend at one point which he called the scary ghost. For the record, my apartment isn't haunted! I think he was referring to Casper the Friendly ghost, by the way.

He loves Halloween themed episodes on TV. You don't know how many times I had to put the Halloween episode of Yo Gabba on for him when watching Netflix

He really likes Joy Division, Voltaire's "Oh My Goth" (he calls it the scary song) and Blutengel. He likes a lot of 80's music as well. For a while, I would play Siouxsie's song "passenger" in the car because we would sing a long together.

Yesterday, his pre-school teacher reminded me that today is International Peace Day and he needs a white shirt to commemorate the event. It could have a design on it, as long as it was white. She asked if we had one and didn't seem surprised at all when I said that he didn't. I laughed and told her that we would go get one at the store. My kid now has one lonely white shirt amongst the darks and colors! Note to self: do NOT wash with the colors, especially red!

He also likes "normal" things most boys his age likes such as Spider Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (so cool) and Legos

While I generally try to encourage him to be his own person and don't expect him to be an extension of myself, I am quite proud of him and his eccentricities!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A silly random thought of the day

I was just thinking about how writing has always been a passion of mine. In high school, I wrote poetry. I remember one of my English teachers being impressed with one of my Halloween themed poems. He even made me go to the IT lab to type it out.  My teacher actually kept that poem because he said "if you were ever to become a famous writer, I want proof that I taught you English"!
That was very flattering for me because prior to that assignment, I never bothered with poetry and it really encouraged me to write more! I can still recall those angst-filled hours that I would spend locked in my room writing about all the injustices in the world!
Source: Beetlejuice
Despite the good poem, I also wrote my share of REALLY bad, HORRIBLE poetry as a teenager. You know, like the world is a big dark place, woe is me, and no one will ever understand me because I am so unique type crap?  I am pretty sure most of us could relate to that!

As for the title of this post, my silly random thought of the day is:  How I am quite thankful that in my generation, as a teenager, we didn't have the Internet during those years because I can only imagine my embarrassment today if I did publish some of those poems online!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Toning it down but in a good way

I had some executives come to my office last week and since I work the front desk, I wanted to make a good impression. I don't think it was completely necessary since my boss and all the executives came in jeans and t-shirts but it was fun nonetheless.

I wore the same skirt in the this post here (the first picture) and I always liked the versatility to it. I got it at the local goth shop and it was made there as well. I try to buy from local designers as much as possible. The top is a very old top that I don't remember where I got it. I tucked it in my skirt, it gave it a cute retro feel to it.

My husband is my photographer for this blog and got creative by getting me to pose differently. He is by no means a professional photographer but he is getting really good with the camera! Now we just got to learn how to focus more on key pieces of the wardrobe!

It was nice that I combined articles of clothing that I love, still have the look I want (just more sophisticated looking now then when I was younger) and I felt pretty self confident. It has been a while I felt comfortable in my body. It has changed so much since having a baby! It is nice to find clothing that suits my body type, that is suitable for the workplace without compromising my personal style.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bullying is never ok, a post for fellow baby bats!

Yes, I know gentle readers, I have posted about the bullying topic many times but this is a subject that gets my blood boiling every time I hear about it or think about it because I have zero tolerance for it!  Thanks to my post about my friend being harassed at her job, to my surprise, I have had some younger readers message me over the past few days asking for advice I could give them because they were being bullied at school and well... I can't resist helping out a babybat! I know some bloggers post the message they receive from their readers on their blogs. Personally, I just do not feel comfortable doing that, unless someone specifically tells me it is OK to post it publicly. Since I did not get any permission to do so, I decided to just post about the topic instead. Thank you for inspiring me!

Disclaimer: please do not take offense to the term babybat. Personally, I think it is endearing and wishes I could still be young enough to be considered one. I do not intend to sound snarky or mean at all! Please take it as a compliment!

So this post is dedicated to any young person (doesn't necessarily have to be a goth). I will do my best to put myself in your shoes and try to give you advice I wished I received when I was your age. Man, I feel old!

One thing I want to stress, is that the bullies  are the one with the problem, not you.  I know there will be times where you may feel like the one with the problem but it is not.

While you may feel like the whole world is out to get you, it is not. Usually, it is only a select group of individuals.

In my opinion, the onlookers are just as responsible for the bullying as well as the bullies. The onlookers can help make it stop!

You do not deserve to be bullied. No one does.Your gender, your race, the clothing you wear, your sexual orientation, shouldn't make you a target for bullying. Again, you do NOT deserve this. Never let your self worth be determined by a bully. They are the ones with the problem, not you! They are the ones who are most probably afraid of anything that they do not consider "normal". I agree, I know, it still does not make it right. I have seen it many times, either with myself or someone else, we blame ourselves for the way people treat us and we really shouldn't.

I do realise that this topic is not a new one and other bloggers have posted about it many times. I really do not want to piggyback on someone else and repeat something that has already been said. This is why I took the liberty to find a really informative post about such a topic! In fact, The Lady Of Manners way back when posted something about this issue! It is so eloquently written and please do check out the comments in addition to her post, there is also some GREAT advice there too.  Here is the direct link to her post:

I am going to create a "bullying" label that will appear on the right hand side of this blog post. This will make it easier for anyone who wants to read previous posts on this subject.

Remember, you are the only one who is in the right when determining what you want to wear, what kind of music you want to listen to, what faith or creed you wish to believe in, and what orientation you wish to orient yourself to. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

You have the power to feel confident and happy my little darklings, Use it!!! 

With that being said, I wish you all to be safe and just like Julian Venters said in her post, I do too wish I could hug you all and go to each and every one of your school to tell them to STOP but I can't so I hope this post helps in some small way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On this day four years ago...

I remember the fear and sadness I felt when they told me that I was most probably going to have a C-section and I was to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

They say that you become a parent when your child is born. This is not true, you become a parent when that pregnancy test is showing positive. For me it was anyways.

I worried that I was going to lose my son. I felt like I was a loser mom because I probably wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term. All these sad thoughts kept me up at night and in the end, I had good reason to.

I remember the days I spent in the nursery, napping on my comfy chair. Refusing to leave because it brought me close to a baby that might not even be born alive. I remember the sound of Loreena Mckennitt's voice and how I would plead with the universe to allow me that chance to be a mother. Every part of my being was tied up in that baby.

Every day, between playing World of Warcraft and going on Facebook, I would stop many times to talk to my son in the womb. I would tell him that he had two parents who loved him more than anything in this world and we want to meet him. We want to watch him grow up. I would sometimes cry and mourn over the fact that my chances of a natural, drug-free birth were very, very slim. I know, if I did have a "normal pregnancy" I probably would have changed my mind and pleaded for that epidural but like most women in their first pregnancies, we all thought giving birth would be the equivalent to shitting rainbows!

The reason for my bed rest, I had placenta Previa. I thought, okay, a lot of women get placenta Previa, it is not the end of the world. What I didn't know at that time just how potentially serious this was for me. Placenta Previa is when a clot forms on the placenta. It could be serious if the clot shifts to the umbilical cord. One of the signs of this condition is bleeding, like when you are on your period.

My husband still remembers the first trip right after I had my first bleed and still hasn't completely forgiven me for pleading with the nurse to not worry about my life. Just please save my baby.

About a week later, I saw blood and off to the hospital we went! It was a false alarm and I was sent back home and back on bed rest.

Every movement my baby made was comfort. I knew he was OK. He was still alive. Perhaps I may sound melodramatic here but I am a very anxious person, these thoughts and fears were very real to me.

Another week went by and there was a lot more blood. In fact, it resembled a scene to a horror movie. This was obviously not normal. We were smart, my bag was already in the car's trunk along with the car seat. We were ready to rock and roll! Just like the last two times, I was hooked up to the monitors. The sound of my baby's heartbeat echoed through the room. The sound would put me to sleep. I felt safe. The next day I was examined and they told me I was going to be admitted for the remainder of my pregnancy. They ran more tests and ultrasounds and my doctor came in to chat.

She asked me how I felt physically and emotionally. I told her that I was done with being scared. That on Friday, I was going to be 37 weeks, my baby was going to be considered full term. While we originally discussed natural births, that plan is now out the window. I wanted a C-section and I wanted the baby out! I told her that my gut feeling was that the only way my baby was going to be safe was in my arms. She seemed happy with my response and even agreed with me. My surgery was scheduled for that Friday.

While I was being prepped for surgery and given the epidural and what not, I found it odd that my husband wasn't in the room with me. I needed him to protect me from the big scary needle that was going to go into my spine! I can take a tattoo or piercing any day but any kind of medical needle, I am a big chicken! Little did I know, the doctor was chatting with him and that was holding him up. She told him that there was a 50% chance one of us or even worse, both of us may not survive the ordeal. To be prepared to either walk out with both of us, one of us, or worse, by himself. My condition had worsened but they both felt best that I don't know. If I panic, my blood pressure goes up, my heart pumps more blood, higher rate of blood lost. If I would have tensed my muscles, the clot could have burst during surgery or burst while they were opening me up to take the baby out. The baby could have drowned. There was a chance I could have hemorrhaged as well. While I am still mad about being left in the dark about this, I can see why the doctor went about it that way. If I were in her shoes, I would have done the same thing.

Obviously we both beat the odds. I like to think my son and I are both resilient and stubborn! To this day, I can still remember being told that I am going to feel pressure, just like toothpaste coming out of its tube and it felt just like that. I remember the room being silent, except for the hum of the machines. I remember the coldness from the metal beneath me on my bare skin. The baby was born but the room was still silent. "Why isn't he crying?" I thought. I slowly panic inside, the heart monitor reveals my fear! I ask them "why isn't he crying? Where is my baby?" It seems like my voice awakened something because I heard his first cry. I kept telling myself "I am not going to cry" but the moment they put that baby next to me while they washed the remainder of the gunk off, I got to see his big blue eyes, very much like my own, his little face, the chubby cheeks (which he still has today, by the way) I felt the tears wanting to come. We just laid there for a few moments, staring at each other. It all felt surreal. "I am not going to cry" I kept foolishly telling myself but it was too late, the tears welled up.

My husband got to hold him first. He deserved it after what he was told by the doctor. I remember the doctor laying out the placenta and showing us in amazement the clot. It was right on the umbilical cord and was a little bigger than the size of a grapefruit! The doctor took pictures and called in other medical staff and interns to examine the placenta. Pictures were even taken for future medical reference! The nurses surrounded me while I was being wheeled out to see the miracle baby. In fact, I was visited by lots of nurses and doctors because they wanted to see the mom and baby who survived.

I never believed in miracles until that day. Whenever my son misbehaves and I get frustrated, I look back at that day and remember how lucky we are to have him in our lives. I remember all that joy he brought me and I cannot imagine my life without him. I take the messy, noisy house, small bank account and all the chaos any day! Being a parent is my biggest accomplishment and while it can be the biggest pain in the ass at times, it is the most rewarding job I ever had.

As I look back to those days, I am reminded of how far we came and how much we have to look forward to. We made it 4 years together and there will be many more to come!

4 days old

about one month old


Monday, September 8, 2014

30 cool things

Trystan over at This Is Corp Goth posted a 30 cool things meme on her blog. As she said:" We can spend so much time getting down on ourselves or reflecting on things that aren't going well, or might not go well. Why not take a moment to chronicle some of the cool things you've done or experienced in your life? Don't add any disclaimers, like, "Well, this was actually dorky" or "This didn't last very long" or,"That ended badly." Just list cool stuff, and only in cool terms. Because it's good to do that sometimes. So there."

I wholeheartedly agree with her sentiment and I decided to be a copy cat and list my 30 cool things:

1) I can speak and write in two languages fluently (English and French)

2) I dyed my hair many different colors in my teens. At one point I had pink hair, blue hair, red, blonde, black etc.

3) I married my best friend

4) I have a gorgeous, happy and healthy 3 year old (very soon to be 4 year old!)

5) My son and I both could of died during child birth but we obviously survived!

6) I am not afraid to speak my mind

7) Played bass guitar

8) Played piano

9) Grew my hair really long and cut it really short so I can donate it to locks of love

10) I am very involved in sustainability and protecting mother earth, which leads to...

11) I planted a tree when I was in Elementary school and the tree is still there! I even made it in the local newspaper!

12)My picture was also in the newspaper a second time when they opened a park up at my old elementary school

13) I was in the newspaper a third time in high school. This time, I made front page! I was chosen to paint abstract objects with a local artist. My artwork was then used to decorate the school cafeteria. How cool was that?

14) My poetry got published in a teen journal and book at the age of 16

15)  I spoke out against bullying and harassment by joining a youth group who helped me spread awareness on the subject

16) I spoke publicly to my entire high school class graduating year. I was nominated valedictorian and I turned it down because I was bullied. I told everyone during a public assembly at school (we were being voted on our speeches, no less) that I had nothing positive to say about classmates and while I was honored to be nominated by my teachers, this was something I did not want to do. I pretty much told the entire graduating class to eff off and in the end, a lot of people apologized to me. 

17) I was diagnosed with depression at 16. Despite the hurdles, I can maintain a happy healthy life, without meds and have been doing so for a little over 16 years now!

18) I talked someone out of suicide

19) I attended a political rally

20) Gave money to friends in need

21) Cooked a delicious Christmas supper (turkey and all the trimmings) for my husband and son

22)  I can remain calm and collected when faced with a state of emergency

23)Been to England

25) Been to New York City

26) Pierced my own nose and ears as a teenager (not recommended)

27) Cried over fictional characters

28) Used to take ballet lessons

29) Never got a speeding ticket

30) I head bang to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car just like in Wayne's World!

Friday, September 5, 2014

A little self imposed rebellion!

Today was the company Rafting event that I posted about here and I was so grateful I didn't go. The temperatures soared this afternoon and it was not only hot but very humid. I got a lovely heat rash on my neck to show for it, despite staying inside where there was air conditioning!

My office doesn't have a dress code and while virtually all my coworkers come to work in shorts, I don't. Shorts are not really my thing. I like pretty skirts and dresses but I do wear shorts when I am out in the yard, or when I take my son to the playground sort of thing.

I know as a receptionist and my company being super lenient about the whole goth thing, I figured the least I could do is not wear shorts. I want to show my employer that while yes, I may sometimes come to work wearing odd things, for the most part, I look presentable in a company who has no dress code.

Today, since the office was technically closed but a few colleagues came in to work, I decided to rebel against my no short and no band shirt rule. I figured, I should be comfortable on this very hot, humid disgusting Friday. By the way, I don't take public transport so wearing boots in an air-conditionned car is pefectly acceptable!

I'm trying to show off my boots !

Source: Yahoo! Images. These are my boots. They are made by Anarchic! So cute, so comfy

T-Shirt: Siouxsie (E-Bay)
Shorts: H&M
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why I dislike (some, not all) other parents

Why I dislike (some, not all) other parents:

Unsolicited advice - Yes, this is my first child. Yes, I have no frigging clue what I am doing. I just wing it and hope for the best! The fact that he is alive and happy today means I am doing something right. Unless, I specifically ask for your advice, keep it to yourself thank you very much

That judgemental stare - Perhaps it is me but I know most parents judge. Hell I have done it before I had a kid and thought I knew everything! Karma came around and bit me in the butt hard because boy, did I ever learn my lesson! I stopped doing that!Usually the judgemental parents go hand in hand with....

The my kid is better than your kid pissing contest. Ugh! Eye roll!

Yes, as seen on this blog, my little one plays a huge part in my life BUT I do have other interests outside of being a parent. It seems like the moment you have a kid, you are automatically a member of some elite "mommy club" and if you don't follow all the trends the other mothers are doing, you are looked down upon and scorned. I'm sorry, yes I love my son but I was Sylvie first. I can be a mother AND a wife AND myself ya know. I never was into cliques or fitting in or doing what everyone else is doing. I do what I think is best and I make informed decisions which I may not want to discuss or explain myself to everyone. In my opinion, it is perfectly OK to have a life and have some "me time" as long as it is done within reason.  It is OK to go out once in awhile and when I do go out, I refrain from talking about my kid, especially to people who have zero interest in them and/or don't have any.

This is my all time favourite: Breast vs bottle debate. While I admit, I have encountered a lot of fanaticism on the whole pro breastfeeding side, I also encountered a lot of bitterness over bottle feeding. Perhaps it is because my son is going on four and I no longer need to worry about such issues but this topic is old. This sometimes goes hand in hand with my kid is better than your kid type of parent.

Being openly involved in a subculture and often wearing something that is outside the mainstream, I get stares and rude remarks. One woman wouldn't let her daughter play with my son and actually did the sign of the crucifix. Yes, because my blonde haired kid wearing brightly colored clothes he chose to wear that morning is the spawn of Satan. Don't let those blue eyes and that cherub like appearance deceive you, he will devour your precious little angel's soul and spit out her bones!
I posted something similar here or my favorite one here

Insert tongue in cheek.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Going out makeup and a cute unrelated video

I am not big on makeup and am not an expert. I experiment a lot in the safety of my own home where it can be easily washed off. I do occasionally go on Youtube to get advice. My everyday makeup is more subtle for work (obviously). I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing to get some inspiration and hopefully, improve my technique!  Off topic but I found this really cute video on my Facebook news feed this morning.  I just had to share it with you all (see below). This is an ad from a home improvement brand Hornbach. While my dad would of certainly not painted his house black, he did plant dark purple flowers for me in his garden so I too could feel at home!
Best place for good light, my washroom!
I cannot get a good selfie without my son wanting to join in and make funny faces because that's how we roll in my house!


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