Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Product review: Marc Anthony temporary root touch up spray

I recently purchased  this root touch up spray for about $10.00 in hopes I could prolong my next hair dye treatment. I do not have any grey yet, although I do have an active, cheeky, sarcastic, three year old so that may soon change! I do have annoying blond roots though. My hair grows pretty quickly and I am always annoyed to see that little sprout of blond on top of my head!

It works like a hair spray, just spray on and voila! No more annoying roots.

It doesn't have a strong smell

You need a VERY small amount

I am not a "morning person" so this is a quick fix and gives me plenty of time to style my hair, do my makeup, put my contacts in, etc. 

It is inexpensive and it lasts a while

It rubs off easily.

I did spray a little too much and it made me itchy. Be careful. Less is more. When I use a small amount, I am not itchy. Be careful!

That being said, I am quite pleased with this product!


  1. I've used Bumble & Bumble's black hair powder before and have the same problems plus it's about $20 for an ounce. I do have grey and like you my hair grows super fast. I just bought some cheap Halloween black hair spray to see if it works any better than the B&B. I'll have to check this out too.

    1. I have not even thought of the Halloween spray! Good idea LOL!

  2. Great tip. I have white sprinkled straws in my hair and don't want to dye it too often.



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