Friday, August 1, 2014

Dentists are sadistic!

WARNING: THIS POST MAY MAKE SOME QUEEZY. IT IS ABOUT DENTAL SURGERY. Last week, I woke up with swollen gums around my last remaining wisdom tooth. I thought nothing of it. I just brushed and flossed extra hard. I thought that I just got some food stuck. It is hard to brush and floss all the way back there. I went to work and by my lunch hour, I felt some slight pain so I went to the pharmacy. I bought some Advil and mouthwash to use at the office. This was not the week for me to have pain. My boss was away on vacation and we were short staffed. A few days go by, I was in excruciating pain so I called my dentist. He was also on vacation for two weeks as per the voicemail. It is Construction Holiday here so I was not too surprised.

To those who are curious what Construction Holiday is, well it is where construction workers do not work the last two weeks of July in this Province. A lot of  other people (like my usual dentist and boss) tend to take their vacation at this time as well. It's great! There is never any rush hour traffic!

 I knew, I couldn't go two weeks without any dental care. I knew my tooth had to be infected and did not want to make it any worse than it already was. I found an emergency dentist online and they squeezed me in for after work.  I was grateful for them squeezing me in but the experience left me feeling very apprehensive.

I show up, the office looks ok. There is an odd elderly woman at reception. Except, she wasn't sitting at reception, she was sitting at the side of the front desk. She appeared busy. As a receptionist, I know how annoying it can be at times, especially when I am busy and am being constantly interrupted so I decided to sit down and let her greet me when she was ready. This gave me time to look around the office. It appeared cozy and quaint enough. The dentist's diplomas were placed on the wall.There was an aquarium full of very beautiful tropical fish that also doubled as a coffee table which I found pretty cool.

Perhaps the secretary was not used to this kind of politeness but a good ten minutes went by when I finally lost patience, got up from the sofa and approached her. The assistant is then immediately called (more like shouted at to come over) and within a few moments, I was having my x-rays taken (with my piercings in) I then get placed into the dentist's chair and I meet the queen bee herself. The dentist was a tall, slender, pretty woman with blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I thought I would feel comfortable by her feminine features but her eyes showed no warmth and she didn't smile.  She also walked in with an air of arrogance and snobbery. What happened next, totally set me off: The dentist then belittles her assistant in front of me.

Now, I worked as an Admin Assistant in the past. If you have seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, my old boss resembled and acted a lot like Meryl Streep did in the film. I was too young, too naive at that time to defend myself and I got taken advantage of and belittled just like this poor girl was being talked down too. There are ways you can approach people by being tactful and most importantly RESPECTFUL which this was not the case. The girl looked very young, she probably just finished her Dental Assistant course. I don't mean to sound unappreciative, they did squeeze me in after all and I bet the dentist saw many patients that day so at that point and with this in mind, I tried very hard not to be TOO judgemental. I couldn't help it, that little voice inside my head screamed "RUN NOW WHILE YOU CAN"

The Devil Wears Prada

What happened next, did it for me. The dentist went on and on about my piercings, how they are bad, will damage my teeth, etc. I tried to explain that while I was aware of all this, I went to see top rated piercers in my area, I did my research well. In fact, my tongue ring was done way back in 2005 by Black Sun Studio. This place was known worldwide for their top notch piercing abilities. In fact, my belly piercing never closed when I took it out for 6 months when I was pregnant! My usual dentist had nothing but positive things to say about my piercings and even commented that none of my teeth are chipped (which often happens) because the right jewellery was used and the placement was spot on. If I had my tongue since 2005, you would think my teeth would be chipped by now.

The Queen Bee dentist then insisted I knew nothing and retorted "well I am a dentist so I know better". She then try to say that an old filling was the cause for the infection and I would need a root canal on the tooth next to my wisdom tooth. She said my dentist did not do it properly and this was the reason for my infection. If my dentist did not do it properly, which was several years ago, wouldn't I have had pain in that area by now? She also blamed my piercing for adding to the  infection, of course. Closed minded people rot my socks.

She also said she would need a panoramic x-ray to see the full wisdom tooth as my piercings were blocking it. She prescribes me anti-biotics and a referral sheet for those x-rays.

 When the dentist walked away, her secretary shouted back to her to tell me (I will not list them here but she named all the nasty side effects the antibiotics may cause, thankfully for me, I was not a victim of such things!) Meanwhile, there was another patient in the other room, I am sure she overheard all this and I felt like this could of been done tactfully and discreetly. It is kind of embarrassing, ya know!

I come home and after a Web MD search, which I should of done beforehand but meh... I was in pain and not thinking straight, this dentist had horrible reviews. Out of about 10 of them, only 2 were positive. All the complaints were the same: she yells at her secretary and her assistant. I found out her secretary is her mom. Apparently, there was a high turnover of dental assistants. One review in particular talked about a botched wisdom tooth extraction. Another spoke how she will find problems that are not there. I did not walk in the other direction, I ran!
 Source: Little Shop of Horrors, The Dentist 
I just had to add this video!

I found a nice dentist near my house who still sent me for those x-rays but did not mind me leaving in my tongue piercing. He commented on my piercer's abilities and how they would not chip my teeth.Oh and I inquired about that root canal and "botched filing". He had no clue what I was talking about. He looked at my x-ray, at my tooth and said the filing was done perfectly. I do not need a root canal. So yeah, she was looking for more money or she was just an airhead!

Speaking of piercings, I did take all of them out except for the belly ring and tongue (can't seem to unscrew the thing so I left it in). Unfortunately, my labret is closing up. I did take it out because it was on the same side as my wisdom tooth. Oh well, when I am healed I am going to get it re-done!

The tooth extraction was done by an oral surgeon and took about 5 minutes. I even kept the tooth.!The swelling went down about an hour after the procedure. I am still in a considerable amount of pain. They had to cut the gum overlapping the tooth and cut part of my tooth itself. He then pulled the sucker out! Now I see why the dentist wanted to keep this one in when he extracted the other three! This one was a doozy!

my tooth! Yes, I kept it!


  1. OUCH! What a dreadful woman. I am now very thankful that I have the nicest, most patient dentist in the world (particularly as I'm seeing him next week for a check up). Hope all is well now.

    1. Thank you! I am glad I found a new dentist, who is this really sweet Asian lady. I actually switched from my regular dentist to her! Hope your check up goes well! All is well now, got my stitches removed last night and got my checkup done :)

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