Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A little dash of color

Trystan over at "This Is Corp Goth" launched another mid-month status report. This month's theme  is "Stripes! Plaids!Dots!" and well, I was inspired to pull out the pink stripy tights.  Trystan was a bad influence on me! My company is not really doing any presentations this time of the year, which means no clients, so I permitted myself to wear this get up to work.  I very rarely wear this outfit  at the office, it is pushing the limits a little bit but once in a while, it is nice to let your eccentricities out! The way I see it, no one sees my legs when I am sitting at my desk! 

On my way for a walk!

Worn with a different skirt. Eek! cat hair! This is why I now have a lint brush in my desk drawer.

Just for the hell of it and to add to the randomness, while out walking in those stripy tights, I saw a cool Trans Am and weird looking bug! Who knows what happens when I go out wearing pink?



  1. Hah! Take that, corporate dress codes :) Love the stripey tights -- I have 'em in burgundy & purple. I had pink but they ripped.

    1. LOL seriously! I also have a pair in dark green. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  2. Ha ha ha! Is that a cicada?

    That skirt is awesome but I can't tell if it's a slick fabric or if it's an ombré dye or both. Very cool. Yep, I was wearing my black and red tights in my post :D

    1. I am not certain what kind of fabric it is,I think it is a combination of both (silk and ombré dye). Hurray for stipy tights!

      I am not sure what kind of bug it is, maybe it is a cicada. Never seen these guys up close before



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