Saturday, July 26, 2014

A squee worthy event - I got Voltaire's new album!

I am a pretty big Voltaire fan and when I read the announcement on Facebook that he was coming out with a new Deathrock album called Raised By Bats, I was quite excited. When I read about his Indiegogo campaign where fans can help contribute to the making of the album, I was on board. Making an album is very expensive and I wanted to be sure he would come out with this Deathrock album, I was super stoked! I purchased the "Christmas Bat Deluxe" campaign which involved receiving the signed and personalised album by Voltaire and the signed Candy Claws Bat Plush. I really do hope he comes out with his "Legend of Candy Claws" book soon. I really want to read that to my son! I will probably end up buying a second plush for him. Already, I am not letting him play with the batty because I don't want him to accidentally rip the tag off! As a "Special Secret Surprise" for my husband, I also contributed towards the "Batcave VIP" campaign where he received a personalized CD.  He definitely said that I got cool wife status on that one!

Through out making the album, Voltaire put up links to his Soundcloud page to hear clips from the songs. I did not want to hear anything in advance, I wanted to be pleasantly surprised so I resisted the urge to go listen! He did not disappointment me and it was well worth the wait. His new album is AMAZING. If you like Deathrock and that 80's sound, BUY HIS ALBUM. You can look him up on CD Baby and I-Tunes! 

One thing I love about Voltaire is that he is really good to his fans. He is very active on Facebook, takes the time to read fan comments/posts and replies back to most of them. Not very many musicians do this! I was pretty stoked when I saw that he replied to one of my comments earlier this week. He puts up his music for free on his Youtube page as well. So guys, please be polite when commenting/posting! Not all musicians do this and this is one thing we should not take for granted. I think it is really cool that he takes time out to do that!

When I really like an artist, I support them. They work hard for a living so I buy their music! I know I can easily access any song and download it for free, thanks to the interweb but having dated many musicians in the past, I see the blood, sweat and tears come out while making an album. Not to mention, studio time is very expensive too.

I like every single song on this album. I can't really say I have a favourite song, they are all so wonderfully constructed but one song in particular stands out for me. Voltaire sometimes makes references to Edgar Allan Poe in his music but when I heard the song "The Conqueror Worm" from his new album. I felt something familiar about it. It is hard for me to really listen to music at home with a small child so after I dropped my son off at daycare, I blasted the song in my car while driving to work. Yes, I was right! He turned Poe's poem into a very beautiful song. My little black, gothic heart skipped a beat! I was overjoyed!

The cool thing about Raised by Bats is that other major gothic artists have also contributed to this album. To name a few,  Rogue from the Cruxshadows did backing vocals, Chibi from The Birthday Massacre as well. Knox Chandler (Siouxsie and The Banshees) plays guitar. There are many more.

Another thing I like about Voltaire, his last album, Bitrektual were all Star Wars and Star Trek song parodies! I love listening to that on my way home after a bad day at work because the songs are hilarious! He even did a song about Doctor Who called Bigger On The Inside and it is absolutely brilliant. Voltaire is definitely a varied artist and I like that about him! His songs do not sound the same! Not only does his music appeal to my black little gothy heart, they also appeal to my geeky heart as well!

This really made my week. It was not a very good one. I had to go to the dentist yesterday in an emergency. My last remaining Wisdom Tooth became infected. I am now on Antibiotics and will be getting it removed once the infection goes away. It hurts like hell and when I woke up this morning, I had sexy chipmunk cheeks from the swelling! I now have a cute, cuddly plush to make me feel better too!

So if you have not done so and you are not familiar with Voltaire, I highly recommend you visit his Youtube page here. He also does "Noose letters" where he updates his fans on what he has been doing, sometimes answers fan questions, has contests, etc. It is a lot of fun and ladies, he sure is pretty darned cute too! 

Enough fangirling for now, here is what I received:

I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!


  1. I love Voltaire!!! Had NO idea he was coming out with another album or that he has an active FB page. Thanks for the info!! :-)

    BTW, George is a great name for that bat. ;-)

    1. LOL you should check him out on FB and his new album. Totally worth it. Plus he sometimes posts selfies :)

  2. I first heard of Voltaire through a local artist, Abigail Larson, doing some artwork for him. No idea he had a new album... I need to stalk Facebook pages more often. Thanks! I'm listening to YouTube now.



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