Saturday, June 14, 2014 many shoes!

You know you are in bad shape when you hear your husband and three year old son complaining about not being able to find their shoes in the hall closet.  I thought they were over exaggerating until I started to actually clean out that closet and then realized I was the culprit.  This is not my entire shoe collection as I have a few more pairs that were actually put away in the closet upstairs. Notice the cute kitty admiring the footwear? His name is Pippin.

I must say, my favorite pair has to be my Doc Martens. Super comfortable, they go with pretty much everything.

 My easy practical, yet comfy shoes are my Demonia cloth maryjanes and all black Vans. It is easy when I am running to the corner store for something or just stepping out in the back yard. I don't have to take that 10 minutes to lace everything up!  I guess you can call those my "mom shoes"

Needless to say, all these shoes were placed upstairs in my closet now the boys are happy because they can easily find their shoes! 


  1. Such a lovely kitty!

    And you can't beat DMs for comfort :)

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a goth with so few shoes :p I'll have to admit that after I becama a mom all the nice boots are neatly packed away and I wear sneakers almost every day. But they are all still there, and one day they will be allowed out again.

  3. I have more but they were actually put away in my bedroom closet :) I still have sneakers to wear when I go outside to play with my son. So much easier to slip those on vs tying up 14 hole Docs to go in the backyard! I am sure you will pull them out soon. Every mama needs a break here and there :)



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