Thursday, May 29, 2014

I think the reindeer missed this grandmother!

"Death, death, devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil songs.
Hell, you know that's how I get along.
The world is full of idiots so how can it be wrong,
Singing death, death, death, death, devil, devil, evil, evil songs." - Voltaire

A lot of parents at my son's daycare have gotten used to me, therefore, my morning drop off routine usually goes without incident but this morning was an exception. As I was helping my son getting out of the car, I felt this icy stare. I look up and I see a kid's grandmother staring at me. I assume it was a grandmother because I know most of the parents who drop their kids off the same time I do, I never seen her before. I hate to judge but...she just looks like a grandmother!  She made it no secret either that she was staring straight at me. What I really wanted to do was give her a dirty look and ask her exactly what her problem was but I waved "hello" and smiled instead. Just when I thought the woman couldn't frown anymore, she did! Her body language clearly indicated a look of utter disgust. Ignoring the icy chill coming from the back of my head, I proceed to walk in the daycare. I did turn around and look back and I see the grandmother waiting by the car with the child in the parking lot. I can't help but assume she was waiting for me to enter the daycare. 

As I was leaving, I felt that icy stare and there she is again, staring me down. Seriously, if I would of competed against this woman in a staring contest, I would of lost big time. Her facial expression was wide-eyed and her lips were pressed together, in disapproval. I am not shy when it comes to this sort of behavior. I look at the woman in eyes and she doesn't budge an itch. I smile and say in the sweetest voice I can muster "why hello there! Can I help you with something?" 

I really wish I could of captured the woman's expression on camera. It was quite comical. It was a cross between shock and disdain. She didn't say anything so I told her to have a nice day and skipped out the door.
I was quite amused but surprised. I thought I looked quite smart today and wasn't wearing anything really freaky. I think it was my coat that made her uneasy. Here is what I wore. She didn't really see the outfit (or the tattoo) because I had this coat on:


  1. What a rude person! I can really say that the person who brought her up, didn't do a good job at all! I think you handled it perfectly. One should never give the prejudgements right. that coat is beautiful.

  2. Thank you. I love that coat!. I admit, that lady was rude. I haven't seen her since and I sure hope a long time will pass before I do!

  3. What a disgustingly prejudiced person that woman was! I think you totally did the right thing by acting as polite as you did, that made her look even more ridiculous. :)
    P.S. I totally adore your coat too!

  4. Thank you. I agree that I made her look even more ridiculous, which only amuses me!



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