Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Outfit of the day

My kid and some little girl told me earlier today that I look like a vampire.

Ignore the two-toned hair, I am not colouring it black anymore. I am liking my natural color. It seems darker and redder than it used to be.

I channeled Meagan from over at Coffin Kitsch. She often adds hair clips to her outfits and I was inspired by this idea so I added my bat hair clip to my white "frou-frou" top.

I am still on a shopping ban because I am still working on my weight loss. It is fun pulling out articles of clothing I don't wear often. In fact, this is the ONLY white top I own. I wore it when I was channeling Nancy Downes from The Craft. It is a good thing my kid wears a white shirt as a school uniform. I hate washing only one shirt and now I actually have a load of whites, which is something I would have never imagined having to do a couple of years ago! I had to safety pin my top closed in order to pull off the look I was going for.

My photographer (husband, Jay) added props.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

My adopted bat daughter, Mavis

This is a funny story on how my son, Philip tried to get out of trouble. Our winter season has officially begun here and we have snow and ice. Every child I have spoken to this week expressed how excited they were to play in the snow!  I assume there are patches of ice in the school yard because it was brought to my attention yesterday that Philip was told not once but twice to not play on them. You see, even after he was told not to play on the ice, my rebel of a son decided to go ahead and do it again! Although I spoke to Philip about this behavior, I felt like he was going to rebel and try to do it again ,therefore, before dropping him off at school that morning, I made sure to reiterate the importance of  (a) listening to the monitor (b) not playing on the ice. Secretly, I am happy he is becoming a rebel like myself and my husband but it can be a pain in the ass!

What happened next made me laugh: Philip owns several stuffed bats. One in particular is more of a cartoony bat that I purchased for him around Halloween time. He felt like the bat had more feminine features and decided to call her Mavis after the character from the movie, Hotel Transylvania.

Everyone say hello to Mavis!

He told me the reason why he went on the ice the second time around was because Mavis bit him for getting her into trouble and she flew away before he could retaliate. In fact, she flew back onto the ice. Philip, being afraid for her safety, naturally had to chase after her!

I decided to go on with it. I asked him if this was true. He replied with a sly smile. "oh, yes, Mommy, it's true"

I am very proud of my response "Oh really. Well, first of all, Mavis, we don't bite people. You do it again and you are going for a time out on top of the fridge and second of all, we don't play on the ice. If you do it again, you will be spending the weekend on top of the fridge for a time-out. Do I make myself clear?" I even waved my finger at the bat then proceeded to make it nod in agreement.

I then look at Philip and told him: "she will listen to me because I am a bat mom!" Incidentally, I would like to thank my online friend, Shaena for the term, Bat Mom.

Philip  proceeded to tell me that he is a "bat brother" to Mavis and I agreed but added "you are also the big brother so you should know better. You should be watching out for your little sister!"

That is what you get for lying to me, kid. In fact, I must admit, I am pretty darned impressed that I was able to think up all of this after having one only cup of coffee this morning! Go me!

You know what else impressed me? I am no longer dying my hair. My roots are growing in nicely to this really nice blondish/reddish color. The surprise is that after not only  having a strong willed kid  but also one with a strong character, I don't have any grey hair yet! I thought I would have loads of them by now!

Whatever happened to the age old excuse about the dog eating your homework?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cause creepy girls do it best

I would like to begin by apologizing for the lack of posts. I have been busy. Going forward, my goal is to try to write something once a week but if I can manage, it will be twice a week. It seems doing three posts a week is not really feasible for the time being because I am having trouble juggling everything going on in my life at the moment.

Another reason for my lack of posting is that I am in the process of no longer colouring my hair black and am letting it grow out.. My dark blonde is growing in fast and I have two-toned hair. I have also stopped cutting my bangs. My hair is also very hard to tame. I don't know if it is the chlorine from the pool (I swim twice a week) but my hair is very big. I tried to tame it but quite frankly, I am tired of wasting my time on it.

I think it is official. I am officially an elder goth. I no longer feel the need to dye my hair black in order to obtain goth cred. I am at the point, I am also done with wasting time on my hair, done with spending money on products that make my hair super oily just to sort of tame it. I just don't give a fuck anymore and I completely lost patience. I have decided that my big hair last summer looked cool and I want to keep it that way.Work seems OK with it so I think I am good.

Last summer

Recent two-toned hair.

I have taken to watching a show called Ink Master. I record each episode and fast forward through all the drama .It also gives me the opportunity to stare at the host, Dave Navarro!

 The show is about a tattoo competition where each contestant is given a challenge to complete and they have a certain amount of time to tattoo their artwork on these human canvases. Yes, people (known as human canvases) actually sign up for free tattoos! Some leave happy, some not so much. For those interested, the show is on Spike.

In this season, I am hoping Kelly Doty wins the competition. I admit, I am biased here. I am pretty sure the girl is goth, she is also super cute and funny. I love her sarcasm and she is super talented. Her tattoo style is new school. I admit I never really liked the style until I have seen her artwork because does creepy people! By glancing at her Facebook page, I noticed she did a Beetlejuice tattoo and an Edgar Allan Poe one!  She lives in Salem and I have seen footage of her hanging out in a cemetery. I would love to be friends with her. We are very similar style wise and personality. I get it, this is all nice and stuff but if you are unfamiliar with the show you must be wondering what does this have to do with my hair? Well you see, another thing I admire about Kelly is her hair. She has cool hair and in fact, I took inspiration from her when it comes to my own mess of hair. Long gone are the days of a clean beautiful coif. I think I have always stressed at taming my hair because I wanted a "professional" appearance. Screw it. It will take less time to get ready in the morning. Thank you, Kelly for the inspiration. I shall call this new style "plug" as I am sure it will often look like I stuck my finger in one. Long gone are the days of trying to tame my unruly hair. Fuck it. I'm done! I have always been a bit of a traditionalist myself. I listened to punk before goth and despite how my style has evolved over the years, I am still a trad goth at heart.

Taken from her Twitter. Isn\t she just adorable?

Sample of her artwork. Taken from her Facebook page

For me personally, getting tattooed isn't just about getting a beautiful piece of artwork on my body but if the person tattooing me is an ass, the experience itself wouldn't be memorable. I don't want to think about the negative experience I had with the tattooer every time I look in the mirror.

This is why I plan on going to Salem in the future (not only to enjoy the scenery) but to get one of her creepy girls tattooed on me! I would love to meet her!


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