Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Philip's first day of grade one

Today, marks the first day of the school year! Philip's introduction to school was not a positive experience for him last year because he not only had a bad teacher, he also had a class bully. While I was going through the ordeal, I thought Philip was the only kid that had trouble with this particular little boy. After speaking with another parent (whom I ran into at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago) she assured me that several  parents (herself included) had the same concerns I had. I was also reassured by the principal this morning that Philip will be in a new class with different kids. In fact, she even walked him to his class! I called the school later because I was worried and turns out, Philip appeared to be happy in his new class. I used to be an easy going parent but after what happened last year, the school is going to be tired hearing from me! I don't plan on being a helicopter parent but do plan on keeping tabs with the school. I do realize that I could easily put Philip in another school but they did what they could given the time constraints last year (shit hit the fan at the end of the school year) and have been pretty good at dealing with the situation. Besides, he has friends at the school and I don't necessarily want to separate him from them. Knowing that he is happy and is looking forward to seeing his friends tomorrow takes a load off of my mind.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Stuff and things - Philip goes to the dentist

Life has been busy these days but nothing new has been going on. I have been exercising a lot lately and don't really have any outfit posts for the time being. I am going through a stage of "I don't like how I look, take that fucking camera out of my face" in my life.

On the upside, I am getting Philip ready to go back to school.Last year, I scrambled at the last minute to buy school supplies. This year, as soon as I got the list in June, I began shopping around! I was actually finished two weeks ago and everything is labelled! Jay took off last week (and this week) from work. Due to illness, I was only able to take off this week. So far, Jay has managed to get Philip new glasses and a haircut. We took him to his first dental visit today.

Now before any well meaning parents go on to lecture me about how I should have done this sooner, I will not engage in a mommy war. I did what I thought was best for MY kid. Philip is a shy, anxious little boy. I was brought to the dentist at a very young age and it traumatized the shit out of me. I also knew that he wouldn't have been able to sit still long enough for a proper evaluation. Yes, I have health care that covers checks ups but I have to pay for any additional services out of pocket. Last fall, a dentist visited his school and he got a great review.

Now that I explained myself and that we all know why I waited so long and that Philip is an anxious kid, so this morning, I went on Youtube and found tons of children's episodes on the topic. Philip watched a Sesame Street version, a Dudley the dragon cartoon (sponsored by the American Dental Association no less!!!!) and a Berenstain Bear one (he has the book too!)Thanks to my genius idea of watching cartoons on the dentist, Philip knew what to expect and was at ease. This dentist is a referral from my old dentist (who retired and sadly learned he passed away from Alzheimers recently) and she was excellent. This meant going to the "Waste Island" but when it comes to Philip's health and well being, I don't mind going there!

Some people (*cough, cough*- Jay) used to laugh at me because when Philip was a baby and got his first tooth, I used to brush it (without toothpaste) but I like to believe that thanks to my anal persistence, I am very proud to say that Philip has no cavities!

The only concerns I had was whether or not I was brushing in the back well enough. The dentist said that the back teeth have less enamel and more chance of a cavity so to try to be more persistent with that. He grinds his teeth and are pretty worn out. She said she would keep an eye on that. Lastly, he has an adult tooth coming in behind the baby tooth on his bottom front tooth. The dentist said this is normal and wasn't concerned.

They cleaned his teeth and he didn't like the vacuum thingy that sucks up the spit but all in all, he went in like a trooper. He got a prize, a new brush, toothpaste and floss!

Showing off his smile

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

My lovely niece Lori recently went on vacation to Florida and the lucky girl went to Harry Potter world.
Photo taken by Lori

She was so sweet because she not only got to visit Hogwarts, she even brought me a present back from her trip to Universal Studios. She knew I was going to love my Legend of Zelda wallet!

The original Legend Of Zelda on the NES console was the first videogame I ever played and even the recent games hold a special place in my heart.

What I like the most about the wallet is the detachable chain that came with it so I can wear it as purse if I want to. This is perfect for the few times I actually go clubbing! No need to carry my big bulky purse! . Thank you Lori, I love this wallet to death!

With the chain


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