Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The second time around - color oops

To follow up from my previous post, I decided to purchase ANOTHER bottle of Color Oops and it got rid of more black! I think this product would work better for newly dyed hair. You know like you dyed it a color but it didn't turn out the way you anticipated. I have a build up of black dye in my hair and it wasn't something that I did recently. The fact that I am getting results surprises me!

I would like to note a few things that I failed to mention in my previous post:

- This works on dyed hair. It is not a bleach. It will not make your hair go lighter unless you have hair dye over it.

- This product cannot change your hair back to it's natural color if you bleached your hair or put highlights in it. It doesn't work that way

- This product dried out my hair a little but it is no where near as harsh as bleach. My hair was already dry to begin with and I will most probably get a trim in the foreseeable future to cut off the dead ends.

- You do need to rinse your hair for 20 minutes when it is time to remove the product. I did not do this the first time around but still got results. I believe that I got better results the second time around because I wasn't being a dumb ass  and I actually fully read the instructions!

The top seems to be lighter but the ends are still black but its a nice change. 

Anyways, here are the recent results:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Color Oops review

image taken from

Getting black hair out of hair is nearly impossible. I will not bleach my hair but I did try Color Oops instead.  This product is supposed to get rid of dyed hair and revert your hair back to it's natural colour. I have read mixed reviews online.

 My expectations were not too high but I am still quite impressed with the results. My hair is lighter - pretty much my natural colour in certain places but there is still a lot of black left. I might try this product again to see if I can get rid of the remaining black but I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the black go. If you do plan on using this product, be prepared for a bad smell. In fact, it smells like those home perm kits my mom used to buy in the eighties. Do you remember that rotten egg smell??? Blech! I suggest to burn scented candles or incense BEFORE using this product. Rinse your hair well with a strong smelling conditioner afterwards. My hair had an odor  for two days! Be forewarned.

The product probably came from The Bog Of Eternal Stench! Disclaimer: Any visions of David Bowie in those tight trousers are purely hallucinogenic in nature!!!!

After - outdoor shot so you can see the results better

**** Off topic, if you have not seen the link I shared on this blog's Facebook page, a fellow blogger, Jessica from Chronically Vintage needs our help! Both her and husband recently lost all their belongings (except for the clothes on their backs, wallets, and dog) in a fire. It is really sad what happened to them. Yes, she may not be a goth blogger but she is a HUGE source of inspiration for me and I have had the privilege to get acquainted with this beautiful person. If you have read her post, she gives us details on what we can do to help her. I will be making some donations and my lovely colleagues at work will be helping me too*****

Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting black dye out of your hair

Yes, Darklings, I am letting my natural color come back in! After colouring my hair black for the past several years, I want a change.

I learned the hard way that bleaching black out of hair is not the way to go.

What spawned this choice was over the course of several months, specifically in the summer time when I started losing weight and going swimming on a daily basis.

The chlorine was  killing my hair.

Yes, I bought all these products and oils but my hair is very dry. The products leave my hair in an oily mess and I ended up washing my hair more frequently which obviously didn't help.

Now, the weather is cooler but I am still swimming (in an indoor pool) and I have to wear a bathing cap. I do put on some leave-in-conditioner under my bathing cap before I go in the pool and it has helped but it is very dull.

The chlorine fades the black and it looks lifeless . Alright,  I admit, I like things to look dead but not my hair, OK?

I googled "blonde hair goths" and I was taken aback by how beautiful these girls were.

It doesn't mean that I stopped dying my hair that I am going to be less goth. It just means that when I have my natural hair colour, I might be able to "up" my personal style and makeup a little more for  work. For some odd reason, despite black being a natural hair colour, a lot of people have this weird preconceived notion about me with the black hair. It is really weird.

Last summer, I decided to grow out my bangs. I had Bettie bangs for years. I was going through some anxiety issues and since my hair grows fast, I just didn't have time or patience for the upkeep. I am feeling that way now with dying my hair. My hair grows so fast that I am re-touching the roots every month. If I dye my own hair at home, I always get it on my neck or ears or face and all over the bathroom. I am tired of the clean up. I am tired of finding time to dye my hair and then have it fade after I go swimming  a couple of days later.

Will I keep my natural color? I don't know. I may just shake my head, laugh and bring out the bottle of black dye all over again. At this point, I just need a break from hair maintenance for a while!

A sample of my roots

You see my roots here


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